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November 22, 2019
Okay...So Wizard Of Oz Has Been Given Colour? Before Colour Is Invented As Further Proved By The Black & White News Footage. The CGi Looked Terrible. The Saving Of One Aboriginal Kid, For What? Peace Of Mind? Too Many "Bloody's" & Not Enough "Fair Dinkum" I Was Not Impressed Other Than Shots Of The Landscape...Whatever. Just A Promotional Puff-Piece For Tourism In What Was It Now?? Oh Yes...Australia. Thanks Baz.
March 19, 2019
Its like Out of Africa only with a lot more art design and special effects. However that being said its not the least bit boring or disingenuous. It weaves a tale that touches on major events and situations that were occurring in WWII Australia. Since most of the films these days either are over the top spectacle or ultra serious and gritty dramas one may either find the film's ability to switch from comedy, to action, to drama as either refreshing, or confusing. Instead of being a film about a genre, this film rather tries to be about the story. Sure it tries to reinvent the glamour of Hollywood's golden age but what do you expect with Baz Lurman directing (Moulin Rouge) but one shouldn't be steered away from it because a lot of good films in more recent times have tried to do the same thing (Indiana Jones, Untouchables, and just about any other period piece about the 30's 40's and 50's. ). Sometimes I wish more films would go back to entertaining in the classic sense instead of movies that despite the bloated budgets look no more better than an independent film. (ie...any film directed by Tarantino, Nolan, etc...)
½ March 13, 2019
I loved the locations they filmed and the beautiful cinematography. Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman do show their Australian acting chops. I wish the writers could have developed the characters further but it already was a long movie so I don't know how that would be possible while mainataining modern screen runtimes because there was a lot of story that also had to be told and I think the director did what was best because story is king in my book
September 8, 2018
This movie was so damn entertaining! Pop some corn and enjoy the adventure!!! This movie was Oscar worthy! Great story and just enough fantasy to make it magical,
½ April 7, 2018
Stereotyped characters and boring
½ January 1, 2018
I loved this movie. Hugh Jackman was superb as Drover, but Brandon Walters as Nulla was, to my mind, the hit of the movie.
August 22, 2017
A another disappointment today...Too long and too detailed...Too little and poor war-scenes...Not enough emotional as i had excepted...
May 27, 2017
Bloody hell mate. This movie is a kangaroo drop kick to the koala balls. I love Huge Jack man. (That mate is a hunk) but this movie ruins his bloody career. First off Kangaroo Jack did a better job at showing Australian pride than this dingo dunk. I felt like the kangaroo that got punched by the white feller a couple months ago. Watching this movie, the asstastic acting and this movie with 3 plot lines and 10 parts where it should have ended made me want to blow chunks like Harbo sugar free gummy bears.
½ May 21, 2017
Despite its‚< many flaws, 'Australia' is an georgeously shot and entertaining movie. Considering it runs for going on almost three hours, I can't say I was bored. It's a little uneven in its storytelling‚< and characterisation, but again I generally found myself‚< enthralled by the direction, strong performances, and pleasant musical score. 3.5/5*
March 28, 2017
This is my favorite movie and I can never get tired of watching it!!!
½ March 24, 2017
Saw this film at the Sydney Fox Studios, the day it came out, i think it was November 26th 2008
There is a funny story behind this film. I was hitchhiking in the Australian desert with no real purpose, i had a backpack, a little money and i was visiting the country... to say the least i was on an adventure.
Little did i know that my life was about to take an incredible turn. One evening i walked into a pub in the outback and for whatever reasons opened the newspapers and saw that Baz Luhrmann was shooting a new movie in Bowen.
In less than a second, it hit me, like a bolt of lightning. Bowen, this is where i have to go. Believe it or not i went there and actually got hired as an extra, body double, hand double and overall jack of all trade to work on this film and what was supposed to be a 2 days gig turned out to be a 5 month job.
Being on set amongst the many extras and the film crew was an honor and a dream come true. As a child i always wanted to work in movies, not for the fame but rather for the flexibility to embody different characters and tell stories.
The set in Bowen was insane, we worked tremendously long hours, nights were interminable, sometimes cold too. I learned to play many card games and greatly improved my english by chatting with the many other extras and film crew members, many became friends.
My goodness, looking back on it, ten years later, i think i had the best time of life. I was this young 22 years old man, freshly arrived in Australia and i was being part of one of the most sweeping epic films ever shot in that country, surrounded by a whole cast and crew of incredibly kind, open minded and nurturing people.
Unfortunately after watching the film, i was disappointed, it did not reflect the ideas and hopes i had for it. I had projected something of my own but Baz Luhrmann, the visionary man, had a whole different idea of what his film would be.
So here we are in Fox studios and the credits roll down with so many familiar names, but still, like a thorn in the chest, i was a little sad.
We tend to built up an incredible amount of thoughts around something sometimes that the final product can never reach our hopes. It was the case with this film. I never wanted to watch it again and didn't think i'll ever work on a film again.
Little did i know that things would turn out differently because, one grows and the vision of this work i had a few years back has changed today, 10 years after shooting the film, i finally got to look at it again on Netflix.
Today i look at the film with fond eyes, it has become so much better than it was in my memory and i found it absolutely gorgeous from start to finish. The cinematography by Mandy Walker is superb to say the least and the interpretation of the two leads is certainly refreshing. Back then i thought the film was not as good as it should have been. Today i think it's an incredibly entertaining film, filled with a lot of passion, romance, a true epic dimension, lots of action and a wonderful message for hope and changes.
I find the natural locations very inspiring, the storyline interesting and the whole scenario quite well put together.
One could have expected something more rough and dusty like the outback of Australia, something closer to the western genre.
But this is not the Australia that Baz Luhrmann was envisioning and i'm glad because he has delivered something unique instead, a spiritual love letter to his country, imperfect sure but definitely powerful.
Thank you mister Luhrmann, you have created a story and left a mark in the film history, i personally salute your passion for film making and will forever keep in mind the beautiful experience you have allowed me to live with this film.
½ March 12, 2017
When we live in a uncivilized parts of the world but capable of handling any danger, obstacle and life we may face in the wild. When we are capable of many things when we are fast learners and brought up and taught of the stories, magic, song and spirits to guide us in this hard wild life. When we live in a civilized world, we are capable of many things when it is handed down to us, or have wealthy aristocratic money to pay others to do it. When we are capable to many things but fighting is our song suits when we have to dodge all wild life in these parts. When we are capable of many things and serving is one of them when it is our job.
When living with different countries and trying to establish good relationships as well dominance is challenging when we are all capable of starting and being involved in a war. When looking into certain conflicts closer, we understand that whom and whom is not capable of doing such things. When life in dangerous and dire lifestyles, life is different out here and anyone is capable of anything for something. When we are capable of welcoming, taking care and treating some women accordingly. When we capable of getting along with someone whom thinks less of us when they are our boss.

When we are capable of living and working with such wilderness when they are beautiful, but anyone is capable of anything when the delicate balance of civility and incivility and whind you in the bottom of the food chain. When we are capable of living with little provisions, when we use what the land gives us to survive which is well enough. When any animal is capable of doing anything that we remain segregated from those whom we yet don't understand and want to keep our distance from. When some people whom are different then us we know are not capable of any harm when they are young and sweet with a beautiful perspective of the world. When we are capable of remaining civil in a time of heated war to giving the same courtesies we always know to give a lady. When we don't know who would be capable to live in such parts, and doubt ourselves whether we can do it. When we see eye to eye with people whom believe in us and see we are capable of doing such things when its all in a days living to live off the land. When civility and incivility keep an eye and ear on one another unknowing whom is capable of what when the time comes when someone wants to declare war or start a fight that we remain on guard and alert to keep a watch on.

When civility and incivility are different enough that both are seen threatening and capable of no good. When others are capable of establishing dominance, and discipline on others whom they don't trust and are dishonest, we see that they are as natural as the land. When others are capable of no good when they hate the natural world, hate the natural people and hate this parts of the world when they bias toward civility. When others are only capable of somethings when they take what they want in a human resource to exploit with something hard for their needs when they are dominant and wealthy. When others are capable of somethings when they are helplessly desperate and are in need of a human resource to exploit for harmless labour. When some people are capable of anything that we remain hidden and safe away from them when they enforce the law that separates the land from those freely trespassing. When our people is of great importance to us to continue the next generation that we keep a watchful of eye from afar capable of protecting us from danger. When somethings we are capable of doing others have no need, but find we are capable of giving others something else when they are in need of nurturing. When we are capable of watching over our people and travel wherever they venture to rid all evil spirits. When we are capable of anything anything when we are a man when you are in our parts of land. When others are capable of no good when they want some people out, and others to fail. When we are capable of remaining close to the edge and riding it through keeping our possession together. When we are capable of magical things that is taught to us to help us through danger. When we are not capable of enduring such dangers. When we know whom is capable of such danger when we have proof and instincts that points evil.

When we are capable of handling ourselves equally in the eye of those. When we are incapable of understanding everything that we are not introduced to. When those whom are seen incapable of something's surprise us how capable they are. When what surprises us is how low and horrible some people are and what they are capable of doing. When we are capable of venturing long and far, with challenges along that way. When we are capable to meet the demand and requests of any business man to deliver right on time crossing dangerous parts that others gain respect for. When we are capable of handling any difficult challenge. When capability isn't everything when your not accepted in civilized places. When we are capable to awe those whom are civilized and uncivilized no matter what we do and how we look. When we are capable of change, and try to influence those to change their laws and perspectives. When times are different and we are capable of claiming possessions. When business is everything and competition allows for those to be capable of anything. When incapable of doing this for a long time alone to being capable with a helping hand and love. When different places are capable of flourishing the land to grow once again. When we are capable of living a lavish life anywhere in any parts with those whom you love. When we are capable of living the life those can provide and make us happy. When we are capable of anything when we want it and kill for it. When we are not capable of being that person for someone that others want us to be. When we are incapable of letting others go, when they must. When change is inevitable and those in power are capable of anything that separates us for a short time or forever. When we are not capable of letting our life go forever and realize that when its too late. When we capable of letting go when we are defeated and no longer belongs to us when we abandon what little is left. When we are capable of connecting with others through song and a forever bond that connects us near and far that interconnects nature with family. When we are capable of separating everyone when its considered right. When we know whom is capable of horrific acts when its our enemies whom pose a threat to us. When we are capable of saving the ones we love, freeing them from harm and protecting them. When we are capable of being a happy family together in an conflict, for we are connected. When we are capable of harming our own family for we have no regard for. When we are capable of coexisting with the same lands we share, respect and enjoy living on that makes togetherness with all capable.

Level of Interest-5
Twist & Turns-5
Historical Accuracy-5
February 8, 2017
Baz Luhrman's antipodean Gone WIth the Wind-style epic strives to do a lot in its bulky screen time. It's a western, a war movie and on top of that, a social consciousness movie. The latter is its most forced and least convincing element. Nonetheless, it is an entertaining film and features a strong cast of legendary Aussie actors.
February 3, 2017
For a nearly 3-hour long movie, Australia feels rushed and shallow. I didn't dislike the film; it kept my attention. But something felt off through most of it. like elements of Moulin Rouge kept trying to seep in. That last quarter felt better, on the other hand.
½ November 28, 2016
This movie is very beautyful and have a Great story and cast.
I know that I saw it in the cinema but just like that time and now when I saw this movie again on Tv I feelt like someting
was realy off in the end.
I use to realy like this kind of movie but even for me this gets to much or maybe not enough even.
Some parts is realy bad looking and obvious fake, like when they ride in many places.
The romance is god to me but many relationships is weard, like how the Boys father is and grandfather meens
His father wasnt White and "perfect" either? Actually I never get how all know eatch other.
The Boys was alot like Mowgli but after alot of the same words from him he just got cute
but all ways of talking, singing? And show nature or spirits magic just didnt work to feel for him
like Mowgli.
H jackan did realy Great but some parts got confusing if he was realy cuddly and bleeding or more macho man,
even just what he wanted beside breeding horses was unsure.
N kidman did almost to much feelings in this one to fast, in the begining I like her but when she started to
care for the Boy more it got wrong somehow.
Over all I get tired of this movie and start to think of other things watching it, 2 Times I think it will end bad and god
but it keeps going on.
Worst is that when I watched it when tinking on other stuffs to do, see the bad parts very well and even when the cast is so
Great and act great their personality never get strong so I understand and feel with them. Some parts even just get talking but could get Great watching these places instead. So in the end I still want to see more becouse I still dont get the personality or what they will do after the eeding, but aell I just want it to end when its so long!
But when the ending Come I just feel empty, whats happening? I dont feel like its a happy ending like if it had end 1 hour earlier
It feelt cut off and what could have happen in the start to, I almost cried for N kidman in the end that show strong emotion to the boy and not like it was alright.
I think the badguy do a Great work do but maybe to obvious in the begining.
So Austrailia the country gets many points for its nature and god cast in this movie but badpoints how the story is told and tries to be someting big it cant.
½ November 18, 2016
I'm someone who grew up in Darwin and all I can say is I'm pissed that they shut down the wharf for a month for such utter bullshit. This movie's portrayal of Australia has far more in common with Hollywood's cliche notions than it ever will with reality. The absolute worst thing wasn't even the acting, it was everyone's accents! I especially don't understand why they made the Aboriginal kid strain his accent so much! He would have sounded much more natural if he just talked normally.

Leave the outback alone, Hollywood. I'd rather we get no movies than this glittery nonsense.
October 30, 2016
The extravagantly beautiful landscapes and noble ambition cannot be faulted, but Mr. Luhrmann's characters are too shallow and his ideas to derivative and schmaltzy to achieve the sweeping epic for which he's aiming.
August 11, 2016
This film is the definition of EPIC. I see a lot of people hating on the acting or the love story. Well fine you don't like Nicole Kidman or Mr. Wolverine fair enough. This is an Australian masterpiece "Kidman, Jackman, Luhrmann" that has a ring to it! I'm not touch with Aussie cinema (I've seen all the Mad Max films, 1981's Gallipoli, the Crocodile Dundee films, Disney's The Rescue Rangers: Down Under, a lot of late great Steve Irwins show, 2011's Sanctum, Tomorrow, When the War Began [the film - liked it; very Red Dawn, I see they've made a TV series] and Netflix's export Mako Mermaids but not much else oh and The Babadook loved that instant horror classic!).
Like much of the world I've follow Luhrmann's films since Romeo & Juliet. I guess if you expected another Moulin Rouge this was a disappointment; it's not a musical. It's highly stylist but nothing like The Great Gatsby. Haven't ventured to that continent yet but it gives one the impression it provides a faithful portrayal of life in Australia in the 1940s. Anyway I assume this is their Gone With The Wind it's a sprawling adventure. It is a longer film but the pacing is on point. So at under 3 hours those who can't sit through a single viewing it's not for them.
Like all of Luhrmann's work it's written produced and directed by him. His touch is on every frame yet its nothing like any of his other films and thats what make them great. He likes working with John Leguizamo, DiCaprio and Kidman very cool you might realize you saw one of them in another picture he made but that's it. This is a fairy tale love story, taking place in a blossoming post industrial society dealing with the racial division of a lands native culture and it's a war film. Your going to laugh and your going to cry; it is freaking epic...
½ July 19, 2016
A snubbed, quirky movie that should've got more awards love than it did.
July 6, 2016
Loved the twists and turns of this movie. Probably should have ended in the rain in front of the bar...
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