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84% Queen & Slim (2019) Queen & Slim is more interested in myth-making than storytelling, and viewers who don't care that much about the latter just might buy into the former.‐ NPR
Read More | Posted Nov 27, 2019
94% Dark Waters (2019) Ruffalo is one of the movie's producers, and he demonstrates his devotion to the project by receding into the role of the rumpled attorney.‐ NPR
Read More | Posted Nov 22, 2019
1.5/4 23% The Warrior Queen of Jhansi (2019) Considering all the blood spilled before and since, this epilogue doesn't feel quite so triumphant as "The Warrior Queen of Jhansi" wants it to be.‐ Washington Post
Read More | Posted Nov 12, 2019
74% Harriet (2019) If the movie doesn't burn as brightly as Tubman's legacy, the tale it tells is illuminating nonetheless.‐ NPR
Read More | Posted Oct 31, 2019
60% The Current War: Director's Cut (2019) This cut of The Current War packs enough cinematic flash to be a fitting homage to the inventor of the kinetograph.‐ NPR
Read More | Posted Oct 24, 2019
2.5/4 93% Western Stars (2019) It's basically a concert flick, with some extras. And those extras are not the best things in it.‐ Washington Post
Read More | Posted Oct 22, 2019
78% Loro (2019) Sorrentino's stylish but overloaded satire is less sober narrative than drunken tone poem - a buzzing, throbbing attempt to simulate the experience of living in Berlusconi-world.‐ NPR
Read More | Posted Sep 19, 2019
93% Monos (2019) To watch this fierce drama is to be welcomed to the jungle.‐
Read More | Posted Sep 12, 2019
40% Vita & Virginia (2019) The two women don't really seem to know each other very well.‐ NPR
Read More | Posted Aug 22, 2019
3.5/4 98% One Child Nation (2019) This is an important film, if often a difficult one to watch.‐ Washington Post
Read More | Posted Aug 14, 2019
43% After the Wedding (2019) If this redo is slick and shallow, it's nonetheless meticulously constructed and entirely watchable, with only a few histrionic moments.‐ NPR
Read More | Posted Aug 8, 2019
91% Tel Aviv on Fire (2019) The result is not exactly the most pointed satire ever devised by a Palestinian filmmaker, but it does elicit some smiles.‐ NPR
Read More | Posted Aug 2, 2019
96% I Do Not Care If We Go Down in History as Barbarians (Îmi este indiferent daca în istorie vom intra ca barbari) (2019) Like other contemporary Romanian filmmakers, Jude is well attuned to human absurdities, especially those of pompous public officials.‐ NPR
Read More | Posted Jul 19, 2019
74% The Plagiarists (2019) The Plagiarists ponders authenticity, yet its characters and conflicts feel synthetic.‐ NPR
Read More | Posted Jun 27, 2019
86% 16 Shots (2019) The movie offers many pungent details, including a telling one it holds until the last moment, and is structured for maximum drama.‐ NPR
Read More | Posted Jun 6, 2019
60% The Fall of the American Empire (La chute de l'empire américain) (2019) The film's knowledge of everything from Stoic philosophy to money-laundering is refreshing.‐ NPR
Read More | Posted May 31, 2019
1.5/4 43% The Tomorrow Man (2019) The movie's ending could be called a twist. But it's really more of a belly flop.‐ Washington Post
Read More | Posted May 29, 2019
90% The Souvenir (2019) Hogg's confessional memoir draws you in, while her clinical style pushes you away.‐ NPR
Read More | Posted May 16, 2019
94% Shadow (2019) The ravishing costumes and sets are all in black, white, and watery shades of gray, as if they'd been conjured from Chinese calligraphy and ink paintings.‐ NPR
Read More | Posted May 2, 2019
2/4 61% Breakthrough (2019) "Breakthrough" glibly peddles miracles but is honest enough to admit that not everybody gets one.‐ Washington Post
Read More | Posted Apr 16, 2019
1/4 47% Little (2019) Like most Hollywood movies that pretend to question the values of the filthy rich, "Little" implicitly endorses them.‐ Washington Post
Read More | Posted Apr 12, 2019
93% Long Day's Journey Into Night (Di qiu zui hou de ye wan) (2019) What matters is what has already happened, even if it can't be precisely recalled, not what transpires in front of the camera. The wisp of a story is really just the occasion for impressionistic musing and evocative picturing.‐ NPR
Read More | Posted Apr 11, 2019
2.5/4 83% High Life (2019) [The] most amazing moments are never amazing enough to jar it out of its static orbit.‐ Washington Post
Read More | Posted Apr 10, 2019
2.5/4 55% The Best of Enemies (2019) The mostly short scenes are often overpowered by pop songs - including incongruous choices from Donovan and David Bowie's back catalogues - and Henson's performance is so broad it verges on farcical.‐ Washington Post
Read More | Posted Apr 4, 2019
44% The Chaperone (2019) While Norma awakens to fresh possibilities, her story remains a snooze.‐ NPR
Read More | Posted Mar 28, 2019
99% Ash Is Purest White (2019) Jia's films retain their documentary-like interest in real places and actual events, but acknowledge that depicting the new China requires a touch of surrealism.‐ NPR
Read More | Posted Mar 14, 2019
1.5/4 31% Mapplethorpe (2019) If the new biopic "Mapplethorpe" presents this transgressive vision is vivid detail - and it does - that's only because it includes so many of Mapplethorpe's pictures. Everything else in the film is timid and pedestrian. ‐ Washington Post
Read More | Posted Mar 13, 2019
2/4 93% Giant Little Ones (2019) The plot may take an unexpected path, but that's not enough to make Franky and Ballas's story compelling.‐ Washington Post
Read More | Posted Mar 5, 2019
70% Climax (2019) The drawback, as Noé veterans will anticipate, is that his style trumps - no, obliterates - the scenario. Climax becomes steadily less thrilling as it approaches its, you know ... peak.‐ NPR
Read More | Posted Feb 28, 2019
3/4 99% Apollo 11 (2019) It's a more visceral trip than any moviegoer - even the armchair experts - has ever taken before.‐ Washington Post
Read More | Posted Feb 26, 2019
95% Hotel by the River (2019) Shot in wintry black-and-white, Hotel by the River folds Hong's usual concerns into a structure that's more complex than usual.‐ NPR
Read More | Posted Feb 14, 2019
2.5/4 70% Cold Pursuit (2019) This is a movie in which nearly every one of the abundant killings is not just an act of justice, but also a blackly comic punchline.‐ Washington Post
Read More | Posted Feb 7, 2019
89% Arctic (2019) The simple yet intense scenario makes Arctic a taut, cohesive exercise for Penna and editor and co-writer Ryan Morrison. It's also a fine showcase for Mikkelsen, playing a man who's resourceful but no more heroic than he needs to be.‐ NPR
Read More | Posted Jan 31, 2019
91% Who Will Write Our History (2019) The filmmakers aren't simply trying to appeal to viewers who might be bored by a movie constructed entirely of historical material. The mix of old and new elements actually makes an argument for the movie's approach.‐ NPR
Read More | Posted Jan 17, 2019
40% Jobe'z World (2019) Jobe'z World's screenplay begins with a promising scenario, but most of its eccentric characters - including Jobe himself - are sketchy, and the dialogue needs a couple more spins through the word processor.‐ NPR
Read More | Posted Jan 10, 2019
2/4 74% On the Basis of Sex (2019) As filmmaking, it's clunky, but as fan service, it's more effective.‐ Washington Post
Read More | Posted Dec 25, 2018
92% Cold War (Zimna wojna) (2018) Cold War is an ode to joylessness that feels historically credible but narratively arbitrary.‐ NPR
Read More | Posted Dec 20, 2018
27% Mortal Engines (2018) Mortal Engines marshals billions of pixels and barely an iota of inspiration.‐ NPR
Read More | Posted Dec 13, 2018
2/4 82% Ben is Back (2018) The tight time frame gives the movie a welcome urgency, but it doesn't prevent its second half from becoming lurid and melodramatic.‐ Washington Post
Read More | Posted Dec 11, 2018
78% Never Look Away (2019) Never Look Away is philosophically vexing. But it's a good story well-told, and never grows tiresome despite its three-hour running time.‐ NPR
Read More | Posted Nov 29, 2018
78% Green Book (2018) A well-meaning but glib and shallow ode to interracial healing.‐ NPR
Read More | Posted Nov 21, 2018
40% The Girl in the Spider's Web (2018) If this twinning gambit is more playful than profound, it suits a movie that's both narratively and conceptually repetitive.‐ NPR
Read More | Posted Nov 8, 2018
2.5/4 80% Boy Erased (2018) It's well-meaning and finely crafted, yet short on surprises, either narrative or emotional.‐ Washington Post
Read More | Posted Nov 6, 2018
89% A Private War (2018) Amel maintains an effective balance between explicating the business of journalism, simulating the horrors of armed conflict, and conveying the effect both are having on Colvin's body and soul.‐ NPR
Read More | Posted Nov 1, 2018
92% Life and Nothing More (La Vida y Nada Más) (2018) Unsweetened by any score and unwilling to supply an emotional payoff, the film sometimes plays more like anthropology than cinema.‐ NPR
Read More | Posted Oct 25, 2018
2.5/4 88% What They Had (2018) What works best here comes between the movie's heavy opening and its lightweight conclusion.‐ Washington Post
Read More | Posted Oct 23, 2018
2.5/4 72% The Happy Prince (2018) "The Happy Prince" conveys the declining Wilde's pain, despair and self-pity, but also the writer's defiant banter.‐ Washington Post
Read More | Posted Oct 15, 2018
91% The Kindergarten Teacher (2018) Colangelo's best move was to cast Gyllenhaal, who captures Lisa's conflicted emotions in subtle gestures and expressions, never overplaying.‐ NPR
Read More | Posted Oct 11, 2018
3/4 80% 22 July (2018) Greengrass previously excelled at depicting events that overwhelmed individuals; in "22 July," he demonstrates how one deluded zealot can shake an entire country.‐ Washington Post
Read More | Posted Oct 9, 2018
85% Monsters and Men (2018) Monsters and Men offers neither unalloyed despair nor implausible hope. It's about the way people of color live now, moving through the streets with passion, purpose and one eye on the rear-view mirror.‐ NPR
Read More | Posted Sep 27, 2018