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½ March 10, 2019
The critics must be smoking some good stuff think this is a good movie
March 10, 2019
Loved it! It was compelling and informative.
½ March 9, 2019
Generic and bland ,the cat is more likeable than the main character.
March 9, 2019
Smelled dank when I left the theater.
½ March 8, 2019
More degrading bullshit for our kids to digest!
March 8, 2019
Fun and excitement action... Perfect movie for the International day of women....
August 19, 2013
Unusual and very unique.
March 11, 2012
This film shows life as a Rastafarian teenager growing up in London in the 80's. It is the most indecipherable English language film I have ever seen but, if it had been toned down then perhaps the whole realism of the film would have been ruined. It also has probably the best movie soundtrack I ever heard, flawless, it's just a shame that the token celebrity, chosen to appeal to the mainstream uk public, Jacko from Brush Strokes, couldn't handle the reggae beat, his dancing was cringeworthy. Shame on you Jacko.
April 3, 2011
Babylon is an underrated masterpiece centering around the lives of a group of West Indian youths living in Brixton. The performances from the group of young unknowns are incredibly realistic, as is the perplexing Rastafarian slang they use. It's a compelling story as the group of men face tribulations at home and on the streets as racism segregates them from their own turf. Although the ending is perhaps a little too ambiguous as to seem rushed, the reggae soundtrack is quintessential for that age.
½ January 21, 2011
Only once every decade does a film so gritty, moving and honest become so well loved. Babylon's cult film status is more than earned due to the astute casting soundtrack and story. Expect this re-release to open the door of this film to a new generation of fans.
December 8, 2010
it's full of good reggae but the story is a bit lame... however; it's a good piece of historical film examining the rise of the underground reggae scene in a post-70's london. gritty, violent and at times hard to understand without subtitles!
October 26, 2010
Classic Black British movie with the best soundtrack ever.
½ July 11, 2010
Liked the old school reggae and dub music featured throughout the film and how it had a sense of realism to it.
½ July 3, 2010
Perfect time-capsule of South-London life at the end of the 70's. The subcultural aspect is especially strong, both in look and language (although using subtitles is recommended). The realism in this film makes it a joy to watch.
July 3, 2010
Fantastic! This film takes place during a time when young men try to live in a very RACIST South London in 1980 yet their love of life and music is what keeps them going. The film i think is very realistically done with fantatstic acting from all. I can relate very well to the people for I was a very young kid in the 80s from south london area.
For me the most important scene is when the main charcater is walking the streets at 5am and is then intensely followed by some men in a car and chases him. I won't say what happenes but to those that have no how important that scene is even today some can relate to.
June 29, 2010
well umn just seen this movie 4 the 1st time n think that this is a good movie 2 watch......its got a good cast of actors/actressess throughout this movie........i think that t-bone, mel smith, beverly michaels, archie pool, victor romero, brian bovell, brinsley forde, trevor laird, karl howman play good roles/parts thorughout this movie......i think that mel smith, beverly michaels, trevor laird were great throguhout this movie.......i think that the director of this drama movie had done a great job of directing this movie because you never know what 2 expect thorughout this movie.......i think that this is a brilliant movie 2 watch its got a good cast throughout this movie n its a brilliant movie 2 watch
January 25, 2010
Great music. Shits on quadrophenia.
½ October 22, 2009
i also love this one it was great
Super Reviewer
August 28, 2009
If The Harder They Come was made in Brixton in Thatcher's early years (1980) with Brinsley Forde from Aswad & Double Deckers, then it might look something like this. Excellent film.
March 18, 2009
For a film with such a confrontational title this is rather subtle. Like the racist thugs that pursue protagonist Blue who are ultimately revealed to be plain clothed police officers. In post Stephen Lawrence Britain (when political and media life is still largely controlled by Oxbridge graduates) this film is a timely reminder of the reality of institutional and national racism. It's the story of Blue and his crew as they prepare to enter a reggae sound system showdown against their local rivals juxtaposed by the escalating personal crisis Blue finds himself in. It makes its points in a concise and sharply focused way and remains an authentic assessment of south London life in 1980 and the distrust that racism breeds. But it is littered with much humour and the empowerment found in collective action is celebrated, even if it is simply attending a party where the police want to kick your head in.
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