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May 6, 2019
Was going to say 4.5 but I can't help it. This was such a entertaining movie. Yes the special effects aren't that great but it's a 1980's movie. The acting is actually quite good especially William Katt. More laughs than scares but it was a very fun watch with a huge rewatchability factor.
December 13, 2018
A classic 80's horror film, while not very scary it is very entertaining and has a good story in my opinion. Although it might be scary for a young audience, some may not like it but I reccomend you give it a watch!
½ August 2, 2018
A haunted house horror/comedy with a Veteran teetering on the surreal and reality with crazy monsters done in 80's style.
January 16, 2018
This is an often overlooked gem. Probably due to the rating more than anything but this is a lot of fun. A very silly and goofy horror movie that fans of the Evil Dead will eat up.
And, I am pretty certain the song 'Still life" by Iron Maiden (or the inhabitant of the lake by Ramsey Campbell) inspired the film
October 18, 2017
The movie isn't a triple-A film at all, if you were to give it a rating I would say a solid A- and man is it well produced. The actors are on top of their game and the effects are really cool. To me, yes, this is a 'Good" film, it's not great, but it is certainly good. for more on this film:
½ October 8, 2017
As a horror comedy, I expected more horror and more comedy from House--it's kind of lacking in both departments. Aside from a moment or two, the story really drags in the first half of the movie, and when it finally picks up, it isn't that impressive. I think I prefer the sequel, as corny as it is.
October 7, 2017
Tenta ser uma comédia de terror, mas não é nem assustador nem engraçado. Mas os efeitos especiais práticos e a maquiagem são massa.
July 10, 2017
A cartoonishly fun comedy/horror film from Steve Miner and the wonderful Fred Dekker. A great piece of 80's horror.
½ June 28, 2017
Ding Dong, You're Dead is the tagline. Not a subtitle.
½ June 9, 2017
Fun, goofy, horror. A very good watch.
May 20, 2017
This was a classic cute 80's horror flick.
April 27, 2017
A great blend of horror and comedy. It has great humour and scares. It even has tension, which is tough to pull of in a film like this.
April 2, 2017
Really fun horror/comedy. Some of the creature designs are so wacky and cool. Wendt and Katt have a great chemistry and do a lot to make it as fun as it is.
January 7, 2017
I kind of liked this back in the day, and it's certainly goofy in a very singular way. It's also shockingly inept. I used to have a crush on awkward man-boy William Katt. God only knows what that was about.
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½ December 2, 2016
A delicious combination of horror and goofy comedy that is amusing and funny (the rogue hand and the raccoon scene are particularly hilarious), and it works quite well even if its attempt to show the traumatizing effects of the Vietnam War on veterans falls flat.
½ November 20, 2016
After a bright start this fades into the kind of tedious nonsense that hasn't dated very well. Neither scary nor particularly funny but on the plus side it has the beer guy from Cheers in it!
October 30, 2016
Nothing special about this horror comedy.
½ October 22, 2016
good flick. lots of surreal and weird stuff going on. silly, but maybe a tad bit TOO silly for my tastes. it had a few "scary" moments, but nothing really connected with me because of just how silly it was. and the nam flashbacks didn't really do much for me in balancing that out, either. those complaints aside, a great flick to throw on and just enjoy without demanding too much of it.
June 11, 2016
A writer's characters come to life in his dead aunts house in this surprising thriller.
December 26, 2015
A minor classic, terrific fun. Rewatchable.
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