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8/10 91% The Invisible Man (2020) Leigh Whannell's bleak and brutal reimagining of the classic Invisible Man is chillingly effective.‐ IGN Movies
Read More | Posted Feb 25, 2020
4/5 78% Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) (2020) I was pleasantly surprised just how much I enjoyed the bizarro world of the Birds of Prey, and thrilled at the prospect of it continuing long after this adventure ends. ‐ Nerdist
Read More | Posted Feb 5, 2020
7/10 77% Bad Boys for Life (2020) If you've missed big, bombastic, bloody action movies shot with style that lean into their R-rating and rely on cast chemistry rather than solid story then you'll probably love Bad Boys For Life. If not, you might still have a blast.‐ IGN Movies
Read More | Posted Jan 16, 2020
6/10 48% Underwater (2020) If you want a popcorn sci-fi flick that might make you jump, has easy to watch performances, and cements Stewart as an action star in the making you could do worse than checking out this flawed but fun film.‐ IGN Movies
Read More | Posted Jan 8, 2020
8.8/10 94% Little Women (2019) Gerwig mostly plays it safe with this adaptation, but a stellar cast and her impressive directorial eye mean that it's a total joy to watch.‐ IGN Movies
Read More | Posted Nov 25, 2019
7/10 77% Frozen II (2019) Frozen 2 has amazing animation and great new songs, but also a muddied message and some continuity issues.‐ IGN Movies
Read More | Posted Nov 22, 2019
8.1/10 52% Charlie's Angels (2019) An entertaining plot, impressive script, fantastic cast, and awesomely shot action make Charlie's Angels one of the most unexpectedly fun films of the year.‐ IGN Movies
Read More | Posted Nov 13, 2019
7.9/10 94% Honey Boy (2019) Hedges, Jupe, and LaBeouf are electric to watch and Har'el creates a visually engaging world that perfectly captures the childlike confusion and nervy excitement of living with an abusive parent.‐ IGN Movies
Read More | Posted Nov 6, 2019
7/10 40% Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (2019) Impressive visuals and a very watchable cast make this a fun popcorn fantasy flick that's at its best when it leans into its genre roots and aims to create a truly fantastical fairytale world.‐ IGN Movies
Read More | Posted Oct 15, 2019
8/10 44% The Addams Family (2019) Frighteningly funny and fresh, this hilarious animated treat will introduce a whole new generation to the loving and strange family whilst also pleasing those who grew up with the iconic '90s movies. ‐ IGN Movies
Read More | Posted Oct 10, 2019
6.9/10 26% Gemini Man (2019) Uneven but ambitious, Ang Lee's return to the action genre isn't as good as it should be but Will Smith, Benedict Wong, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead make this weird flick an entertaining watch even with an uninspired script.‐ IGN Movies
Read More | Posted Oct 10, 2019
4.5/5 96% Blood on Her Name (2020) There's something so moving and powerful about the authenticity and fear that emanates from this film; it's like watching your worst case scenario play out in front of you.‐ Nerdist
Read More | Posted Oct 9, 2019
3/5 84% 1BR (2020) Held together by a scarily believable cast and a near-unrelenting sense of dread, 1BR puts Marmor on the map as one to watch, and will potentially become a minor cult hit amongst LA renters in the coming years.‐ Nerdist
Read More | Posted Oct 2, 2019
6.5/10 60% Tokyo Ghoul S (2019) No matter what the film's flaws, Tokyo Ghoul S is unique in its attempts to create a truly singular monster movie.‐ IGN Movies
Read More | Posted Sep 13, 2019
8/10 80% Little Monsters (2019) [Writer/director Abe] Forsythe has packed every minute of Little Monsters with accessible humor, heart, and Lupita Nyong'o in one of the standout roles of the year.‐ IGN Movies
Read More | Posted Aug 12, 2019
8/10 78% Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019) This likely won't satisfy hardcore horror hounds in the way they were hoping, but as a kids movie that also dedicates itself to being truly scary it both satisfies and succeeds as well as occasionally surprising.‐ IGN Movies
Read More | Posted Aug 8, 2019
8.5/10 No Score Yet Teen Titans Go! Vs. Teen Titans (2019) Filled with classic characters and fan-satisfying fun, this chaotic cartoon crossover is sure to delight even the crankiest Teen Titans fans and the cheekiest Teen Titans Go! diehards. ‐ IGN Movies
Read More | Posted Jul 23, 2019
24% Sadako (2019) It's a slow-burn flick to the point of dragging and the central mystery often struggles to ignite enough intrigue for you to truly want to solve it.‐ Nerdist
Read More | Posted Jul 15, 2019
8/10 53% The Lion King (2019) The Lion King is a beat-for-beat adaptation that will make even the coldest hearts warm with nostalgia but could potentially disappoint those looking for a new take on the iconic story.‐ IGN Movies
Read More | Posted Jul 11, 2019
83% Midsommar (2019) Midsommar is an incredibly inventive, smart, and thoughtful horror film.‐ Refinery29
Read More | Posted Jul 8, 2019
6.2/10 64% Child's Play (2019) A passable but plain remake that's saved by a blisteringly bonkers third act.‐ IGN Movies
Read More | Posted Jun 20, 2019
7.3/10 73% The Perfection (2019) If you like weird, boundary-pushing, and unexpected movies that divide audiences you'll probably love The Perfection.‐ IGN Movies
Read More | Posted May 24, 2019
7.8/10 55% The Dead Don't Die (2019) The Dead Don't Die is a solid addition to the zom-com genre thanks to its unconventional filmmaker and A-list cast.‐ IGN Movies
Read More | Posted May 17, 2019
8.2/10 100% Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2019) Easily one of the best recent DC Animated films. It has slick action, a super fun story, and spectacular animation.‐ IGN Movies
Read More | Posted May 16, 2019
7/10 50% Tolkien (2019) Tolkien may disappoint fans looking for a LOTR origin but will please those who like stories of art, love & friendship.‐ IGN Movies
Read More | Posted May 3, 2019
5/10 46% Dumbo (2019) Disney and Tim Burton's live-action Dumbo remake fails to reach the lofty heights of its animated predecessor.‐ IGN Movies
Read More | Posted Mar 26, 2019
8.5/10 43% Captive State (2019) A lo-fi vision of the future which manages to be both heartbreaking and hopeful, Captive State is held together by tight direction and a fantastic lead performance from Ashton Sanders.‐ IGN Movies
Read More | Posted Mar 14, 2019
7.5/10 71% Pokémon the Movie: The Power of Us (2018) Sweet and sincere, Pokémon The Movie: The Power of Us is a light and fun adventure film filled with likable characters, fantastic creatures, and enough classic Pokémon to make the most die hard of fans happy.‐ IGN Movies
Read More | Posted Mar 12, 2019
3/5 78% Captain Marvel (2019) It's a sci-fi heavy actioner, which is at its best when it's being sincere and is a good first step to rectifying some of the problems of the franchise's past.‐ Nerdist
Read More | Posted Mar 5, 2019
5.3 22% Miss Bala (2019) Miss Bala never quite delivers on its potential and lets down the woman at its center.‐ IGN Movies
Read More | Posted Feb 1, 2019
37% Glass (2019) The film falls into lazy tropes, relying on women to push the plot forward without developing them into whole characters.‐ Nerdist
Read More | Posted Jan 29, 2019
7.8/10 93% Fighting with My Family (2019) Fun, feel-good comedy with heart & a surprising amount of grit makes for a solid addition to the wrestling movie canon.‐ IGN Movies
Read More | Posted Jan 29, 2019
5.5/10 37% Glass (2019) Never sure whether it's a heroic superhero story or a psychological thriller, Glass feels more than a little scattered and with its uneven and disappointing third act, ultimately unsatisfying.‐ IGN Movies
Read More | Posted Jan 10, 2019
6.5/10 51% Escape Room (2019) If you've ever watched a Saw movie and wished there was no gore and a few more puzzles to solve then you'll likely enjoy this tropey but fun flick.‐ IGN Movies
Read More | Posted Jan 3, 2019
6.5/10 73% On the Basis of Sex (2019) If you're looking for a cozy historical biopic this holiday season then you won't go wrong with On the Basis of Sex, an enjoyable but safe story of truth, justice, and the American way.‐ IGN Movies
Read More | Posted Dec 26, 2018
4.5/5 65% Aquaman (2018) Wan weaves comedy, sci-fi, high fantasy, and action into something that constantly surprises. Jam-packed with brilliant action, spectacular visuals, and likable characters, Aquaman is never afraid to have fun, which makes it a bright spark in 2018.‐ Nerdist
Read More | Posted Dec 11, 2018
8/10 93% CAM (2018) It's a unique experiment, one that works incredibly well and benefits greatly from Mazzei's voice and Goldhaber's thoughtful direction.‐ IGN Movies
Read More | Posted Nov 18, 2018
8/10 78% The Clovehitch Killer (2018) The Clovehitch Killer is a truly scary and surprisingly thoughtful flick which transcends the trappings of its genre roots with sterling direction and a minimalistic approach to horror.‐ IGN Movies
Read More | Posted Nov 12, 2018
4/5 82% Overlord (2018) It's hard to gush about the best parts of Overlord without spoiling the multitude of terrifying surprises it has to offer.‐ Nerdist
Read More | Posted Nov 8, 2018
6.5/10 32% The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (2018) If you love Christmas, ballet and all things sweet, you'll probably ind something to enjoy in this shiny festive fable.‐ IGN Movies
Read More | Posted Oct 31, 2018
9/10 90% The Night Comes For Us (2018) Uniquely violent, stylish, and engaging, The Night Comes For Us is an exciting prospect that delivers on all fronts.‐ IGN Movies
Read More | Posted Oct 29, 2018
4/5 No Score Yet Doberman Cop (1977) Fukasaku manages to create an authentic, violent, and vibrant world that seems to have jumped straight out of the pages of the renowned manga magazine whilst still feeling like a down and dirty noir.‐ Nerdist
Read More | Posted Oct 17, 2018
3/5 100% Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors (2018) You start to get the feeling you're watching something a little bit special. ‐ Nerdist
Read More | Posted Oct 1, 2018
73% Batman: Gotham by Gaslight (2018) This creepy chiller is a perfect mix of murder mystery and superhero caper.‐ Nerdist
Read More | Posted Sep 10, 2018
82% Wonder Woman (2009) This is another fantastic version of Diana's origin and is full of badass Amazons and incredible animation.‐ Nerdist
Read More | Posted Sep 10, 2018
4/5 21% The Cloverfield Paradox (2018) At its best The Cloverfield Paradox is a fantastically tense locked room mystery in space, playing off complex concepts like quantum entanglement theory. In its weaker moments, it's a solid sci-fi that leans heavily into the giants who've walked before it‐ Nerdist
Read More | Posted Feb 5, 2018
60% Scream 4 (2011) The films true strength, though, lies in the young cast. Alongside [Hayden Panettiere's] Kirby are Kieran Culkin and Emma Roberts. Their performances elevate the film from simply a great movie to a rewatchable classic.‐ Nerdist
Read More | Posted Oct 24, 2017