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½ October 28, 2017
A morose and gloomy horror thriller that has a surprisingly smart and satisfying twist that adds a lot of weight to what initially feels like a pointless exercise in low budget, shaky cam horror.
½ August 13, 2017
Yes, the unsteady camera is on purpose. A writer/director as skilled as Wingard is going to make sure you see exactly what he wants you to see. I have my own interpretation(s) for the blurry/often close shots. Horror movies are too often experienced as just recliner-popcorn entertainment. Think about digging into this one a little deeper.
½ April 23, 2016
A horrible way to spend 90 minutes...? ahyuk yuk yuk. It's some good atmosphere, and some of the interactions are cool, but ultimately it just drags way to much, with not enough payoff.
½ November 14, 2015
Some good scares, but the first collaboration between writer Simon Barrett and horror director extraordinaire Adam Wingard is mostly forgettable and slow. The two would immediately improve with "You're Next" and their two entries into the "VHS" series. I checked this out because I was impressed with all of their work on that, but this one was unfortunately underwhelming. Ok but feel free to pass it up.
October 5, 2015
Vastly underrated. The biggest complaint I've heard is about the camerawork which I understand, although I found the "wandercam" to be really effective. For some reason it worked for me. Besides that I thought all of the performances were great and the film had me engaged. It's funny how the film can feel so realistic but also have a dreamlike quality. The only thing that started to feel a little "off" was the ending. I would have preferred the original ending they had planned but I'm still satisfied overall.
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½ September 29, 2015
Being honest, I didn't see the ending (which is pretty solid) coming until about five seconds before it got there.

Also being honest, this is not Adam Wingard's best work. In fact of what I personally've seen from him, it's actually his worst. A Horrible Way to Die's problems are many, the absolute worst of which is the camerawork. It is spasmodic nature is aggravating to the point of being painful. Blegh.
June 9, 2015
The ending saves it, but man is it sloppy.
May 21, 2015
A very unfortunate title for a very interesting psychological horror film. What makes this film work is the unusually casual way in which we see the story develop and come together. Solid performances and a movie that is far smarter than it looks in the trailers, promotion and title.
February 4, 2015
Give this a passing grade for atmosphere and for Joe Swanberg.
February 2, 2015
The scrambled timeline seems like an effort to disguise a paucity of original ideas. It'll be interesting to see what Wingard can do when he actually gets hold of some.
November 7, 2014
For a low budget film, this is a really good movie. The story was interesting enough and the acting was great. I think the plot was basic, but the director did a good job of telling the story even if it was very simple. I was really happy I watched this film!
½ July 18, 2014
The movie's pacing is slower than the average movie, it works well for this movie, but the climax and conclusion were all over with in a five minute span. It felt more content and time could have been put into making the climax and conclusion more interesting. It's a good twist well worth waiting for, just the short duration of it and the sudden ending, felt like it didn't quite reach the level of suspense build up it should have with the overall pacing.
Some shaky camera scenes throughout could annoy some, but it seems to fit well with the film. Some scenes end in still shots, so some people might get annoyed by that, after thinking something could have been wrong with the camera, or movie projector, or their tv, or their phone, or whatever it's being watched on.
It seems like one of those movies where people either love it or hate it, or just like it, it did have a few let downs. Still a good flick though.
April 21, 2014
The camera work was incredibly annoying. Oh & the movie was crap.
½ January 3, 2014
There's a lack of events in this one.
November 9, 2013
Slow burning and almost dreamlike with a clever twist in it's tail, this is an above average thriller only let down by the excessive use of shakycam
½ September 22, 2013
A woman is recovering from her rampant alcoholism, trying to get her life back together after it blinded her from the reality that she was living with a brutal serial killer (she found his killing room, bodies in a freezer and got him arrested), meanwhile he has escaped custody and resumed brutally killing people on his way to finding her. She falls for a fellow addict while attending her AA meetings and it seems that maybe there could be light at the end of the tunnel.
Quite a bleak film with lots of death and some pretty decent acting. A good film made by some well known indie horror film actors and directors. Really like these guys in most of the work they do (You're Next, V/H/S, The Signal etc..) and look forward to their future projects.
September 9, 2013
Mediocre thriller with a nice twist at the end. Better than wingards' latest try, you're next
September 6, 2013
What to do when your ex-boyfriend is a serial killer who has admires after you?
August 30, 2013
A gritty serial flick with a nice twist!
½ July 13, 2013
Big on atmosphere. Thin on most everything else. It's like a free flowing nightmare that devolves into an exorcise in waiting for the inevitable. A few surprises. Not really worth it.

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