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½ October 13, 2014
This was Nelson's star vehicle after Breakfast Club.....did not exactly work out that way in this ego driven farce.
½ December 1, 2012
Uber retartded but also hilarious. Idk what they were thinking with this
½ February 25, 2011
Two of our favorites in Breakfast Club, appear in this tedious, yes, but entertaining thriller
July 31, 2010
Wow an action movie out of the Brat pack who thought that was agood idea? Preety poorly directed,poorly acted, and full of plot holes. Even Alley sheedy and Judd Nelson who have shown talented in other films put on a terrible performance. A terrible yet funny performance, this is one of those films that is soo bad its funny and acutally has some fun action scenes. Recommened to riff with buddies
½ July 31, 2010
Surprisingly decent.
December 28, 2009
I don't know why so many people hate this movie? It's a good action film! Good cast, good plot. Their are alot of things good for this movie. Not to mention "Walking Tall" copied it. This movie is like a mixture of "Walking Tall" and "Road House". The only bad thing to the film is the audio and the ending. I won't spoil the ending, but if you like Judd Nelson, you should check this film out.
April 11, 2009
I remember seeing this movie when I was a kid, and seeing it again just now was a very pleasant, nostalgic experience. I believe it was something of a flop at the time and got bad reviews, but it was great seeing Ally Sheedy so young again and Judd Nelson too. The plot has virtually no credibility and is full of holes of course, but it's pure entertainment, not Dostoevsky. It really captured the mid-1980s pop culture-- the obsession with south Florida, big money making, crime, Ally Sheedy and Judd Nelson, flashy night clubs, etc. Anita Morris (remember *Ruthless People*?) has a campy supporting role as a phony two-bit Southern sexpot rich skanky lady... LOVE the scene where she's walking through the supermarket munching on groceries while her beyond-loose-fitting hot pink silk halter top is completely falling off to expose 3/4 of her breasts... classic 80s millionaire trash! The total opposite of Ally Sheedy, who shines in everything she appears in, including this. I liked the Ry Cooder soundtrack-- it's kitschy but it works perfectly for the movie. Lots of pretty aerial views of the sea a la "Miami Vice," which curiously enough shared the same
typography style in its credits too! :)
½ May 17, 2008
I saw it back then because of Judd Nelson... I shouldn't have...
April 15, 2005
:rotten: :rotten: :rotten: :rotten: :rotten: [font=Comic Sans MS][size=3]Bad revenge flick from the late 80's, with some of the cast from, "St. Elmoes Fire." The first sign that this was a bad film, for me was the poster. I know it's a thecnical issue that won't mean much to others but you can't, FOLLOW ME ON THIS, you can't put a supresser (also known as a scilencer) on a revolver. It won't work then there just the fact that this one sucks. I'm sure that there's sombody out there that feels, that this is their favorit movie of all time. I have to meet this person. [/size][/font]
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