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May 6, 2019
Classic comedy with endless laughs. Never gets old.
½ March 28, 2019
It may feel overlong, sketchy, and familiar; but all this actually because of one single flaw, which is that the movie completely delivered itself to its message. Don't get me wrong, the message of the movie is one of its best merits (it's well-conveyed, and it makes the movie stand out from the rest of raunchy comedies). But when the plot ends up being completely driven by the moral of the story, you know that there is something wrong here. A lot of monotonous, stretched story-lines, and repetitive jokes made the movie feels as if it has overstayed its welcome. And I kept always wondering why a movie that felt so fresh and genuine, and also has a lot to say (considering its remaining running time and the almost flawless, extremely hilarious and intriguing first act and half of the second). I think I found the answer as the third act kicked off, which is to keep stretching the movie as much as it could until it reach the denouement, and hence delivers its message at the end. It ends up being pretty much a run-of-the-mill rom-com.

However, The 40-Year-Old Virgin completely deserves the cult status it has achieved. First and foremost, Judd Apatow pulled off a something seemingly impossible ´┐ 1/2´┐ 1/2´┐ 1/2´┐ 1/2´┐ 1/2 a combination of a crude, gross-out comedy and a heartfelt, tender romantic comedy. While these two sub-genres didn't mix very well with each other, glimpses of each of both have managed to be consistent throughout the entire movie. That's largely due to the likable and unbelievably relatable protagonist, Andy, brought to life by an outstanding, star-making performance by Steve Carell, who revealed his massive talent, showing an impressive range he would latter become famous for.

All the secondary characters here have a reasonable depth that prove how this movie is really different from your typical gross-out comedy. They may be stereotypical after all, but the witty rude humor that came from them added an extra, and maybe interestingly contradictory, layer to all of them. I think all the performances are great, but Paul Rudd really stole the show.

Also the movie features a young Jonah Hill in a very funny cameo. I mean, what more could you ask for?

March 23, 2019
Charming and funny, although somewhat overly sentimental, The 40 Year-Old Virgin succeeds in large part due to its great cast.
March 18, 2019
Aside from a few heteronormative jokes---the whole ´┐ 1/2you know how I know you´┐ 1/2(TM)re gay?´┐ 1/2┬? bit never entirely slides into straight homophobia, striving not to make queerness the butt of the joke, but nonetheless inspired plenty of pretty awful humor among teens at the time---and some mildly reductive racial stereotypes, Apatow´┐ 1/2(TM)s kind-hearted, quick-witted debut largely holds up. While the movie obviously rocketed Carell into the comedy stratosphere, it´┐ 1/2(TM)s easy to forget how many other future stars line the edges of the film: Rudd, Rogen, Lynch, Banks---even Jonah Hill has a brief cameo. Though the movie shows its age when it makes cracks at VHS players and eBay, ´┐ 1/2showing its age´┐ 1/2┬? is part and parcel with the broader (and often broad) humor; in that sense, it is a comedy reflective of the mid-2000s and the mores of the moment, an era of American man children and arrested development, yet timeless in its ultimate (if imperfect) repudiation of toxic masculinity and social conformity.
March 14, 2019
A very funny comedy that Steve Carell works really with as a leading man. I read that because this was such a box office hit it saved The Office from being cancelled. My favorite Judd Apatow comedy by far and the casting was just perfect from Paul Rudd, Romany Malco, and Seth Rogen. Also had a very funny premise that just by reading it you want to watch it to see if he accomplishes his goal at the end of the film.
January 26, 2019
The best romcom movie ever made!
December 27, 2018
A romantic drama about a man's unusual relationship with sex disguised as a raunchy comedy. What makes it particularly amazing is how nuanced of a take it is on the complex relation our society and many individuals have with often understimated subject, all done with the wit of Judd Apatow and the star making roles of now legendary comedy actors. It's great understanding and empathy for people both who are conservative and liberal when it comes to sex sadly makes it unavoidable to be misunderstood by a margin of people on either side. It's also really goofy, how it should be. The most profound thoughts about relationships usually come from those still optimistic and not tainted by negative persona expirience, when the opposite happens we get Freudian bullshit.
Not for everyone, but damn well made.
November 19, 2018
Primo film girato da Judd Apatow in cui possiamo ritrovare alcuni degli attori che utilizza pi¨ frequentemente nelle sue pellicole, come Paul Rudd e Seth Rogen. Il film Ŕ un'ottima commedia, di quelle che ti fanno passare una bella e spensierata serata a casa a farti due risate. Steve Carell sempre bravissimo, lo adoro. Buon film, di sicuro il migliore di Apatow tra quelli che ho visto.
Super Reviewer
½ October 21, 2018
Catching this film over the weekend you have to admit the film has not lived on since the initial release. It is funny but not one of those cult films you will revisit time and time again. Carell is the key to the films success and offers a level of commitment that is not normally associated with low brow humour. Apatow treats the comedy film with respect and we don't have all the typical cliche riddled moments, except the finale. The key to the films success is the cast and the respect the filmmaker provides the characters. The film hasn't aged as well as the reviews would have you believing but it is still funny and worth watching again. 20/10/2018.
½ October 20, 2018
The entertaining film with Steve Carell perfectly fulfills his role, from being a rough movie, ironic and funny, with a beautiful black humor, jokes that today would not be accepted. The absurd story with touches of cruelty, prejudice and sadism of the man who is a virgin in his 40 years makes not even the most "boring" of the viewers were closed-faced watching the two hours of Judd Apatow. That also hits the cast, with a number of young actors who would eventually make huge success in Hollywood, such as Paul Rudd and Jonah Hill, and of course the funny Steve Carell (which was already well known at the time). Technically, the film is not a good idea, it does not have a profound message, it is purely entertainment, but even so, it seeks a rougher humor haunt, which few have the courage to do. "The 40-year-old virgin" may not be the ideal comedy to see me family, but it's perfect to see with your partners or in a circle among your friends
½ October 3, 2018
The movie isn't consistently funny, but when the jokes appear they are awesome and this movie is definitely reccomended. Carell is hilarious. That being said, the main issue with the movie is that it puts too much emphasis on Andy's "friends" in my opinion.
½ August 25, 2018
The makers of "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" have above all succeeded in avoiding turning in a one-joke film and instead offering a rather sweet, resonant comedy that doesn't run out of steam halfway through. Steve Carell is very good in the titular role, aided by the highly enjoyable trio of Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd and Romany Malco, and a joyful Catherine Keener. Spicy comedy done right.
July 31, 2018
This movie is really funny at some points, a bit corny at some. The plot is manageable but I enjoyed Rudd's character and the comedy surrounding him. The cast in this flick was top notch as well IMO.
½ July 23, 2018
couldn't manage to find the funny part!
July 8, 2018
One word, Hilarious. Steve Carrell will leave you in splits with his acting and the brilliant execution of the plot.
June 24, 2018
I found myself walking in and out of the room while this movie played because housework was so much more interesting. On the plus side the film did inspire me to get some jobs done that I'd been putting off for too long, so there is that.
June 24, 2018
Funny and raunchy, typical Apatow comedy. Thumbs up.
½ May 25, 2018
The 40 Year Old Virgin has good genes.
May 22, 2018
This is the best movie ever
May 21, 2018
Apatow before he became a cucked beta hollywood producer.....sad
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