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Critic Consensus: An all too familiar chase movie that's not worth the talents involved.

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In the green woods of Silver Falls, Oregon, Aaron Hallam, a trained assassin AWOL from the Special Forces, keeps his own brand of wildlife vigil. After brutally slaying four deer hunters in the area, FBI Special Agent Abby Durrell turns to L.T. Bonham-- the one man who may be able to stop him. At first L.T. resists the mission. Snug in retirement, he's closed off to his past, the years he spent in the Special Forces training soldiers to become skilled murderers. But when he realizes that these recent slayings are the work of a man he trained, he feels obligated to stop him. Accepting the assignment under the condition that he works alone, L.T. enters the woods, unarmed--plagued by memories of his best student and riddled with guilt for not responding to Aaron's tortured letters to him as he began to slip over the edge of sanity. Furious as he is with his former mentor for ignoring his pleas for help, Aaron knows that he and L.T. share a tragic bond that is unbreakable. And, even as they go into their final combat against each other, neither can say with certainty who is "the hunted" and who is "the hunter."

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Tommy Lee Jones
as L.T. Bonham
Benicio Del Toro
as Aaron Hallam
Connie Nielsen
as Abby Durrell
Leslie Stefanson
as Irene Kravitz
John Finn
as Ted Chenowith
José Zúñiga
as Bobby Moret
Ron Canada
as Harry Van Zandt
Mark Pellegrino
as Dale Hewitt
Jenna Boyd
as Loretta Kravitz
Rex Linn
as Powell
Eddie Velez
as Richards
Hank Cartwright
as Construction Foreperson
Gary Taylor
as Tactical Commander
Michael Williamson
as Tactical Agent
Alisha Garric
as Girl at Airport
Bobby Preston
as Boy at Airport
Nathan Zabatka
as Boy at Airport
Jeff Gianola
as TV Reporter
Brent Braun
as FBI Field Agent
Steve Enfield
as FBI Field Agent
Michael White
as Delta Colonel
Mio Drag Jakula
as Serb Commander
Neno Pervan
as Serb Guard
Zoran Radanovich
as Serb Guard
Caitlin Clements
as Girl in Kosovo
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Critic Reviews for The Hunted

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Ludicrous, plotless, ho-hum tale of lurid confrontation.

March 20, 2003
Top Critic

There's too much talent on-screen and behind the camera for The Hunted to be dull, but it is predictable and disappointing, and we seem to be missing about a half-hour's worth of scenes that would have brought some depths to these characters.

March 18, 2003

Essentially a reheating of 1982's First Blood ... but the fallout this time is simultaneously more ruthless, less emotional, and duller.

March 18, 2003

By stripping an action thriller this close to the bone, director William Friedkin has removed too much meat.

March 17, 2003

This is schlock -- by-the-numbers action that ignores character development to the point where we find it hard to care whether L.T. catches Hallam or whether they end up running after each other until the world ends.

March 16, 2003 | Rating: 2/4 | Full Review…

Has so little going for it, you wonder if you've missed something.

March 14, 2003

Audience Reviews for The Hunted

The Hunted was a pretty decent action flick. It's quick paced and the chase never lets up until the very end. I liked that it kept it going fast because this film had the potential to be a sleeper otherwise. Tommy Lee Jones is comfortable in these types of roles and he's good in them. Another great job. Benicio Del Toro is still a fairly new actor for me. I haven't seen him a lot of his films. I really like him and I thought he was great. But I saw him more as a tortured soul in this film. You teach people to be a vicious killer you shouldn't be surprised when that's what they turn out to be. The fight scenes were pretty intense and well choreographed. Good movie to watch on a rainy Cali night.


Super Reviewer

William Friedkin's The Hunted is an action thriller that starts off well before the slow decline.

There really isn't much in the way of surprise when it comes to the story, which is probably why a run time just below 90 minutes is appropriate. The concept of an expert survivor tracking another expert works well in the wilderness, but the thrills decrease when the plot decides to move things into a more urban setting.

The violence is bloody and realistic. The same can be said about the close quarter combat that occurs. The Hunted isn't exactly loaded from start to finish with this stuff; however, there is enough to get by.

Tommy Lee Jones is a solid selection and plays his role well. Benicio Del Toro's line delivery is a bit awkward which makes him seem like a miscast. Connie Nielsen fills in the rest of the film when it isn't on Jones or Del Toro.

For what it is, The Hunted is a watchable 90 minute production. Not much more than that.

JY Skacto
JY Skacto

Super Reviewer


The Hunted is an exciting action film that delivers. Directed by William Friedkin, The Hunted is a thrill a minute action film. I really don't get the bad rep the film has received. The film is very enjoyable, and if you love a good action film with a strong cast, then this is a must see film. The film may not be perfect, and the plot may suffer st times, but Friedkin's directing keeps the film interesting. Benicio Del Toro is great here, and this is yet another strong performance. The Hunted is pure mindless fun, sure the plot at times is uneven, but the acting and the action delivery makes up for it. This isn't the film the best that Friedkin has directed, but this is still a good effort nonetheless. The actors make the film better than it is, and it's always exciting to see Benicio Del Toro and Toimmy Lee Jones go head to head. Friedkin's directing is immaculate and though the plot is weak at times, the performances alone make the film worth watching. I was very much entertained by the film, and thought that despite its imperfections, it was very entertaining with good thrills and good action, and above all, good acting. Overall there is is plenty of good talented actor here to keep you interested from start to finish, and though it's nothing new, it's always fun to watch. If you're looking for a mindless actioner with good directing and a good plot, this mis a good enough film for you to see.

Alex roy
Alex roy

Super Reviewer

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