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79% Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) (2020) This is not only the first great movie I've seen this year. This has rocketed up my list of my favorite superhero movies. ‐ Critically Acclaimed Podcast
Read More | Posted Feb 9, 2020
73% The Gentlemen (2020) It is perfectly functional Guy Ritchie movie, it is a reasonably entertaining Guy Ritchie movie, but I don't think it does anything particularly interesting.‐ Critically Acclaimed Podcast
Read More | Posted Feb 7, 2020
72% The Lodge (2020) We cannot feel afraid for people if we do not care about and associate with them. And we absolutely cannot care about any of the people in The Lodge, because whenever they're in danger, the directors are looking the other way.‐ TheWrap
Read More | Posted Feb 6, 2020
80/100 62% Gretel & Hansel (2020) It's got 'cult movie' written all over it [...] and audiences who tune into its unusual wavelength will no doubt be grateful for such a beautiful, frightening, intelligent new venture into an age-old nightmare.‐ TheWrap
Read More | Posted Jan 30, 2020
27% The Rhythm Section (2020) Takes well-worn genre material and removes all the substance and ingenuity, leaving behind only an undeveloped plot, a blank main character, and a sense of gravitas that is entirely unearned.‐ TheWrap
Read More | Posted Jan 29, 2020
75% Happy Happy Joy Joy: The Ren & Stimpy Story (2020) Perhaps in an effort to primarily focus on the Ren & Stimpy parts, the filmmakers haven't just buried the lede, they've practically hidden the headstone.‐ TheWrap
Read More | Posted Jan 24, 2020
1/5 20% The Grudge (2020) It's as though each character's life was pre-determined to be dreary, and adding ghosts into the mix is merely beating a dead horse.‐ Bloody Disgusting
Read More | Posted Jan 2, 2020
3.5/5 39% Black Christmas (2019) A classy slasher filled with great characters, memorable kills, thoughtful commentary, and some go-for-broke, burn-it-all-down ideas that don't always work, but are undeniably distinctive and intriguing.‐ Bloody Disgusting
Read More | Posted Dec 12, 2019
71% Jumanji: The Next Level (2019) The rules of video games need to be explained once again to Eddie and Milo, but the sequel is free to take everything the audience learned and screw around with it, with amusing but sometimes mixed results.‐ TheWrap
Read More | Posted Dec 10, 2019
94% Citizen K (2019) It's an undeniably informative and vital documentary, which clearly illustrates a disturbing political farce that has been allowed to thrive for far too long. Which is to say, at all.‐ TheWrap
Read More | Posted Nov 22, 2019
79% Scandalous: The Untold Story of the National Enquirer (2019) Landsman isn't merely cataloguing the history of a kooky tabloid; he's using the Enquirer as a launching pad to explore the collapse of the entire journalistic enterprise.‐ TheWrap
Read More | Posted Nov 14, 2019
42% Midway (2019) There's no denying that he fills his film with breathtaking images of aerial action and naval warfare, but like many of Emmerich's movies, even the better ones, Midway loses sight of the humanity inside its vast vistas of devastation.‐ TheWrap
Read More | Posted Nov 6, 2019
65% Lady and the Tramp (2019) In the comfort of one's own home, Bean's mostly faithful remake can probably be appreciated for all it is - briefly entertaining and pretty darned cute.‐ TheWrap
Read More | Posted Nov 5, 2019
50% Earthquake Bird (2019) The film isn't cleverly subverting our expectations for a greater purpose in these moments; it's just vague and confusing.‐ TheWrap
Read More | Posted Nov 4, 2019
13% Arctic Dogs (2019) The story is best when it's playful and odd, and only truly pops when Cleese's eccentric supervillain is on-screen. The rest of the time, it's merely a functional series of events.‐ TheWrap
Read More | Posted Nov 1, 2019
5/5 77% Doctor Sleep (2019) It's a worthy successor to The Shining, and as if that weren't enough, it's also a complex work of thoughtful film criticism.‐ Bloody Disgusting
Read More | Posted Oct 30, 2019
97% Making Waves: The Art of Cinematic Sound (2019) A practically perfect primer for anyone interested in the history and craft of filmmaking, answering most of the pertinent, baseline questions while leaving plenty of room for supplemental research.‐ TheWrap
Read More | Posted Oct 25, 2019
4/5 81% Girl on the Third Floor (2019) Puts a DIY spin on the haunted house genre, with an energetic and darkly comic style that evokes a weird alternate reality in which Sam Raimi directed The Money Pit.‐ Bloody Disgusting
Read More | Posted Oct 25, 2019
26% Countdown (2019) Can never be taken seriously enough to work as a conventional horror thriller, and it's never quite funny enough to be a great horror comedy, but it's got just enough eccentricity and self-awareness to entertain.‐ TheWrap
Read More | Posted Oct 25, 2019
2/5 0% The Gallows Act II (2019) Despite a few (glaring) faults, The Gallows Act II still upstages the original, in every way. That still leaves a lot of room for disappointment, of course...‐ Bloody Disgusting
Read More | Posted Oct 24, 2019
70% Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) Never feels like a nostalgia cash-in or a cut-and-paste job made by focus groups and committee. This story actually demands to be told, and it gets told with precision and skill.‐ TheWrap
Read More | Posted Oct 22, 2019
3/5 67% Zombieland: Double Tap (2019) Chock full of gut-busting, stomach-churning laughs. It's just not likely to stick with you afterward.‐ Bloody Disgusting
Read More | Posted Oct 16, 2019
1.5/5 40% Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (2019) A ridiculously written, emotionally insincere motion picture, and although Angelina Jolie is as excellent as ever, the film has no idea what to do with her.‐ Bloody Disgusting
Read More | Posted Oct 15, 2019
60% High Strung Free Dance (2019) The glossy fakeness is a signal to the audience that every single thing about these stories will stand in abject defiance of reality, and it's best just to accept them at face value.‐ TheWrap
Read More | Posted Oct 10, 2019
2.5/5 43% The Addams Family (2019) As an introduction to the classic characters for very young audiences, Tiernan and Vernon's film may be just the ticket: it's a simple but amiable cartoon romp, with a few creepy bits but generally acceptable for children.‐ Bloody Disgusting
Read More | Posted Oct 10, 2019
4% Mary (2019) The whole film plays like an extended non sequitur.‐ TheWrap
Read More | Posted Oct 9, 2019
2.5/5 60% Doom: Annihilation (2019) Despite its low budget it's bound to satisfy more fans of the historic video game than that Dwayne Johnson film ever did.‐ Bloody Disgusting
Read More | Posted Oct 4, 2019
19% Semper Fi (2019) Courtney and Wolff are acting their asses off in this movie, but hardly anyone is helping them.‐ TheWrap
Read More | Posted Oct 3, 2019
84% Villains (2019) Violence breaks out, mind games are played, and it's all so adorably eccentric that you don't ever want it to stop.‐ TheWrap
Read More | Posted Sep 20, 2019
0.5/5 No Score Yet Polaroid (2019) So underdeveloped you'll want to shake it.‐ Bloody Disgusting
Read More | Posted Sep 20, 2019
1.5/5 27% Rambo: Last Blood (2019) The violence is astounding but the film looks cheap and the script is derivative.‐ Bloody Disgusting
Read More | Posted Sep 19, 2019
89% Another Day of Life (2019) These characters look and sound and feel, more so than in many other animated films, fake. That's not generally the effect one looks for in telling a true story.‐ TheWrap
Read More | Posted Sep 13, 2019
87% Depraved (2019) The film moves Mary Shelley's story two centuries into the future, and all it's got to add is that the guys who robbed graves and played god would, if they were alive today, be immature jerks.‐ TheWrap
Read More | Posted Sep 12, 2019
No Score Yet Next Level (2019) It's hard to get upset about a production full of high schoolers looking like a high school production.‐ TheWrap
Read More | Posted Sep 5, 2019
3/5 63% It Chapter Two (2019) So it isn't as good as It: Chapter One. That doesn't mean it's not a good time. The filmmakers have assembled a cornucopia of nightmare fuel, or at least a heck of a lot of amazing jump scares...‐ Bloody Disgusting
Read More | Posted Sep 3, 2019
80% Giants Being Lonely (2019) Although the film isn't in a particular rush to get anywhere, and only a few sequences involving prom and drugs and abuse are even vaguely reminiscent of conventional plotting, it's never less than engrossing.‐ TheWrap
Read More | Posted Sep 1, 2019
2/5 17% The Fanatic (2019) May be noteworthy for Travolta's unhinged performance but beyond that Fred Durst's film struggles to come together.‐ Bloody Disgusting
Read More | Posted Aug 28, 2019
5% Jacob's Ladder (2019) A shabby, low-rent thriller with a few vaguely interesting ideas and an ensemble that deserves better material.‐ TheWrap
Read More | Posted Aug 22, 2019
96% American Factory (2019) Resembles a Frank Capra movie that cuts off right before the third act, just when everything looks grim and the future is uncertain.‐ TheWrap
Read More | Posted Aug 20, 2019
2.5/5 67% The Banana Splits (2019) Offers a satisfying sequence of slasher slays but the film relies so much on cognitive disconnect that it never feels like more than an ironic kill count.‐ Bloody Disgusting
Read More | Posted Aug 19, 2019
4.5/5 88% Ready or Not (2019) One of the most refreshing and spry horror movies in recent memory, breathing new life into the classic Most Dangerous Game genre and making that tale of literal class warfare into a biting contemporary satire.‐ Bloody Disgusting
Read More | Posted Aug 18, 2019
82% Cold Case Hammarskjöld (2019) An unusual blend of investigative journalism and tacky artifice.‐ TheWrap
Read More | Posted Aug 15, 2019
2.5/5 78% Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019) Scary Stories isn't bad, and sometimes it's really scary, but it doesn't play like a standalone story that needed to be told.‐ Bloody Disgusting
Read More | Posted Aug 7, 2019
96% Love, Antosha (2019) Yelchin was fighting to fill every waking moment with art, making it and absorbing it, and his many journal entries (narrated by Nicolas Cage, giving one of his best performances in many years) reveal great insight and emotional depth.‐ TheWrap
Read More | Posted Aug 2, 2019
1/5 85% Once Upon a Time In Hollywood (2019) A self-serving, self-insert fan fiction where men like Tarantino are unbelievably awesome, women are exactly the women Tarantino wants them to be (or is afraid that they are), and actual history is nothing more than a setup and a punchline.‐ Bloody Disgusting
Read More | Posted Jul 25, 2019
4/5 83% Crawl (2019) Crawl is not just a fantastic, crowd-pleasing, popcorn-spilling scary movie. If you look at it the right way it's genuinely inspiring.‐ Bloody Disgusting
Read More | Posted Jul 11, 2019
84% The Art of Self-Defense (2019) A bold and unsettling comedy masterstroke, as excitingly unexpected as it is uncomfortably familiar.‐ TheWrap
Read More | Posted Jul 11, 2019
53% The Lion King (2019) Sometimes it's fascinating, frequently it's ludicrous, and sometimes - like when an incredibly realistic animal dies on-screen in front of you while its only child mourns him - it's borderline grotesque.‐ TheWrap
Read More | Posted Jul 11, 2019
3.5/5 65% Annabelle Comes Home (2019) A satisfying, dramatic and spooky spin-off, loaded with original shocks and frightening new demons.‐ Bloody Disgusting
Read More | Posted Jun 24, 2019
36% Anna (2019) Watching Anna brings with it a profound sense of déjà vu. If only anything else about it was profound.‐ TheWrap
Read More | Posted Jun 21, 2019