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92% Palm Springs (2020) Feels unlike anything else that's been released recently and is a thoroughly entertaining summer movie‐ Decider
Read More | Posted Jul 10, 2020
No Score Yet Eric Andre: Legalize Everything (2020) It's not light, easy viewing by any means, but this chaotic special is a respite from the other kind of chaos that is 2020 and anything that provides a laugh these days is worth watching.‐ Decider
Read More | Posted Jun 24, 2020
88% The Trip to Greece (2020) For as much as I appreciate the funny moments, and there are many, it's also not out of line for this series to be poignant and I think this one played that right.‐ Decider
Read More | Posted May 22, 2020
No Score Yet Ben Platt Live from Radio City Music Hall (2020) The special is lovely and pleasant for those only mildly interested and likely a real thrill for his biggest fans.‐ Decider
Read More | Posted May 20, 2020
100% I Used to Go Here (2020) It's a simple story but it's done really well and remains delightful throughout.‐ Decider
Read More | Posted Mar 23, 2020
52% Lost Transmissions (2020) Pegg's performance here is certainly one to watch, gripping and dramatic and not like much we've seen from him before. ‐ Decider
Read More | Posted Mar 13, 2020
94% Well Groomed (2019) The kind of documentary you're sure to find yourself telling people about, and recommending, because it's both fascinating and fun.‐ Decider
Read More | Posted Dec 17, 2019
41% Endings, Beginnings (2020) These three leads, with mega franchises in their past (and future), find themselves in a very different kind of film, but one that fans will surely find irresistible, and one that is impossible not to be moved by.‐ Decider
Read More | Posted Sep 23, 2019
No Score Yet Nick Swardson: Seriously, Who Farted? (2009) It's some of Swardson's most solid work over the years, and while we certainly live in a different time, I'm glad I can still return to this classic to make me laugh.‐ Decider
Read More | Posted Aug 1, 2019
71% Teen Spirit (2019) ...easily one of the most fun films of this year.‐ Decider
Read More | Posted Jul 2, 2019
48% Dead in a Week (Or Your Money Back) (2018) Dead in a Week has that same wonderfully weird tone as End of the F***ing World, as it's ultimately an action comedy centered around death and the goal of death. ‐ Decider
Read More | Posted May 20, 2019
98% Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé (2019) If you somehow didn't see the Coachella performance last year, on a live stream official or otherwise, you should take in this incredible display of talent.‐ Decider
Read More | Posted Apr 17, 2019
80% The Boy Band Con: The Lou Pearlman Story (2019) It's as fascinating as it is gut wrenching.‐ Decider
Read More | Posted Apr 3, 2019
94% Time For Ilhan (2018) Omar is the future of politics, so while this likely will not be the last documentary made about her, it's a great first glimpse into a fierce political force in the making.‐ Decider
Read More | Posted Mar 13, 2019
89% The Breaker Upperers (2018) It's a fun take on the buddy comedy, and certainly one that is unique, serving as a fun weekend watch by yourself or with your very own bestie.‐ Decider
Read More | Posted Feb 15, 2019
33% The Holiday Calendar (2018) This movie is like a sugar cookie: you know exactly what you're getting, and it has all the right ingredients (love, magic, presents), but it would've been even better with a little frosting on top, is all.‐ Decider
Read More | Posted Jan 22, 2019
50% A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding (2018) Sigh. Magic has not struck twice for this franchise.‐ Decider
Read More | Posted Jan 22, 2019
29% Elliot The Littlest Reindeer (2018) While muddled with some unnecessary minor storylines as well as cliché yet sweet themes, with animation this cute and voice performances this funny, Elliot The Littlest Reindeer is ultimately a bit of a unique take on classic Christmas characters.‐ Decider
Read More | Posted Jan 22, 2019
74% Adult Life Skills (2019) Does a brilliant job capturing that specific moment in time when you're clinging to just a little bit more fun before succumbing to adulthood, without realizing you maybe already have. ‐ Decider
Read More | Posted Jan 18, 2019
85% Dumplin' (2018) Dumplin' is uplifting without getting preachy and has nailed the idea of self-love better than we've seen on-screen before.‐ Decider
Read More | Posted Jan 3, 2019
75% The Princess Switch (2018) The Princess Switch is sure to check all the boxes for anyone looking for a simple and sweet Christmas romance flick.‐ Decider
Read More | Posted Nov 16, 2018
52% Destination Wedding (2018) Destination Wedding is not one of the year's best rom-coms. In fact, it just might be the weirdest.‐ Decider
Read More | Posted Oct 12, 2018
32% Zoe (2018) In fact, don't bother waiting until the end of this movie to learn the general lesson that you should go into everything with an open mind and an open heart.‐ Decider
Read More | Posted Aug 22, 2018
90% I Am Paul Walker (2018) The documentary is sure to touch your heart with sweet and sad moments, but it's so worth remembering who Paul Walker was.‐ Decider
Read More | Posted Aug 13, 2018
46% Like Father (2018) It's not the kind of trip you'll return to multiple times, but still one that you'll look back on fondly.‐ Decider
Read More | Posted Aug 9, 2018
No Score Yet Ballet Now (2018) It's not one of those documentaries that's going to make you change your lifestyle or keep you up at night. It's simply a really pretty celebration of people that put a lot of hard work into their passion.‐ Decider
Read More | Posted Jul 23, 2018
No Score Yet Russell Howard: Recalibrate (2017) Howard gets expertly self-deprecating, a bit raunchy at times, and he's not a soft-spoken comedian by any means.‐ Decider
Read More | Posted Jul 18, 2018
67% Ibiza (2018) Ibiza is everything a Netflix movie should be: super fun with lots of laughs and a great, sexy romance.‐ Decider
Read More | Posted Jun 7, 2018
32% Home Again (2017) The film is cute and funny and light, with really nice messages about love and dreams and family, giving it a classic romantic comedy feel that is the definition of a comfort watch.‐ Decider
Read More | Posted Jun 6, 2018
62% Most Likely to Murder (2018) ...manages to be weird and silly and creepy in all the right places, and is simply a good time that will keep you guessing just as much as it has you laughing.‐ Decider
Read More | Posted May 2, 2018
81% Tiny Shoulders, Rethinking Barbie (2018) Tiny Shoulders accomplishes what most good documentaries set out to: make viewers think about both sides of the story and come to their own conclusions. ‐ Decider
Read More | Posted Apr 30, 2018
86% 6 Balloons (2018) Sure, it's not easy to watch, but maybe that's exactly why you should.‐ Decider
Read More | Posted Apr 6, 2018
87% That's Not Me (2017) 'That's Not Me' manages to remain as hopeful as it is grounded and as cheeky as it is awkward...‐ Decider
Read More | Posted Feb 21, 2018
32% Irreplaceable You (2018) Irreplaceable You seamlessly volleys back and forth between shameless emotional porn and super sentimental storytelling in a way that makes you first forgive it and then savor it.‐ Decider
Read More | Posted Feb 21, 2018
43% When We First Met (2018) When We First Met earns points for knowing when to stick to the rom-com guidelines while still inserting a good amount of comedy into a shaky premise. ‐ Decider
Read More | Posted Feb 9, 2018
75% Unleashed (2017) ... completely and utterly ridiculous, reaching a new level of silly that it proudly owns.‐ Decider
Read More | Posted Jan 31, 2018
No Score Yet Opening Night (2016) If you're in the mood for a raunchier, even more screwball comedy than Pitch Perfect, Opening Night just might be your jam.‐ Decider
Read More | Posted Jan 24, 2018
39% Why Him? (2016) ... it's simply the classic battle of Family Man vs. Freak Show, and it is 100% one of the funniest films of the last year.‐ Decider
Read More | Posted Jan 24, 2018
22% Step Sisters (2018) ...while the stigma of skin color starts to fade in time for the film to make its statement on different worlds (from race to gender to class) relating and bonding over what they have in common, it's just a bit too late.‐ Decider
Read More | Posted Jan 24, 2018
100% Mr. Roosevelt (2017) What Noel Wells done here with Mr. Roosevelt is not just impressive as a filmmaker, but as a storyteller (and deliverer) she's completely portrayed...a generation.‐ Decider
Read More | Posted Jan 3, 2018
No Score Yet CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap (2015) The need for women in leadership positions, to champion and help young women join and stay in these jobs, is at a desperate high. Like coding itself, CODE might sound intimidating, but everyone is encouraged to give it a try.‐ Decider
Read More | Posted Dec 19, 2017
69% Newness (2017) Written by Ben York Jones, Newness offers an accurate portrayal of modern millennial dating habits, without quite commenting on the apps, the indecisiveness, the insatiability, and hookup culture as a whole.‐ Decider
Read More | Posted Dec 19, 2017
56% The Outcasts (2017) There's something comforting about watching teens talk about friendship and dating and college applications, subjects that actually make The Outcasts an outcast among current teen films. ‐ Decider
Read More | Posted Dec 19, 2017
83% Opening Night (2017) Opening Night is just the right amount of pervy fun to make it a worthwhile watch due to this ensemble...and yes, specifically because of JC.‐ Decider
Read More | Posted Dec 19, 2017
88% Oh, Hello On Broadway (2017) Witnessing these two work is as enjoyable as the many, many jokes they've snuck into the show.‐ Decider
Read More | Posted Dec 19, 2017
No Score Yet War Dog: A Soldier's Best Friend (2017) You don't have to be a dog person to find HBO's latest documentary enthralling.‐ Decider
Read More | Posted Dec 19, 2017
43% Christmas Inheritance (2017) It might not become a classic you return to every December, but ultimately it remains a reliable Christmas romance that still manages to summon butterflies in your stomach where it counts.‐ Decider
Read More | Posted Dec 19, 2017
73% A Christmas Prince (2017) ... it's everything you want a holiday film to be: cheesy, hopeful, a little bit ridiculous, and overall as warm and toasty as the fireplace you're watching it next to.‐ Decider
Read More | Posted Dec 19, 2017