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September 14, 2018
Far away from flawles, but still great reat movie, anarchist hymn and monument to the rage. It is not offten, that our patetic slave mentality in the social structures was depicted with such precision.
It is undestandable that for many, this movie looks like random and meanenless carnage, but this perception is not a flaw of the movie, rather a flaw of the beholder.
No gods, no masters...
April 17, 2014
So torturous to watch I contemplated committing hari-kari by disemboweling myself with Takashi Miike's razor sharp wit!
August 14, 2013
he kills a lot of people....
½ May 26, 2013
A slasher flick about a retard samurai killing all people who walks in his way: mothers, yakuzas, gangs, old japanese soldiers, politicians, soldiers, civillians, bitches, his mother and many more... You'll never learn anything from this movie. I guess only Takashi Miike Slasher fans, sadistic insane peaople and gore-lovers will love this. Since I'm only a fan in his horror films, I'd say NO!
December 2, 2012
Forse esiste un regista la cui follia e visionarietà  ¨ più indomabile di quella di Lynch: una pellicola quasi impossibile da decifrare da parte di uno dei più deliranti cineasti contemporanei. C'è¨ chi lo definisce un horror filosofico, di certo si tratta di un canto strozzato, come quello del cantante che accompagna inspiegabilmente le scene. Izo rappresenta l'umanità, il senso generale e indefinito di rancore, l'ineluttabile crudeltà  dell'uomo e dei principi precostituiti dalla società. Credo di non aver mai visto tante persone uccise nello stesso film, senza risparmio di sesso e di età.
August 26, 2012
I can understand why people might find this movie hard to sit through but I love it!
½ July 11, 2012
It aspires to be poignant allegory, a twisted bizarro Jesus story where, instead of salvation, a christ figure emerges to wreak destruction on the humanity that crucified him. It succeeds at being a big ol' pile of shit. One of the worst things that can be said about a film is that it feels 3 times longer than its runtime. This film felt about 8 unintelligible hours long, despite a 2 hour runtime. It jumps from scene of obnoxious screaming and graphic violence to scene, with a few character interaction scenes interspersed with enough pseudo-philosophical rambling to lend some semblance of a reason to the violence taking place. The film embodies ideology in these break-from-the-action scenes as a group of castrated old men who are in charge of economics, religion, law, education, etc. and what concerns me the most about this film is that we are supposedly led to despise these characters (no problem there) moreso than the child-murdering demon who is hellbent on their destruction, at the cost of the lives of thousands of innocents (a wee bit of a problem there). As far as an intelligent argument being made about society goes, things went terribly wrong somewhere. Also, at one point, a woman pulls a sword out of her vagina. So there's that.
½ July 9, 2012
Bizarre, Absurd, Surreal -- Breathlessly Inspiring and Unique!!
½ April 11, 2012
Very Bizarre movie, very out there but it leaves it interesting enough to where you can't turn away, it's alot like a train wreck.
½ February 20, 2012
i like most of Takashi Miike's work, but this was incomprehensible crap...do not bother no matter how bored your are...unless you are a masochist, in which case you'll delight in the agony of watching this rubbish hahaha...no doubt some pretentious twats will say i missed the deep hidden meanings (there is a lot of bizarre imagery, people die heaps then are alive somewhere else 5 seconds later), but who cares? it just sucked...
December 29, 2011
Dont get me wrong, I love strange and different cinema. The weirder, the better... But Takashi Miike's film Izo just had me scratching my head and searching for toothpicks to keep my eyes open.

Even going into watching it, knowing the plot, didnt help. Its non stop scenes of swordfight after swordfight after swordfight with very little dialogue or narrative to hold it together , left me not really giving a shit what was happening.

Even its ending seemed a bit of a ripoff of 2001 A Space Odyssey, with its starchild birth.

Stay clear of this one unless counting sheep doesnt do it for you anymore.
December 9, 2011
amazing amazing amazing.
Super Reviewer
July 5, 2011
Definitely one of the more difficult movie-watching experiences I've had in the last few years! Miike's Izo does not follow a typical movie archtype. The director uses freeform narrative combined with stunning imagery to make a movie that has to be seen to believe it's real! I don't think I fully understood what was going on as the plot takes a backseat to ideas and imagery. Multiple viewings are probably required to take it all in!
June 27, 2011
I would like to see this dude make a film where no blood splatters. Probably too much to ask. It's boring after awhile, buddy.
½ May 30, 2011
Very well done yet essentially very unlikeable! Purposely. I don't know if that's cool or stupid.
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May 12, 2011
A nihilistic/budhist approach to film conventions and genres. Izo is a destructive force that seeks peace by doing the only thing he was good at. Miike deconstructs movie mechanisms to the point of exposing how pointless they are. Action sequences go to the point of the excess, taking away anything "exciting" about them. Some of the most important actors in the history of japanese cinema appear barely 5 minutes, then get killed. You could say Izo is not only unleashing his rage to the world, but also over the movie industry. The more people dismiss this movie in Miike's body of work the more it becomes relevant and alive.
½ May 1, 2011
I think I understood the message, the critic both on a language-metacinema level (chambara parodied, violence for the sake of exposition of violence) and on society (tradition, ideology, hollow Mishima aestheticism, Izo's nemesis), the dark-edged humour... but one should enjoy a movie rather than suffer it.
November 10, 2010
Death and more death, and yet more death. Monotonous death scenes for all of about five minutes of the film. The film looks great but you're over it, after a half hour.
½ September 18, 2010
Worst fucking movie ever. I swear, don't ever try to see this crap. EVER.
September 1, 2010
The plot looks utterly ridiculous, I'm in ^-^
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