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Swords and sorcery clash again in this third installment of the Beastmaster's saga. This time, the musclebound hero and his animal pals search for the evil wizard responsible for the abduction of the hero's brother.


David Warner
as Lord Agon
J.D. Hall
as Braxus
Gary Dean Simpson
as Crimson Captain
Lance Rushing
as Crimson Warrior
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Singer is back and clearly has nothing else to do. No more hair extensions this time I think as we see the final adventure for Dar. It appears Dar has upgraded his menagerie of loyal performing creatures. He now has a lion under his control (with the same name? So...same creature somehow? or he just likes that name a lot), a new eagle (same name though) and Kodo and Podo seem to be back despite being left in 90's LA in the last film. Thing is the little ferrets are never called Kodo and Podo in the film so maybe they aren't the original critter duo. This time we discover Dar has a brother King in the form of Casper Van Dien sporting a very hokey blonde wig. This relation gets kidnapped by an evil Lord/sorcerer so its up to Dar with his new sidekick Seth, a witch, errr..a jester guy and a female warrior to rescue him before he's drained of his youthful essence. Yep this evil bad guy is looking for immortality as they all do, popular spell huh. I think this third film is generally better than the last because its set completely within a fantasy realm. There is no silly portal jumping into our reality which makes the characters look ridiculous, this is all within a nice barren desert fantasy universe. The bad guys are a bit better this time also, sure they look like ancient Greek Spartan warriors but hey it looks cool, its the helmets that do it. What amazed me is the cast for this thing. Considering this is a straight to the waste bin production the cast is pretty decent...well a decent cast of B-movie regulars anyway. In terms of B-movie trash rankings this film is low and even the B-movie cast they have managed to muster is somewhat above this kind of schlock...usually. David Warner, Tony Todd, Casper Van Dien, Sandra Hess and Patrick Kilpatrick on show here folks. Yes it all looks awful, the sets are clearly sets, the locations are the same places over and over, the effects are laughable, action is again a kids pantomime and 'acting' is beyond hammy. To be honest I think the slightly bigger names here know its crapola and are just having a good time chewing up scenery. You can see its a TV movie and I think you should know what to expect, but all that aside it can be a good laugh. I still don't quite know why they ruined the franchise with such low rent sequels which make a mockery of everything the original had but there you go. Plus points are the animals and a nice big rubber monster suit for Dar to battle at the end.

Phil Hubbs
Phil Hubbs

Super Reviewer

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