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½ December 10, 2018
This is a misfire by Clint Eastwood as he teams up with young Charlie Sheen in this buddy-cop film, a genre which was massive at the time. Its not that the film is bad, its just nothing special. Humdrum, cliched actioner offers nothing we haven't seen before. If Eastwood (who has a unique presence, even in this mediocre role) wasn't around, it would be almost unwatchable. But the moral "lessons" of the film are even more annoying than its cliches: it seems to suggest that a "boy" becomes a "real MAN" only when he learns how to punch and kill people.
½ February 9, 2018
One of the prices one has to pay for getting Eastwood as a director in the later years is his acting and directing in the early years. This movie is one of those sacrifices. Eastwood predictably quips, scowls, clenches his jaws and furrows his brow through yet another tired and stereotypical action piece. I am grateful for the time he has spent behind the camera for more worthy productions like Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and Sully. He's finally on the right track and staying on the right side of the camera.
½ December 3, 2017
A very predictable, a very 90's cop film featuring Clint Eastwood as Nick Pulovski a cop that is on the case of a German crook named Strom (Raul Julia). After attempting to bust Strom at one of his chop shops Nick's partner is killed and Strom get's away. The case is sent away to homicide, but Nick along with his new rookie partner (see!) David (Charlie Sheen) pursue Strom to catch him in the act. So, yeah that's basically it. There isn't a lot of depth to this one and I can only imagine people went into this one hoping to see a spiritual successor to Dirty Harry...which to a point it almost actually get's it. Clint Eastwood was about 60 years old already when this film came out and god damn is he still a bad ass. He's like a lite version of Dirty Harry at times and at times he's over the top Dirty Harry. Charlie Sheen actually isn't too bad here, but is definitely over shined by Eastwood when they share scenes. The bad guy is ridiculous though and the plot surrounding him is just plain late 80's early 90's kinda crap. The action is actually well done and while a lot of it is extremely dated for the time I gotta say it looks pretty good. The acting though is hit or miss and not to mention very cheesy at times. There's also the controversial scene of Nick being raped by Strom's right hand lady Liesl (Sonia Braga) which is just a super awkward'll have to trust me on that one. Overall, a popcorn flick from the 90's that isn't necessary watching, but I enjoyed bits and pieces of it. For most people this will be a skip!
November 5, 2017
Dumb but really, really fun. Eastwood is the balls as is Charlie Sheen as his sidekick. The action is so over the top, the bar room scene when Sheen flies solo is one of my favourites and Clint even manages to get raped and ends up in a DIY skin flick.
½ October 9, 2017
Easily enjoyable because of the "so-bad-it's-good" phenomenon in which Charlie goes into some Platoon moments, for not much reason, and the obvious and numerous things that happen in this film. Oh and Eastwood directed the crap out of The Rookie, it's funny, entertaining, and puzzling (for reasons stated) all at the same time. It's the type of film one must grow up with. I didn't and it gets a surprisingly good rating. Will this become cult viewing?
½ July 9, 2017
Funny, action-packed and smart, The Rookie is entertaining enough for a recommendation with the considerable buddy-cop chemistry between the film's scene-stealing stars.
March 24, 2017
Anyone who doesn't give this action classic at least 3 and a half stars has no taste.
½ January 18, 2017
Nice paring of Eastwood and Sheen make for a fun action buddy cop movie that does nothing more and to be fair, nothing less that you expect.
Super Reviewer
½ July 30, 2016
Didn't expect much but enjoyed it, Charlie Sheen and Clint Eastwood worked well together.
June 12, 2016
Rookie cop partners with cranky veteran cop.
May 5, 2016
Aging detective is given a rookie partner in this predictably violent action thriller. Despite its two strong leads, the material just can't hold together any chemistry.
February 28, 2016
This was a great Blockbuster rental... seriously would watch it whenever it was on cable.
July 5, 2015
This is an annoying and crummy movie that you should not bother to watch. Thank you.
½ May 29, 2015
Gritty enough to be a good kind of B movie
½ March 31, 2015
Eastwood and buddy cop movie should have never gone together.
½ January 20, 2015
Everything You'd Expect From An Action Flick From The 90's. A Bunch Of Bad One Liners.
October 26, 2014
It wasn't until "Unforgiven" that Clint Eastwood gained a reputation for being a respectable filmmaker. Before that time, his projects were fairly hit and miss, and they were all pretty evenly divided into those two categories. As you may be able to determine from the forgettable title, "The Rookie" is not one of his better efforts, a lazy "Dirty Harry" clone full of tired cliches and even more tired writing.

Even Clint himself looks bored with this one. You can usually count on his hilariously grumpy quips and chemistry with his co-star, but all of that is in short supply here. In fact, there's such little character development and plot set-up that it feels like you walked in on the movie at the half hour mark.

Even the action, which is sometimes the only reason to see an Eastwood film from this era in his career, is lacking here. You get the standard shoot-outs and car chases, but for a movie dealing with grand theft auto, those are disappointing too. That speaks more to Eastwood as the director, and he doesn't appear to be too involved in this at that capacity either.

It's said he only agreed to make this so that Warner Brothers would let him make "White Hunter, Black Heart." It indeed feels like a throwaway project, but we should still should be allowed to expect more from the star. The villains here, played by Sonia Braga and Raul Julia, are quite unimpressive as well. There are a few laughs and a couple of mildly interesting action sequences in "The Rookie," but this will never be confused for one of Eastwood's better films. It feels more like an afterthought for the people involved.
October 4, 2014
Trying to be funny, Trying to be action, Trying to be drama, in the end it is a mediocre movie.
½ March 13, 2014
Sgt. Nick Pulovski (Clint Eastwood) and his partner, Powell, are assigned to a case of taking down the criminal empire of a German felon, Strom (Raúl Juliá), who engages in grand theft auto and chop shop operations. During an encounter with Strom and his men, who are loading a semi-trailer truck with stolen cars, Powell is murdered. Nick, despite efforts to catch the criminals on the highway, ends up losing them. Consequently, Nick is removed from the case by his superior, Lt. Raymond Garcia, and given a new partner, David Ackerman (Charlei Sheen), a young officer recently promoted to rookie Detective, who has continual nightmares and is plagued by guilt over his brother's death, believing it was his fault as a child. Against regulations, Nick and David start investigating the Strom case. Nick tracks down a man working for Strom, Morales, whom he forces to cooperate in return for immunity. Morales, under Nick's instructions, manages to plant a two-way radio inside Strom's house without getting caught, but is still murdered later on by Strom's companion, Liesl (Sônia Braga). Feeling pressured by the authorities, Strom deduces that there is a connection between Morales and another one of his operatives, Little Felix, who has also been secretly working as an informant for Nick regarding the disclosure of his illegal activities at his wrecking yards. Through the radio, Nick and David learn that Strom is planning to leave the country after robbing a local casino of two million dollars. Strom's men set off smoke bombs inside the casino and capture the general manager, Alphonse, forcing him to open the vault for them. Inside the vault however, are Nick and David, who had conspired with Alphonse to capture Strom. Yet Liesl, knowing of David's naïveté, dares him and distracts Nick long enough for Strom to pin the detective down to the floor. Liesl shoots David in the back; although he is not killed due to his bulletproof vest. But moments later, one of Strom's men, Cruz, discovers that the vault is empty. With police surrounding the building, Strom takes Nick hostage and demands the two million dollars as a ransom. Strom, however, has his hideout rigged with explosives, planning on destroying it with Nick inside while he escapes the country with the money...

"The Rookie" was a standard cop buddy action film when it came out, but back then a new Clint Eastwood movie was the "shit" and I reckon I thought it was pretty ok. When re-seeing it 24 years later that is not really the case. It´s such a formula A cop movie and Eastwood is almost on parody mode and Sheen looks lost and high. The person who came up with the bright idea of making Sonia Braga´s and Raul Julia´s characters germans when they both are/were from Puerto Rico makes no sense at all. And besides that they are hardly that convincing as bad guys. The movie was controversial for its depiction of a provocative woman-on-man rape sequence with it garnering much publicity and to be honest why oh why was that in the film? Clint Eastwood actually agreed to do this movie in exchange for the Warner Brothers studio letting him make his personal film project, "White Hunter Black Heart" (1990). And in a way that shines through in Eastwood´s performance. Roger Ebert, The Chicago Sun Times wrote back then "The Rookie is jammed with material and the budget was obviously large, but somehow not much pays off. It's all there on the screen, but lifeless." So true. It´s all on autopilot. My treat was to see my Twin Peaks crush Lara Flynn Boyle in a supporting role. That´s pretty much it.
February 4, 2014
This movie has some highs and some lows, but it's not as bad as the critics claim. Charlie Sheen actually kicks a lot of ass and Clint gets to say "She did not sit on my face" which is just hilarious. Much better 1990 Charlie Sheen movie then Navy SEALS.
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