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Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep might be the best film that Flanagan has ever done. It is certainly one of the best King adaptations ever made.

Callum Forbes, Battle Royale With Cheese


Rush is complete unto itself: A gripping beginning, a compelling middle, an electrifying ending. And it's a movie that deserves to find the audience now that raced away the first time.

Zaki Hasan, Birth.Movies.Death.

Blade Runner

Still profound 18 years after its sell-by date, Blade Runner remains worthy of acclaim and analysis even as it exists in a "future" with very little resemblance to the one that came to pass.

Zaki Hasan, San Francisco Chronicle


The Docks of New York

The story may be weak, but the images-oh, the images-are as powerful and unforgettable as ever.

Nathanael Hood, Unseen Films


it's credited with codifying and popularizing many of the visual tropes and themes we now associate with gangster cinema.

Nathanael Hood, Unseen Films

The Last Command of the last true masterpieces of the silent cinema medium before it was usurped by sound.

Nathanael Hood, Unseen Films