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March 31, 2019
As someone who lived in Mexico City in 1985 when the earthquake hit, I can say that I watched the movie at the edge of my seat and with full-on anxiety for the characters. Acting on the parts of Hector Bonilla and Demian Buchir is amazing.
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January 30, 2017
I had already started this review before something fucked up and it ended up disappearing. I had to save it to my documents because my internet was being a dick and it couldn't save the draft in Gmail. Hence my review, which wasn't long up to the point I got, was lost. I'll try to summarize what I said. I've never lived through a real legitimate earthquake. Seismic activity happens here every day, but they range from 3-5 on the Richter scale. I have clear memories of the 2011 earthquake, and subsequent tsunami, in Japan and it was just awful. I remember hearing the news right after I finished watching MegaMind and I remember seeing the news broadcasts of the tsunami and how horrifying it all was. It's the type of thing you never want to see happen ever again. But, sadly, that's a bit optimistic since earthquakes are a part of life due to the tectonic plates shifting. Anyway, this movie looks at the worst earthquake in Mexican history, the 1985 Mexico City earthquake. It uses that to tell its fictional story of this group of people, you only get to see two of them after the fact, the rest are on higher floor, who, pretty much, just have to wait to be rescued. In spite of not using real-life people to tell their story, it's still believable because it's a situation that's real. 99.9% of people might not ever go through this in their lives, but it's more possible than, say, being killed by a giant troll who dresses like Axl Rose. And the movie is fairly solid all things considered. The acting is quite strong, I love me some Demian Bichir. Mexico has some really strong actors and they're in display here. At least in the case of Demian Bichir and Hector Bonilla at least. The claustrophobic setting helps set the mood and the fact that the building keeps settling and buckling under its own weight adds some terrifying moments to the flick. But, by and large, the movie plays out pretty much exactly like you would expect. And, as hard as they try, you're never really invested in the characters as much as you are in their situation. You don't wanna see anyone go through this, so you root for them to get out, even though they may not be well-developed as actual characters. And I think the movie is that way by design. And I'm not saying the characters were poorly-written or anything of the sort, but they're not particularly strong either way. I remember a movie like Buried, or even 128 Hours, and those movies used its claustrophobic settings to tell great stories. This movie doesn't do that and, again, that's by design and I can't blame them for that, but I just wish I cared more for the characters other than just the typical 'they should get out of this' deal. I suppose there's some of that with Bichir's character admitting that he was partly to blame for the situation they were in. Allowing the building to be built with cheaper materials, etc. But I don't think that's enough to elevate the movie. I still think that the movie was good and all, but it was just missing stronger characters for it to be pushed to a higher level. As it stands, though, I still enjoyed this. And with the movie being around 86 minutes long or so, it really just flies by. This definitely could have been better, but I'd still recommend it if you have Netflix.
January 13, 2017
Una película que denuncia como la corrupción fue la culpable de la muerte de miles en el terremoto de 1985.
½ January 3, 2017
raw and honest,exposing corruption and classism at the same time,during one of the most horrific catastrophes in the history of Mexico City.
½ December 31, 2016
Una Anécdota Cruda y Sincera, Buena Dirección Fotografía y Actuaciones
½ September 30, 2016
The most boring 1:30 hours of your life for the most rushed ending you will ever see
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