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½ June 27, 2016
As far as epics go, it's well epic, meaning that there were places it could have stopped but didn't.  In the end (despite the 2 hr. 30 min. time stamp) I really did like this movie.  Heartbreaking that they thought that Aborigine mothers wouldn't miss their own children.  Recommended.
½ June 20, 2016
Just a very intense movie
June 16, 2016
I've always said; the greatest love stories end in tragedy, and in many ways this movie is a testament to that - especially to all those who hate it. This is an epic love story with heavy themes, exotic landscapes & an explosive war climax but doesn't end in tragedy like so many renowned love movies before it, which is probably why so many people have written/said negative things. I bet that if Kidman or Jackman (or heaven forbid the child, Nullah) had died in the end it would've "made it" alongside such epic films as Titanic, Romeo & Juliet, Pearl Harbour, Moulin Rouge etc. I actually applaud this movie for being different. Good on Baz for finally opting for a gorgeous-sweet-non-death ending after so much hardship. I loved it.
June 12, 2016
English woman drives cattle away from Japanese militia in this slow drama that never finds its narrative.
½ June 2, 2016
Soaring film since "Titanic" and "Far and Away"!!!
½ May 29, 2016
Pretty good, but about an hour too long.
May 25, 2016
If ever a movie screamed out for a prequel or sequel, it is Australia. Even with all of its technological flaws & continuity errors, the film is so dramatic and loaded with talent, that you are left wanting to know what happened before or next.
½ March 29, 2016
Such a bad movie man
½ March 28, 2016
Great movie. Took a while to get into. A little long as well. Great pairing. Hugh Jackman soaped up- OMG!!!
February 14, 2016
good film, Nicole Kidman sells this one well.
½ February 8, 2016
A fairly enjoyable Hollywood Western re-located to the Australian Northern Territory. The lady from elsewhere, the local anti-establishment hero, the murderous bad guy. The "Injuns" are here in the form of Aborignes. Tackles a few issues of the racist nature, but it is little more than an above average "Boys Own" adventure.
February 1, 2016
Beautiful, old-school adventure-melodrama. I adored it. Kidman and Jackman shine brightly in Luhrmann's sprawling epic. "Australia" is one of the best films of 2008.
½ January 31, 2016
a mess from what could have been an epoch
January 9, 2016
Great love story with the sweeping landscape of Australia!
½ January 8, 2016
Very Baz. But about 7 hours too long.
Super Reviewer
November 27, 2015
I'll probably wait for DVD on this, it's nearly 3 hours!
October 9, 2015
The only time Australia has ever been sexy.
½ September 26, 2015
Baz Luhrmann is absolutely amazing. I love Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge! so hopefully this will be as good as them. Great choice of actors aswell.
August 13, 2015
A movie that stinks from start to finish. Nicole Kidman's performance is just dire which totally ruins the entire film. The one star is for the performance of Hugh Jackman but he can't save this pathetic excuse for entertainment. Avoid at all costs!
July 27, 2015
It was decent I suppose. It's an hour to long and I dint find it all that interesting. But I did kinda enjoy it for some reason. It's not Baz Luhrmanns best nor his worst.
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