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January 28, 2019
Funny in places but takes too much from other films.
February 8, 2018
The movie tells more about life, love, family, and responsibility. Guess that's why I was quite moved by it.
October 18, 2017
Very good movie. Loved the contrast between the different personalities and the story line
½ February 16, 2017
Film ini memberi pemahaman bagaimana seharusnya Anda berpikir bila sudah memikirkan untuk memiliki seorang anak, dan resiko apa yang harus diterima. Seperti judulnya, begitupun dengan kisahnya. Cukup banyak adegan yang membuat saya tertawa dan terhanyut dengan alur cerita yang dirancang dengan baik, namun ringan, dan sangat tepat untuk ditonton di saat waktu luang. Yah, seperti judulnya, life as we know it-lah...
½ December 13, 2016
The baby is so Q~~~~~~
November 21, 2016
Love this movie its so darn cute!
September 4, 2016
Life As we Know It is too predictible and formularic.
August 31, 2016
Beautiful. Giving it 5 hearts!
August 28, 2016
So much arguing. Who wants to watch a movie when the two main characters argues half the time.
August 10, 2016
So unoriginal and predictable that I wouldn't be surprised if it was processed in a rom-com production plant and moulded on a conveyer belt in a matter of 10 minutes.
July 7, 2016
To rate this movie properly, we need a different rating scale. So, think of a mediocre movie. On our new scale, that movie is a masterpiece. It is the best movie you've ever watched.
Now we can properly rate Life as We Know It.
Using our new scale, this movie rates 3 out of 5 stars.
It has heart...ish. It has comedy...ish. The characters grow and change...ish. It's predictable...very predictable.
Honestly this movie is forgettable. Whenever I see the title, I won't feel any emotion, positive or negative. I'll just think "Oh yeah...that is a movie I watched once."
June 22, 2016
Loved the two of them together in this. Great chemistry between them.
May 14, 2016
This movie wasnt half bad in some respects, its worth watching, but its extremely sad...almost depressing even during the happy moments of the movie. I guess generally i was just suprised at the tone of the movie.
½ April 30, 2016
Extremely predictable, but enjoyable.
½ March 27, 2016
Rom-Com lovers with still like this, Josh Duhamel is damn charming.
March 19, 2016
Very cute and well done. Excellent acting in all its awkward moments. Not all that formulaic, except the ending was predictable of course. Lots of fraīche moments. The babies were great actors as well. Basically explains how so many people can have such similar lives with similar children. What else can you do?
March 19, 2016
Very cute and well done. Excellent acting in all its awkward moments. Not all that formulaic, except the ending was predictable of course. Lots of fraīche moments. The babies were great actors as well. Basically explains how so many people can have such similar lives with similar children. What else can you do?
½ March 1, 2016
Holly Berenson (Katherine Heigl) is an excellent chef who owns Fra?che, a popular upscale cafe“/gourmet food shop which she has plans to expand into a restaurant. Her personal life however, is far less interesting.

Eric Messer (Josh Duhamel), a live-broadcast sports TV technician, is a cocky, rougish, womanising jock who juggles a myriad of nameless girls while waiting for his big break to become a fully-fledged director.

In a stroke of genius by their mutual best friends, Peter (Hayes MacArthur) and Alison (Christina Hendricks), control freak Holly and toxic bachelor Eric are set up on the blind date from hell.

Arriving an hour late, on a motorcycle, without dinner reservations and with a post-date tryst already lined up, the tension and loathing between these polar opposites is self-evident.

Suffering in silence, the two ignore each other at social events, smiling politely through the generation of Peter and Alison's life; their wedding, the birth of their child Sophie (played by cute triplets Alexis, Brynn, Brooke Clagett) and her first birthday.

Tragedy strikes when Peter and Alison are killed in a car accident; leaving baby Sophie in the joint custody of her unprepared, unwilling and incapable godparents, Holly and Eric.

Horrified, the novice parents try to keep their mutual loathing to a minimum for Sophie's sake, moving into the family's home, they struggle to coexist under the same roof. While comically botching the rearing of the infant, they attempt to lead their own lives; going on dates, working as usual and as time wears on, the awkwardness and apprehension ebbs.

New problems arise however as balancing an unearned family, holding onto old plans of upward career trajectories and an amorous encounter sees the odd couple at locker heads again.

Can Eric and Holly embrace happiness and each other?

Slapstick, predictable scenarios and rom-com plot devices abound, this film does not deviate an inch from the formula, delivering on all sides but only to the required level.

Awkwardly fusing familiar sitcom with a jarring tragic premise, the look who's talking-type humorous package of laughter, tears, romance and icky baby incidents seems a little out of kilt with the amount of time spent mourning the death of their friends.

Content to sit in her well developed, prissy, control freak box, Katherine Heigl's character has identical motives to her last four roles (27 dresses, Killers, The Ugly Truth and Knocked Up); leaving the actress stale and her character cold.

Luckily, her charming and much better faring co-star Josh Duhamel makes a lasting impression.

His genuinely relaxed and easy (without being too smug) charm has a winning sort of subtle self-mocking, best exposed in his blase“ dealings with the drooling neighbours. Duhamel's also has a wonderful natural air with his child co-stars, obvious as an authentic relationship the child is comfortable with the actor in every situation. His chemistry with Heigl is also good; repelling each other on every level at the beginning, then when the onus shifts, it is subtle and quite believable; even if the situation isn't.

The Verdict: Crowd pleasing and passable as the superficial modern odd couple, the acting is decent but with a free-range turkey sandwich loving Dr. McDreamy paediatrician, a minor cab driver turned reluctant babysitter, and a nosy emotional-wreck social worker; the plot is in desperate need of some restraint.

Published: The Queanbeyan Age
Date of Publication: 29/10/2010
January 30, 2016
Involved, intricate, COMPLiCATED!
½ January 22, 2016
Two beautiful leads in a rom com with a dark twist beginning. I like the modern originality, but it is mildly far fetched. Doesn't stop this being a really nice entertaining film. Some great secondary cast too.
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