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½ July 18, 2014
It goes to show how money can conquer anything and how important it is that religious agendas stay out of politics. I get really frustrated when I see things like this because I know there is nothing that I can do to really change the minds of these idiots. These religious people do all these things supposedly in the name of God so that they can get the afterlife that they want... how about trying to live in the now... because yes you may have your faith but what if its all bullshit in the end and you don't get what you worked so hard for. Its no worse then the suicide bombers doing their Gods duty so they can their promised reward.

Almost makes me not want to watch movies like this because it just ultimately pisses me off!

Interesting movie though just seeing how the puppet strings work between state and religion but don't be surprised (if you have any intelligence) if this movie and its topic just makes you want to face palm people.
½ June 30, 2014
This film demonstrates why our nation's promise of a separation of church and state is so important. It's no wonder the theocrats occupying the Mormon Church's world headquarters don't like the film. It exposes them. They can only succeed when they work in the shadows.
March 29, 2013
There should be separation of church and state!
February 26, 2013
Documentary was a little clunky. It could have used some better editing and a less biased tone to reach a wider audience. Amazing information and heartbreaking stories.
February 15, 2013

although it left me feeling at the end without any sense of closure. I think the producers failed to wrap up the whole thing and provide a good finale and instead it just seemed to stop. Still, quite interesting, although like most powerful organizations, it is unlikely that the LDS Church will ever be brought to justice or will have their tax-exempt status revoked, despite mounting an organized campaign and publicly advocating involvement in politics to sway a political outcome
December 28, 2012
Tax the shit outta the Church of Latter Day Saints.
October 27, 2012
I was fascinated and heartbroken at the same time. Excellent!!
October 2, 2012
I am not a homophobic person. I believe in equal rights for everyone whether they be white, black, gay, straight, poor, rich, shark, or bear...but that doesn't change the fact this movie is a giant pro gay marriage, anti-LDS commercial, anyone thats read a paper in the last 3 years already knows everything this movie has to offer therefore I cant give it more than a 5/10 its heart is in the right place, but it's execution is preachy, melodramatic, and long winded....never good for a documentary in my humble opinion. Its 78 minute running time feels like 5 hours and in every essence of the word this film is a giant commercial
June 28, 2012
Ya know when "traditional marriage" people scream about liberal or San Francisco values invading the heartland and all that sort of stuff? 8: The Mormon Proposition provides an educated, rational retort to the claim. See, the Mormon Church, headquartered in Utah, dumped millions of dollars into the California's Proposition 8. This doc certainly has a point of view it is not ashamed to tout on its sleeve; that's not the point. The point is to trace the Mormon Church's anti-gay stance and their mobilization to affect public policy outside of Utah. It is the perfect compliment to Saving Marriage, showcasing a different side of the marriage equality fight. In the final 15 minutes, the doc tends to go off the rails just a little bit with a story about a Utah congressman. Before that, though, this is a crucial doc for the pro-gay marriage side and includes enough evidence to begin reforming tax exemption laws, disclosure and to call into question all the "because god says so" beliefs we hold.
March 14, 2012
Heartbreaking. Please screen this documentary in the UK!
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½ March 10, 2012
Call me biased, I do not care. This is one darn powerful film. A little bit improvement on the editing would be better though. Mormons stay away from this film, don't bloody rate it down because you disagree with it!!!!!! Jesus loves everyone!!!!
½ February 17, 2012
Loved the guts, the courage and the brutal honesty of this movie to show reality in a neutral light. Very insightful and well directed. Must watch documentary.
Overall Rating - 7 out of 10.
December 22, 2011
Finally got around to seeing this.
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½ December 19, 2011
This controversial yet popular documentary focuses on the Mormon stance on gay marriage, gay youth, and the religion behind the political workings of Proposition 8. The presentation of the facts is pretty skewed in this film. Instead of looking at the entire process of the passing of Prop 8 after the takedown of Prop 22, including the other lobbyists, the presidential election happening at the exact same time, and the corruption of the California pundits, the makers of the film turned a blind eye and moved in on the Mormon Church. I can say without a doubt that this film showed me the full extent of the church's involvement and dereliction in Prop 8's history, but to put a stranglehold on the true story with propaganda isn't helping anyone. I also had problems with the reenactments which looked like America's Most Wanted. Even with all these unmistakable flaws, I will support this film to the death because it is one that is more stirring than you can imagine. It has the heat of infallible injustice and the fight to resurrect what was lost after so long a fight to make this country truly free. I don't care if your politics don't coincide with mine, or if you simply can't agree with me because of some moral ambiguity, but you can't tell me that the personal stories, and tributes, and loss in this film doesn't wrench you dry of tears. I myself cried at least three times while watching this, only once in joy. The film exhibits the biased hate, but goes into strange territory when it also covers reassignment at BYU and gay suicides. The suicides do tie-in, but aren't presented correctly. Instead of making this about the injustices of the actual legislation they became emotional and were overcome by a want to get to our sentiment. They did this with the heartbreak of ignorance, but this film could have done and been so much more if they thought more about what they had wanted to say and simply said it, instead of being so petty. It's a shame that more couldn't be taken out of this film because of sheer brevity.
November 15, 2011
I liked it, and I really want to learn more, but as a film, I don't think this was put together as well as it could've been.
November 5, 2011
This documentary reinforces my belief in the separation of church and state! Excellent job by Reed Cowan in providing an insightful background on the Mormon church, its teachings and the vital role they played for California's Proposition 8 ballot measure to deny same sex marriages. Very revealing documentary to say the least! Thanks to the LDS Mormon church, the state of California in 2008 received a devastating blow by taking away the rights of gay people to marry. Folks, this has been the most expensive ballot measure in the history of California! I find sad and very disappointing to see how the Mormon Church mobilized and collected millions of dollars to manipulate their own political agenda to pass proposition 8, so insidious! It is one thing to believe what you want to believe and follow your faith. I respect the religious freedom of others but when the church steps outside of its boundaries and takes away the rights of human beings to marry the person they love, I simply find that inexcusable and that is precisely what the Latter Day Saints Mormon church perpetrated. They teach that homosexuality "is an ugly sin, like adultery, incest, bestiality" yet they used to practice polygamy which is illegal by the way. However; it is my understanding the Mormon Church does not condone polygamy since the 1890's but they believe in the after life members can have multiple wives per this documentary. My point is as follows: First of all, a church that coonsiders gays the number one public enemy (yes more dangerous than nuclear weapons of mass destruction, or poverty, global warming, etc.) and preaches hatred and intolerance against homosexuals to the point of denying them equal rights is not in my personal opinion a decent or good place of worship. Jesus advocates love and tolerance, not hatred and discrimination. Second- a Church that mettles in politics and have ulterior motives to run themselves as a political machine should NOT be entitled to tax exempt status! Over 15 million dollars were given to this church to pass propostion 8! Common people and wake up; that money could be spent in so many useful ways: combat poverty, improve housing and public schools, medical research to fight disease, etc...but it was imperative to deny others the right to marry because gays are public enemy number 1 in America. The documentary revealed how certain Mormons suspected of being homosexuals were given shock therapy to "cure" them of that illness...Moreover, the case of a young Mormon that committed suicide inside the church was covered and his parents were relieved he did that because homosexuality was an abomination; I think his parents were the abomination. Utah has the highest suicide rate in the nation of gay adolescents because they have been stripped of their rights, you see public schools forbid gay student clubs/alliances thanks to a former Republican member of the Utah State Senate named Chris Buttars who despises gays and blacks and has made his feelings and opinions on the matter very clear to the public. Perhaps some may considering my review of this documentary scathing of the Mormon Church but so be it. The First Amendment of our Constitution gives me the right to express my opinions on any matter and after reviewing the facts depicted on this documentary I have reached the conclusion that the Mormon Church practices a dangerous doctrine, detrimental to unit cohesiveness. They blatantly discriminate against certain minorities and their actions towards supporting Proposition 8 should not entitle them to tax exempt status. The Government should not subsidize discriminatory beliefs with tax exemptions. Highly recommended documentary and if any of my Facebook friends is a Mormon and strongly believes that gays are public enemy number 1 then kindly remove yourself from my list of friends because I do not tolerate discrimination against others, especially the GLBT community.
September 16, 2011
It was shocking to hear that one Mormon family's only comment after their son committed suicide via a self-inflicted gunshot wound was, "We're happy that he's finally at peace."
½ August 12, 2011
Don't think that there is " and needs to be " a separation between church and state? Tell me that again after watching this doc. I was fuming from the first frame to the last. Grade: A-
July 31, 2011
As a gay Mormon woman who lives in California I'm happy to see that someone has the courage to put all of this on film and out in public. Thank you so much Reed Cowan
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