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B+ 90% Siddharth (2014) The film never feels less than utterly real in its depiction of both everyday Indian life and the hopelessness that comes so naturally in this sort of tragic situation.‐ Oregonian
Read More | Posted Aug 8, 2014
A 96% We Are the Best! (2014) "We Are the Best!" should bring a smile to the face of anybody, regardless of gender, who recognizes themselves even a little in these savvy, indomitable characters.‐ Oregonian
Read More | Posted Jun 13, 2014
B 97% Mud (2013) The brilliant summer hues and lazy rivers give "Mud" an authentic sense of place; Nichols clearly knows this terrain like the back of his hand.‐ Oregonian
Read More | Posted Apr 25, 2013
2.5/4 31% Stick It (2006) Though the film's twist is an entertaining jolt to the standard sports story, its vision of integrity over points is executed with a surprising lack of finesse.‐
Posted Apr 28, 2006
2.5/4 60% Drawing Restraint 9 (2005) Barney writes in the press kit that the heart of the piece is 'the relationship between self-imposed resistance and creativity.' Okay, fine. But do we care? Not this reviewer.‐
Posted Apr 21, 2006
2.5/4 34% The Sentinel (2006) A middling picture at best, it reveals some interesting inner workings of the Secret Service. At worst, it plays like a boring night of TV watched at your mom's.‐
Posted Apr 21, 2006
2.5/4 30% The Sisters (2006) We never tire of watching these actresses (particularly Bello, who's utterly convincingly playing one of those sexy, crazy, intelligent women men go bonkers for). And the movie, though flawed, remains absorbing and, in a ridiculous way, fun.‐
Posted Apr 14, 2006
2/4 55% Adam & Steve (2005) So awkwardly directed by star Chester that its timing and tone are hopelessly uneven.‐
Posted Apr 7, 2006
2.5/4 61% ATL (2006) Along the way, the film is bogged down by its dramatic twists and turns.‐
Posted Mar 31, 2006
2.5/4 29% Don't Tell (2005) Here's the problem with Cristina Comencini's Don't Tell: it should have been directed by Pedro Almodovar.‐
Posted Mar 17, 2006
2/4 41% The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things (2004) Like LeRoy's novels, the movie finds something hep about degradation, neglect, and eating out of dumpsters. It calls to mind the Zoolander joke about a fashion line, 'Derelict,' inspired by crack whores and hoboes.‐
Posted Mar 10, 2006
2.5/4 82% Tsotsi (Thug) (2006) Yes, it's beautifully photographed, and at times we truly feel the struggle presented before us, but Tsotsi is also problematic and frustrating.‐
Posted Feb 24, 2006
3.5/4 87% Sophie Scholl: The Final Days (2006) Sophe Scholl: The Final Days is an oddly economical, exceptionally detailed and, finally, horrifying movie that surprises one with its cumulative power.‐
Posted Feb 24, 2006
3/4 43% Final Destination 3 (2006) The picture returns to the biting humor of the first FD and, in fact, improves and deepens the Rube Goldberg-ian deathtrap scenarios.‐
Posted Feb 10, 2006
2/4 34% Imagine Me & You (2006) British accents and names like 'Heck' just aren't enough to compensate for the generic quality and general lackluster feeling inspired by the film's plot and characters.‐
Posted Jan 27, 2006
0.5/4 20% April's Shower (2004) Poorly shot, badly timed, lamely idiosyncratic, and annoying.‐
Posted Jan 13, 2006
1/4 6% Cheaper by the Dozen 2 (2005) Here's a sentence I never thought I'd write: Carmen Electra is more interesting than Steve Martin.‐
Posted Dec 31, 2005
2.5/4 40% Marebito (2005) The look of the film, and the gore, meld into the real and unreal of this hero's journey. But the journey is muddled, and at times unintentionally funny.‐
Posted Dec 9, 2005
2/4 6% Yours, Mine & Ours (2005) I just think there are far superior holiday films the family can enjoy.‐
Posted Nov 23, 2005
2.5/4 51% Ellie Parker (2005) Though Ellie Parker isn't an especially deep film, and Watts' character can come off a bit whiny and narcissistic (but hey, come on, she's an actress!), it is engaging and frequently funny.‐
Posted Nov 11, 2005
3/4 65% Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic (2005) Silverman rarely reveals herself. She just reveals, often coquettishly, those naughty statements many people think but never say aloud. They certainly would never, ever say them as hilariously as she does.‐
Posted Nov 11, 2005
2/4 22% I Love Your Work (2005) Maybe the point is to be bewildered. That would be fine had the film created any resonant power. Instead, we're merely bemused.‐
Posted Nov 4, 2005
1.5/4 19% Doom (2005) With uninspired fight choreography and sequences so dimly lit the viewer has a hard time deciphering where and what anything is, director Bartkowiak reveals he's no Ridley Scott when it comes to tension and buildup.‐
Posted Oct 29, 2005
2.5/4 32% The Gospel (2005) Really, a musical would have been a much better idea.‐
Posted Oct 15, 2005
3/4 75% Nine Lives (2005) Thanks to Garcia's vigorous camerawork, startlingly in-depth touches, guile and, importantly, a stable of top-notch actresses, and actors, the picture remains fresh and unexpected.‐
Posted Oct 14, 2005
3/4 61% Oliver Twist (2005) Is it possible that a film made in 1948 and by David Lean could exceed the darkness and controversy of a Roman Polanski picture? After watching the newest screen version of Oliver Twist, the answer is yes.‐
Posted Sep 23, 2005
2/4 47% Green Street Hooligans (2005) Though the film begins with the promise of dissecting the origins and politics of the firms, the neighborhood turf wars, and the general attraction towards football-hooligan culture, it quickly abandons those aims.‐
Posted Sep 9, 2005
2/4 12% The Cave (2005) Messy, derivative, and silly, The Cave is, at the very least, oddly likable.‐
Posted Aug 26, 2005
2/4 33% Pretty Persuasion (2005) In spite of its darkness and 'edge,' it wants us too really, really like it. Sorry. As pretty and non-persuasive as you are, we really, really don't.‐
Posted Aug 12, 2005
3/4 38% The Skeleton Key (2005) This movie is channeling something quite wonderful and distinct: old-gal horror.‐
Posted Aug 12, 2005
3/4 87% Broken Flowers (2005) Broken Flowers overcomes its shortcomings through Murray's ability to make a nearly nihilistic character human.‐
Posted Aug 5, 2005
3/4 54% The Devil's Rejects (2005) It's not a perfect picture, but the overall effect is incredibly satisfying.‐
Posted Jul 29, 2005
2.5/4 47% Dark Water (2005) Confined by the supposed thrills and chills of pseudo-J-horror, the film's allegorical depth remains, unlike all the ooze saturating Connelly's digs, hopelessly clogged.‐
Posted Jul 8, 2005
2.5/4 74% Land of the Dead (2005) Though not a bad film, all too often it feels like a slickly made studio offering with nary the juice and verve of the zombie master's prior, lower budget, ventures.‐
Posted Jun 24, 2005
3.5/4 90% My Summer of Love (2004) A coming-of-age tale that eschews the typical trappings of that genre by making the friendship/love affair between two precocious adolescents into something powerfully obscure.‐
Posted Jun 17, 2005
2.5/4 41% High Tension (Switchblade Romance) (2005) Can a film be undone by its lame twist ending? In the case of High Tension, the answer is yes.‐
Posted Jun 10, 2005
3.5/4 55% Lords of Dogtown (2005) Gritty, exciting, sexy and refreshingly, honestly '70s, Catherine Hardwicke's Lords of Dogtown is one of the most thrilling pictures to be released in years.‐
Posted Jun 3, 2005
31% The Longest Yard (2005) A predictable, choppy affair at best.‐ L.A. Weekly
Read More | Posted May 26, 2005
2.5/4 24% Mindhunters (2005) Schlocky and fun.‐
Posted May 13, 2005
4% Modigliani (2004) Mick Davis' prosaic art biopic Modigliani is a tiresome, hammy and ultimately annoying portrait of the artist as a young drunk.‐ L.A. Weekly
Read More | Posted May 12, 2005
17% A Hole in One (2004) Its overindulgence in pseudo-David Lynch stylistics provides yet another distraction from a potentially intriguing story.‐ L.A. Weekly
Read More | Posted May 12, 2005
3/4 89% Brothers (2004) Well positioned on that slippery cliff called melodrama, Susanne Bier's grainy, intimate, almost claustrophobic family drama, Brothers, keeps its footing, never falling into the deep chasm of Soap Opera.‐
Posted May 6, 2005
2.5/4 22% Jiminy Glick in Lalawood (2005) Do you think Jiminy Glick is funny? If the answer is no, then you'll have a hard time spending 90 minutes with the corpulent, star-struck celebrity-interviewer in his debut film, Jiminy Glick in Lalawood.‐
Posted May 6, 2005
2/4 17% xXx: State of the Union (2005) XXX: State of the Union suffers an action fate worse than un-explainable exploding cars and wooden dialogue -- it's boring.‐
Read More | Posted Apr 29, 2005
71% Torremolinos 73 (2005) The picture rarely delves into how personally (perhaps even politically) revolutionary the couple's new life has become, making its subject matter more lackluster than it has any right to be.‐ L.A. Weekly
Read More | Posted Apr 21, 2005
28% Madison (2005) If not for the race sequences and the intriguing presence of Caviezel ... the film would amount to a well-intentioned snooze.‐ L.A. Weekly
Read More | Posted Apr 21, 2005
1.5/4 21% The Pacifier (2005) Vin Diesel, I used to love you ... but The Pacifier is making my job a lot harder.‐
Posted Mar 4, 2005
2.5/4 30% Be Cool (2005) May not be the swiftest piece of cinema out there, but when it has its moments with The Rock, they absolutely kill.‐
Posted Mar 4, 2005
17% Cursed (2005) Poor special effects, a silly looking werewolf and clunky comic writing help to spoil what should have been a fun B-movie.‐ L.A. Weekly
Read More | Posted Mar 3, 2005
53% Om jag vänder mig om (Daybreak) (2003) We don't really care about these people -- we just want someone to make them stop.‐ L.A. Weekly
Read More | Posted Feb 24, 2005