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September 8, 2018
Just saw this at Toronto International Film Festival tonight and had to stop seeing any more films because I just wanted to absorb the profound meaning of what I think is Jafar Panahi's finest work sinee he has been denied passport privileges by the Iranian government. Exploring the 3 FACES of past, present and future Iranian actresses, he slowly reveals injustices to women imposed by uninformed traditions and government. Appreciation of the film is enhanced if viewers are aware of the double meaning of references to Iranian cinema, most importantly the career and fate of Shahrzaad, the Persian actress and poet.(See Shahn Parhami's Sharzaad's Story. Through metaphors, mastery camerawork, empathetic insights and brilliant storytelling, Jafar Panahi has smashed the limitations imposed upon him during his eighth year of a 20 year sentence to not travel or direct a film.
½ September 1, 2018
Never been to a movie where I felt asleep. It was so boring and so stereotype.
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