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10/10 98% Kedi (2017) Imagine your favorite online cat video, multiply by hundreds... a ravishing beauty. ‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted Feb 22, 2017
10/10 98% Get Out (2017) A refined suspense thriller, consummate film critique, savage satire, inspired horror and fierce, profane comedy. It's archetypal, prodigious American moviemaking, smart and sly... a succession of shocking, often thrilling satisfactions. ‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted Feb 24, 2017
10/10 96% Behemoth (Bei xi mo shou) (2017) Zhao's images are freighted with beauty as well as the weight of ravaging, of man and landscape: the cumulative effect is harshly political, rising to the spoiled grandeur of the earth surfaces of Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky. ‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted Mar 10, 2017
10/10 100% Stalker (1979) Yet another incarnation, yet another murmuring of a movie that once seen, will be dreamt again and again. ‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted May 17, 2017
10/10 100% Dawson City: Frozen Time (2017) The auteur excavates, and the connections made are blissful in their rangy strangeness... washes over the brain like cool, cool history: an intricate singularity and a cinematic gold rush... Miss this cockamamie bliss, this onrushing marvel, at your risk.‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted Sep 12, 2017
10/10 84% Fox and His Friends (1975) Brute beauty... quietly savage 1975 x-ray of the exploitation of a simple man... startles with its dense, concrete tapestry of trashy fairgrounds and garishly tasteless apartments and bolthole gay bars and swimming pools and horrifying exploitation.‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted Sep 27, 2017
10/10 96% The Florida Project (2017) Sean Baker's effortlessly headlong dive into a child's imagination is a tender thunderclap... generous, grand, gorgeous... ground-level magic.‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted Oct 19, 2017
10/10 100% Le samouraï (1967) Working with and against genre conventions, Melville's movies are hushed, deadpan abstractions of space and gesture, restrained, refined, a palette reduced to essential colors and compositions.‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted Oct 25, 2017
10/10 100% The Crime of Monsieur Lange (Le Crime de Monsieur Lange) (1936) Renoir's happy, goofy, giddy, and, yes, awe-inspiring [comedy] is a timeless marvel. The only good reason this warm, rollicking, political and politically sophisticated comedy is [lesser-known] is that it's been out of circulation for years.‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted Jan 9, 2018
10/10 92% Phantom Thread (2018) From A-line to eyeline, Anderson's serenely sensual sub-dom stare-down rom-com set in another, ostensibly more romantic era, is generous, wicked and tailored with surprise after surprise.‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted Jan 9, 2018
10/10 92% 24 Frames (2018) Kiarostami's elemental evanescence is a precise but also aleatory stroll through the field of his vision, and all twenty-four of these fragments. The final shot is a glorious, frame-filled eternity.‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted Feb 2, 2018
10/10 97% Bob le Flambeur (1955) Melville and his characters were wont to mutter sour-sweet epigrams about trust and loyalty, like "If there are two of you, one will betray." ... Nobody's perfect; this curtain line is. The lasting beauty is plain to see. ‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted Feb 22, 2018
10/10 94% Loveless (Nelyubov) (2018) Zvyagintsev's decors and locations and low gray skies and selfish faces and clinically precise framings and lightly lyrical camera movements are...his most profound: he's an adept of shifting mood via elemental, geometric means.‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted Feb 26, 2018
10/10 82% In the Intense Now (No Intenso Agora) (2018) Fire, fury, frenzy, fraternity. Salles' narration remains deeply personal even as the kaleidoscopic imagery bursts forth in grandiloquent poetry. Cataclysm awaits. So much history ahead. Such dense, ordered beauty behind. ‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted Mar 6, 2018
10/10 59% Crash (1996) Wreckage, physical scarring, sexual encounters heightened by the proximity to danger-these are all esteemed. [Cronenberg made] a stunningly beautiful film, one of perversely satisfying passion... keenly imaginative and darkly satisfying.‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted Mar 15, 2018
10/10 94% Foxtrot (2018) And the performances! Watch the world crumble and emotions ripple and rumble across Ashkenazi's features. To live is to suffer. To love is to suffer. Grief transforms: Foxtrot electrifies. ‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted Mar 31, 2018
10/10 89% You Were Never Really Here (2018) How does one see, how does one listen, but mostly: why must one remember? Crunchy, galvanic, volatile, tactile and brutally, weirdly funny... The world is terrible beauty. Nearly every image is lapidary confection but without preciousness.‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted Apr 13, 2018
10/10 86% Let the Sunshine In (Un beau soleil intérieur) (2018) Isabelle is never blasé, in each gesture ablaze. Plainspoken yet transcendent, it's also the rare romantic comedy to earn the tears of an audience. ‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted May 11, 2018
10/10 90% Jonah Who Will be 25 in the Year 2000 (1976) Arriving at one's failure and accepting it. Not embracing it, not ennobling it, but recognizing battles transform over lived time. The world is good. Food and ----ing are good. The rich are terrible... prophetic and post-apocalyptic, even in June 2018.‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted Jun 1, 2018
10/10 100% L'eau froide (Cold Water) (1994) At first blush, this compact, thrilling burst of romantic lyricism is at the very least a minor masterpiece, of a piece with themes, philosophy and formal accomplishment of Assayas' formidable body of work since 1994.‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted Jun 8, 2018
10/10 98% Won't You Be My Neighbor? (2018) Simple mortal uplift. Children matter, every single one. Children are owed attention, education and protection. Each time Fred Rogers began a show by pulling on his cardigan, he shouldered on that mantel. ‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted Jun 15, 2018
10/10 100% Quai des Orfèvres (Quay of the Goldsmiths) (Jenny Lamour) (1948) The exquisite noir lighting and location work suggest a kind of realism, which Clouzot constantly subverts with near-deranged expressionist elements. To watch Blier staggering down an alley in this film is to recognize the limits of color film. ‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted Jun 28, 2018
10/10 95% Liquid Sky (1983) A monstrous, grandiose, often-glorious disco-cum-punk neon gender---- science-fiction singularity.‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted Jun 29, 2018
10/10 97% Three Identical Strangers (2018) Tim Wardle's [doc] is a shock of a nonfiction narrative that I just want to talk about with someone who (like me) didn't anticipate the storm to come. ‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted Jul 9, 2018
10/10 93% Sorry to Bother You (2018) Best two-word review I've heard this year: "The ----?" the woman walking from a packed Friday opening night show of Boots Riley's rich fever scream of an activist workplace comedy... prompted her companion. "The ----," he replied,‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted Jul 9, 2018
10/10 99% Eighth Grade (2018) Burnham delivers shivery small quiet images like a splinter of a smacked, cracked phone screen drawing a flawless pinprick of blood from Kayla's thumb.‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted Jul 19, 2018
10/10 100% Minding the Gap (2018) This is not a puzzle made plain, but a narrative carved from passing instants: refracted, shaped, revealed, reflecting... Issues of class, race and masculinity disperse across the landscape... coolly observed in footage that can appear deceptively raw.‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted Aug 6, 2018
10/10 88% Madeline's Madeline (2018) A kaleidoscopic, bite-sized variation on the acreage of theater-company rehearsals in Rivette's Out 1...The hall of mirrors refracts; the world turns, the world burns, and the results are obtuse, open-faced, freeing, thrilling, so damnably lovely. ‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted Aug 28, 2018
10/10 91% Support the Girls (2018) What a great movie! AUDIENCE, WHERE ARE YOU? Andrew Bujalski's masterly comedy "Support the Girls," told across a single day, teems with empathy, wry humor and an uncommon awareness of the lives much of America lead despite jobs they hate.‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted Sep 3, 2018
10/10 91% Mandy (2018) A revenge movie of demolishing beauty and sustained rapture that I cannot help but love... Easily the most sustained mosaic of visceral action and consummate world-building I've seen since Mad Max: Fury Road.‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted Sep 14, 2018
10/10 96% The Atomic Cafe (1982) Compilation essay film of the propaganda celebration of the nuclear age, both in cartoonish and apocalyptic form... So long as there are unstable madmen with nuclear codes clutched in their fists, fear rightfully abides. ‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted Sep 21, 2018
10/10 90% A Star Is Born (2018) Germanotta is not Falconetti, but oh, that face in close-up, it is canvas, flesh, odalisque: Matthew Libatique's nimble camera rightfully worships Lady Gaga. She is nothing less than a marvel.‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted Oct 5, 2018
10/10 87% First Man (2018) Mourning, grief, solitude... Gosling goes deeper into his incarnation of the charismatic mask: the Gary Cooper face that is still, sometimes stock-still, yet always a fraction of a hair from bleakest melancholy. Gosling's expression in a word: bereft. ‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted Oct 12, 2018
10/10 83% The Other Side of the Wind (2018) John Huston's incarnation of Jake Hannaford, a filmmaking legend debuting bits of his would-be with-it widescreen movie, is honeyed malice, an inebriate howl of terrified, wounded masculinity. ‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted Oct 30, 2018
10/10 91% The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (2018) Buster Scruggs is full-blooded bliss splashed across an American frontier as mad and savage as decades of storied nightmarish incivility. It's bleak. It's bloody. It's bounteous. Probably great!‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted Nov 17, 2018
10/10 80% At Eternity's Gate (2018) Schnabel's work speaks passionately for itself. The ecstatic bests the tragic.‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted Nov 24, 2018
10/10 95% Burning (Beoning) (2018) Lee's film is true to the elusive character of his source material... but all such description of the movie fades in the face of its generous welter of poetry, of onrushing light and shadow and confusion and stark, staring beauty. ‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted Nov 26, 2018
10/10 95% Roma (2018) Dogs everywhere. Human cannonballs... The occasional earthquake. A street massacre... There is blood and birth and gunfire and the eternal pull of the ocean itself, the great, sweeping, amniotic yet deadly sea.‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted Dec 3, 2018
10/10 98% Wings of Desire (1987) Some of the finest of writer Peter Handke's work, influenced by Rainer Maria Rilke, is on generous offer. Henri Alekan's camerawork, poetry upon poetry, is particularly fine. ‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted Dec 23, 2018
10/10 95% Andrei Rublev (1973) Among the most startling movie scenes of them all, a climax that is visual, emotional, and the patient result of depicting process-craft and narrative alike-as tactile poetics of detail, gesture, mud, rain, fear and hope. ‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted Dec 26, 2018
10/10 92% Cold War (Zimna wojna) (2018) A gorgeous depiction of reckless, headlong, decades-long love... The gorgeous, sweeping story isn't so much elliptical as a succession of sensations, of emotional fragrance told in songs... and shimmering black-and-white images.‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted Jan 14, 2019
10/10 96% Fireworks (Hana-bi) (1997) The maverick Japanese master filmmaker's haunting, gorgeous pluperfectly balanced elegy to art and conjugal love is also a brilliant action painting of the wages of extravagant violence. (And absurdly, brutally funny, as well.)‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted Feb 11, 2019
10/10 96% My Name Is Julia Ross (1945) The tightest 65 minutes of epic gaslighting likely ever put to film... bristling mystery of a woman forced to shed her identity reflects on both women's roles in post-war society and Lewis' own chameleonic talents within B-level filmmaking. ‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted Mar 1, 2019
10/10 94% Transit (2019) Petzold pitches a dream: looser-limbed than his customary narrative geometry, a glassy succession of turns and revelations that keep questions of identity and motivation in flux, daring an audience to pin Petzold's characters down.‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted Mar 11, 2019
10/10 85% The Brink (2019) An avatar of cinema-vérité observation, arrives in a hush and escalates with precision... Klayman's Bannon is practically a Dashiell Hammett character, embraced by the quieter, darker forces of a frontier town... Essential.‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted Apr 4, 2019
10/10 66% Peterloo (2019) Underestimate the fury of the intelligence and craft of Mike Leigh at your danger... his most lavish canvas, his most politically charged, his most electric epic... an uncompromising, uncompromised masterpiece: in ravishing moment after ravaging moment,‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted Apr 14, 2019
10/10 93% Long Day's Journey Into Night (Di qiu zui hou de ye wan) (2019) [G]listening, concrete imagery, fashioned into a time-shattered mosaic of regret... Poetry, bliss, abandon[, an] indelible, narcotic masterpiece where a 28-year-old's talent matches his imagination.‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted May 9, 2019
10/10 71% Mickey One (1965) Cold and strange and alien, yet its absurdism, which fits no era except whatever moment you're watching it in, is a compelling phantasm Chicago that presumes you're guilty until presuming you're ready to die. ‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted May 20, 2019
10/10 94% Last Year at Marienbad (L'année dernière à Marienbad) (1961) Undulant in the brain... imagery shimmying and shimmering and splintered, Resnais' snoot-cock at chi-chi is both mordant and adoring. Yet there is more to do than to look or listen passively: it must be invented in the watching.‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted May 26, 2019
10/10 83% Trust (1991) A romantic mirage from the ruins of the 1990s American independent movement, which still has fans if no financiers... a treasure, an indelible document of misgivings and longing and fated love.‐ Newcity
Read More | Posted Jun 17, 2019