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½ May 5, 2019
A story that had potential but poorly directed and scripted... Average special effects and lighting so dark you don't know what is happening... Xenomorph costumes felt cheap throughout the film but Pred-Alien and Wolf Predator were surprisingly impressive.... Great, enjoyable action in visible scenes... If gore and "kill count", great action with a pore story interests you then AvP-R will get your money's worth!
½ April 15, 2019
A bland badly lit disgrace to two outstanding franchises
½ March 17, 2019
Had powerfull scene in hospital and that it
½ March 8, 2019
I think this movie gets bombed on too lunch, it is fun and enjoyable.
February 26, 2019
A complete INSULT to the both LEGENDARY Alien and Predator franchises. Replacing great opportunities with the Xenomorph XX121s and Yautjas species with some STUPID teenage drama and stereotypical scenes, plus the few Alien V.S. Predator fight scenes we got to see were barely visible.
Disgusting and unexpectedly disappointing, even though it was set to have low expectations, to the Alien/Predator fans.
February 25, 2019
AvP2 is ok, nice effects, interesting story line, and why not an alien-predator-xenomorph.
Except in the beginning there unfortunately is no story line to the first AvP - I was hoping to see something like the previous actor and a connection to Weyland corp.
February 24, 2019
I think the problem with this film is, If your going to a add-on to AVP just don't. Aliens good movies, Preadator good movies, but not together
February 23, 2019
I loved both avps. This was I think a good take on how would modern day people with modern day tech would deal with the aliens. The hybrid was pretty fierce and the baby scene pretty freakish. Besides some almost par acting and female hero.....great.
½ February 13, 2019
What the fuck was this? This pointless sequel attempted to tarnish the legacies of both the Alien & Predator franchises. The scenes in the night are so dark that it's impossible to see the action sequences.
½ January 29, 2019
"Shadows vs. silhouettes" because the fight scenes are so dark you can't see them fight.
½ January 11, 2019
After the tolerable Alien Vs. Predator film was released I was praying that something would come along to vindicate the dying Alien franchise. After seeing the film I was not only depressed but angered by this movie. In fact I own every Alien film on DVD except for this very movie. The clear problem is that there is no threat with the Aliens at all. They are easily killed and tons of people see them and survive. The Predator is clearly the hero as he can fight two aliens with his bare hands without any difficulty never mind that the creatures bleed acid. The lack of experience the directors have is evident by the film shots and lighting alone. It is such a dark film because you can barely see what's going on and any scene involving a creature is sped up and shaky. You could say it is done on purpose to create mood, but when the chips are down you know it was done because the creature costumes were bulky and fake. Do I even need to note the desperation of fan service with a literally carbon copy of Ripley and her Newt clone child? There is even characters with names of past film characters to seem intelligently connected to what was already done better. Don't look for good writing either. In fact if logic was put into any scene you would notice how nothing in the film works. It's all built on straw. You simply have to throw away things you know about the franchise in order to make things work. Take for instance the pred-alien when it is born. In AVP the ship is clearly flying away from earth when the creature is born. In this film the ship is now orbiting earth, oops. Then the creature grows to full size within seconds and has enough time to kill everyone and then crash to earth before the ship leaves. It's amateur hour and the script writers know it. Instead of focusing on details they are saying hey look at this, isn't that cool? Isn't this what you want? The film is dark and look at the big alien that is different. Do you like it? Well the answer is no it's not different nor is it good in any sense. There is no grace or terror from the previous Alien films, nor is their interest in the mindless Predator portrayed in the film.
December 29, 2018
Lousy filmmaking and pointless, couldn't finish the whole thing
½ December 25, 2018
fast-paced and somewhat exciting with a basic yet fun premise. also it's terrible. bad dialogue, bad acting, bad action scenes, bad editing, bad lighting (seriously you can barely see anything in half the scenes, the screen is 95% black). lots of dumb stuff and plot points that go nowhere. even when i turned off my brain to try to enjoy a stupid movie, it wasn't enjoyable. super predictable... (1 viewing) (possibly 2, might've completely forgotten it)

SPOILERS the asshole ex-boyfriend who fights the main dude for almost no reason, and is obviously killed along with all his friends, just as i predicted, when they would come after him the second time. also, what was with the pregnancy stuff?
½ December 21, 2018
Well, the whole "movie" is just a compilation of aliens and a predator slaughtering people. The movie not even tries to build up tension like in its prequel.Just random shots of these man in a costume monster killing people. The characters are jeez, really really just bad. You just don't care whatever the hell happens to them. They initially try to make some backstory but when the movie gets to the second stage, it really doesn't seem to matter. Unlike its prequel, it doesn't give a damn about the lore and the film just is an R rated mashup of gore which is too damn boring anyway. The films too dark perhaps to hide the poor design of the alien-predator hybrid and some shots belong to a comedy movie. The plot, characters, the performance all are just plain ridiculous. I really regret watching this.
½ December 8, 2018
Just pointing out, this PIECE OF SHIT movie if among the worst of the worst Fox has ever done. IN IT'S ENTIRE HISTORY. Horrible, stupid, senseless, AND ABISMALLY LIGHTED... WHY? WHAT DID WE DO TO DESERVE THIS?
November 27, 2018
Requiem is the right word: they are killing the love for both these amazing creatures.
October 25, 2018
Oh my god someone tell these pompous directors no one wants to watch a movie shot in the dark were you can't see the action ! You know what you call something you can't see Radio not a movie if you have not seen this DON"T bad acting, bad writing, bad producing and horrible directing. A few spoilers predators are now immune to acid yup they can melt other predators, aliens and humans with acid but if the aliens acid blood get on them nothing ! The only good thing about this movie was that it was only 1 and 1/2 hours long and not 2 that's it that is the only good thing I can say about it. This movie should have been made by a high school kid or some young director who knows people actually want to se the action. One more thing someone tell the director of this piece of garbage he Alien and the predator do not have the same profile when the showed the fight scenes in the dark they looked the same even though they are totally different. Then you also have to love how in the middle of a fight in and open area a 8 foot tall 500 to 600 pound Alien can disappear then sneak up on the predator lazy writing lazy directing and I threw the DVD in to the trash.
October 22, 2018
This is a bad movie. You know a movie stinks when even the sub-par Alien vs Predator seems like a masterpiece juxtaposed with it. For one everything is so dark you cannot even see anything at all. The fight sequences (the only reason to even bother with this film) are badly staged and what is worse is that there is no coherence to the script. The actors-if one can call them that- are paper cut outs and the best you can do with them as a audience is to place bets on who dies first. At least the original AvP had some redeeming factors such as nice locations, good actors and something barely resembling a plot. This film has none of those. It's a waste of money and even time(if you illegally downloaded this one). 2/10 (Horrible movie you can barely comprehend).
October 2, 2018
movie sucks ass, but the predator is alright.
September 21, 2018
3/5 for the unrated version only. Don't bother with the theatrical version, but the unrated version is incredible. It's ballsy, willing to go and places and kill people most movies wouldn't dare. The best film in either series since Aliens.
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