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Cecil B. DeMille's first postwar production, the $5 million Technicolor historical spectacular Unconquered lacks only the kitchen sink. The story begins in England in the 1760s, as Abigail Martha Hale (Paulette Goddard), unjustly accused of a crime against the Crown, is sentenced by the Lord Chief Justice (C. Aubrey Smith) to 14 years' forced servitude in North America. Carted off to the auction block, Abigail is highly coveted by slavemaster Martin Garth (Howard da Silva), but the highest bidder turns out to be Virginia militiaman Captain Christopher Holden (Gary Cooper). Having been jilted by his aristocratic fiancee Diana (Virginia Grey), Holden harbors no romantic feelings for Abigail, but he's determined not to let her fall into Garth's grimy clutches. The patriotic Holden also knows that Garth, who is married to the daughter (Katherine de Mille) of Indian chief Pontiac (Robert Warwick), has been trading firearms to the Ottawas. The treacherous Garth later participates in the "Pontiac Conspiracy," an allegiance of 18 Indian nations forsworn to wipe out every colonist on the East Coast. To put Holden out of the way, Garth arranges for him to be court-martialed and sentenced to death on a trumped-up desertion charge. But Abigail, partly in repayment for her rescue from Seneca chief Guyasuta (Boris Karloff) and partly because she's fallen in love with Holden, helps him escape, just in time to save a nearby military fort from an Indian massacre -- a feat accomplished by a subterfuge straight out of Beau Geste, which also starred Gary Cooper! As historically suspect as any Cecil B. DeMille epic, Unconquered is still marvelous escapist entertainment, especially during the time-honored bathtub scene involving a bare-shouldered Paulette Goddard (who spends most of the film in either a state of dishabille or bondage, or both!) Once again, however, Mr. "Spare No Expense" DeMille cuts corners by filming most of his major exterior scenes within the artificial confines of the Paramount sound stages.


Gary Cooper
as Capt. Christopher Holden
Boris Karloff
as Guyasuta - Chief of the Senecas
Cecil Kellaway
as Jeremy Love
Ward Bond
as John Fraser
Henry Wilcoxon
as Capt. Steele
C. Aubrey Smith
as Lord Chief Justice
Victor Varconi
as Capt. Simson Ecuyer
Mike Mazurki
as Dave Bone
Richard Gaines
as Col. George Washington
Virginia Campbell
as Mrs. John Fraser
Gavin Muir
as Lt. Fergus McKenzie
Alan Napier
as Sir William Johnson
Nan Sunderland
as Mrs. Pruitt
Jane Nigh
as Evelyn
Lloyd Bridges
as Lt. Hutchins
Oliver Thorndike
as Lt. Billie
Russ Conklin
as Wamaultee
John Mylong
as Col. Henry Bouquet
Raymond Hatton
as Venango Scout
Julia Faye
as Widow Swivens
Paul E. Burns
as Dan McCoy
Jeff York
as Wide-Shouldered Youth
Syd Saylor
as Spieler for Dr. Diablo
Si Jenks
as Farmer
Bob Kortman
as Frontiersman
Edgar Dearing
as Gilded Beaver Soldier
Hugh Prosser
as Gilded Beaver Soldier
Ray Teal
as Gilded Beaver Soldier
Chief Thundercloud
as Chief Killbuck
Noble Johnson
as Big Ottawa indian
John Merton
as Corporal
John Miljan
as Prosecutor
Lex Barker
as Loyal American Officer
Jack Pennick
as Joe Lovat
Byron Foulger
as Townsman
Art Mix
as Citizen
Tiny Jones
as Bondswoman
Dorothy Adams
as Mrs. Bront
Davison Clark
as Mr. Carroll
Griff Barnett
as Brother Andrews
Francis Ford
as Frontiersman on Fort Pitt Roof
Al Ferguson
as Star of London Crewman
Constance Purdy
as Fat mother at the ball
George Kirby
as Charles Mason
Leonard Carey
as Jeremiah Dixon
Frank Wilcox
as Richard Henry Lee
Anna Lehr
as Woman
Lane Chandler
as Member of Court-Martial Board
Mike Kilian
as Virginia Militia Officer
Erville Alderson
as Grizzled codger at ball saying "maybe long visit"
Mary Field
as Maggie
Jeff Corey
as Trapper
Eddie Albert
as Mermaid barker
William Haade
as Trapper at Ball
Olaf Hytten
as Officer on 'Star of London'
Eric Alden
as Zeke / Indian
Denver Dixon
as Citizen
Frank S. Hagney
as Jake - Bartender
Ethel Wales
as Villager
Francis McDonald
as Frontiersman
June Harris
as Frontierswoman
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Critic Reviews for Unconquered

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Cecil Blount DeMille's florid, $5,000,000, Technicolored celebration of Gary Cooper's virility, Paulette Goddard's femininity and the American Frontier Spirit.

March 2, 2018 | Full Review…

For all its absurdity Unconquered has its Technicolorful moments... For the sake of these as well as for the pleasure of seeing Mr. [Gary] Cooper again much can be endured.

June 12, 2018 | Full Review…

It's big. It's colorful. It's exciting. It's filled with movie stars who look like movie stars. It's preposterous in the way that only a Cecil B. DeMille movie can be.

July 29, 2014 | Rating: 4.5/5 | Full Review…

You don't expect from DeMille logic or accuracy as the showman is notorious for preposterous spectacles such as this expensive historic epic whose appeal rests on Cooper's masculine image and Paulette Goddard's sexiness shown in a bathtub or torture stake

June 25, 2007 | Rating: C+ | Full Review…

By 1947, Cecil B. DeMille and the movie studios should have known better that to paint a picture of Native Americans as stupid, bloodthirsty, depraved rapists and murderers.

May 23, 2007 | Rating: 62/100

Audience Reviews for Unconquered


Big and loud it's Cecil B. Demille, like a drunk braggert uncle at a family holiday gathering. And this time he's on about manifest destiny and how Native Americans deserved to be divested of their home and life. Oy. Coop is solid as ever but its the supporting cast that's the show here. Look for the great Karloff as a sullen Indian chief.

Kevin M. Williams
Kevin M. Williams

Super Reviewer

Typical DeMille starts out promisingly but goes on too long but still kind of fun.

jay nixon
jay nixon

Super Reviewer

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