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5/5 96% True Grit (2010) Seemingly simple and straightforward upon first glance, the handsome period Western blossoms considerably into a profound nostalgic experience.‐
Read More | Posted Dec 22, 2010
9/10 100% Deliver Us from Evil (2006) What further elevates Deliver Us From Evil beyond the poignancy and courage of O'Grady's victims and the sorrow of their devastated families is Berg's access to the pedophile himself.‐ Rotten Tomatoes
Posted Sep 19, 2006
4.5/5 91% The Fighter (2010) Ward's story may unfold in the manner of many sports biopics but The Fighter's more about the complex familial ties that bind than it is about the sweet science itself.‐
Read More | Posted Dec 23, 2010
4.5/5 98% Toy Story 3 (2010) Delivers the goods as an engaging animated adventure and also gives the characters we've come to love the farewell they deserve. ‐
Read More | Posted Jun 18, 2010
4.5/5 87% Blue Valentine (2010) At once sad and celebratory for anyone who's ever fallen in and then out of love. ‐
Read More | Posted Jan 2, 2011
4.5/5 85% Black Swan (2010) Portman gives a meticulously controlled performance that culminates in the most haunting and grandiose cinematic coup de grace of the year. ‐
Read More | Posted Dec 3, 2010
4.5/5 99% How to Train Your Dragon (2010) A film that makes family night at the movies worth the price of admission again.‐
Read More | Posted Mar 30, 2010
4.5/5 87% Inception (2010) A singular film that seeps into your brain so much so that you might leave the theater looking at the world differently. ‐
Read More | Posted Jul 14, 2010
4.5/5 84% The Ghost Writer (2010) One of the first truly Oscar-worthy films of 2010.‐
Read More | Posted Feb 26, 2010
4.5/5 78% The Other Guys (2010) Features the original song 'Pimps Don't Cry,' The first clear Oscar front runner of the year.‐
Read More | Posted Aug 4, 2010
9/10 83% Warrior (2011) Yes, this is a mixed martial arts movie. It's also one of the most heart-wrenching and deeply felt films of the year.‐ Movieline
Posted Sep 8, 2011
8/10 75% Catch a Fire (2006) The film champions its "terrorist" and vilifies its family man-turned-desperate lawman, and argues that when the lines between good and bad are forever blurred, forgiveness is mankind's only salvation.‐ Rotten Tomatoes
Posted Sep 19, 2006
8/10 63% The Dog Problem (2007) Scott Caan's second directorial effort is an intimate, comical gem of a film...‐ Rotten Tomatoes
Posted Sep 19, 2006
4/5 37% Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010) A rollicking, epic-scale franchise-starter that's equal parts intrigue, action and Gyllenhaal, with a dash of feisty romantic banter thrown in for good measure. ‐
Read More | Posted May 28, 2010
4/5 77% Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1 (2010) Get ready for a long eight months, Potterites.‐
Read More | Posted Nov 19, 2010
4/5 81% Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010) Wright proves himself an expert technician with Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, surely one of the most visually dense pieces of pop cinema ever made. ‐
Read More | Posted Aug 12, 2010
4/5 72% Megamind (2010) A smart send-up of the Superman myth and the age-old precept of good vs. evil.‐
Read More | Posted Nov 5, 2010
4/5 87% The House of the Devil (2009) In this era of torture porn and slasher pics, House of the Devil is a shining example of how to build atmosphere and tension the old-fashioned way.‐
Read More | Posted Oct 10, 2012
4/5 71% Somewhere (2010) An intimate foray inside the emotional life of an adult who realizes they've been focusing for far too long on the wrong priorities in life.‐
Read More | Posted Jan 2, 2011
4/5 65% Predators (2010) A spine-ripping good time that evokes the spirit of the original films.‐
Read More | Posted Jul 8, 2010
4/5 59% Paranormal Activity 2 (2010) Builds gradual tension on repetitious scenes of domestic tranquility before shattering the calm with an escalating series of events.‐
Read More | Posted Oct 21, 2010
4/5 76% Nanny McPhee Returns (2010) Whimsical, heartwarming, and a tad bittersweet.‐
Read More | Posted Aug 20, 2010
4/5 89% Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (2010) A darkly comic throwback to the kiddie horror pics of the '80s, cheeky and just a bit grotesque.‐
Read More | Posted Dec 23, 2010
83% Bright Star (2009) In presenting Keats as much in Brawne's eyes as she in his, we watch Fanny's growing interest in John, we wait with her for his letters, we share in her anguish when all seems lost -- Campion suggests that he was her "bright star" as well‐ Cinematical
Read More | Posted Oct 16, 2009
92% The Damned United (2009) Thanks to Michael Sheen's innate charms, Brian Clough is redeemable even at his meanest and most self-destructive.‐ Cinematical
Read More | Posted Oct 16, 2009
7.5/10 60% Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011) Action purists should be entertained enough by the slick spectacles Ritchie chains together, set against as handsome a historical London as you're bound to get from the movies.‐ Movieline
Posted Dec 15, 2011
7/10 35% Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker (2006) Filled with entertaining action sequences and a dazzling supporting cast, Operation Stormbreaker succeeds in serving up tasty fare for the older set, as well as kids.‐ Rotten Tomatoes
Posted Sep 19, 2006
3.5/5 74% Piranha 3-D (2010) Has plenty of good, old-fashioned blood & guts and the kind of full frontal nudity that's guaranteed to send young boys into puberty. ‐
Read More | Posted Aug 19, 2010
3.5/5 68% Shutter Island (2010) Shutter Island feels disappointingly like a minor work. But hey, who says every film has to be a masterpiece?‐
Read More | Posted Feb 18, 2010
3.5/5 44% Brooklyn's Finest (2010) Despite the script's too-neat constructions, this pulpy potboiler is a solid think piece and companion film to Fuqua's 2001 Oscar-winning Training Day.‐
Read More | Posted Mar 5, 2010
3.5/5 19% Legion (2010) Anne Rice was right; angels are just as hot and just as deadly as those bloodsuckers from Twilight and True Blood.‐
Read More | Posted Jan 29, 2010
3.5/5 76% Kick-Ass (2010) Matthew Vaughn lovingly brings the comic book series to the big screen with an unabashed geekiness that will delight anyone who has a favorite superhero.‐
Read More | Posted Mar 22, 2010
3.5/5 70% Ramona and Beezus (2010) Newcomer Joey King is a blue-eyed dynamo who brings Ramona Quimby vividly to life and steals the show from her veteran co-stars.‐
Read More | Posted Jul 21, 2010
3.5/5 93% The Town (2010) Affleck's overall directorial instincts are sound; breathtaking car chases and ear-rattling shoot-outs are thrillingly executed.‐
Read More | Posted Sep 17, 2010
3.5/5 68% Babies (2010) Who needs heavy analysis when all you want is a cute fix?‐
Read More | Posted May 7, 2010
3.5/5 36% Burlesque (2010) Burlesque razzle-dazzles its way through a litany of familiar showbiz clichés and comes out, for the most part, with sequins and false eyelashes intact.‐
Read More | Posted Nov 24, 2010
3.5/5 35% Lottery Ticket (2010) A 'hood comedy with heart. ‐
Read More | Posted Aug 20, 2010
7/10 93% Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol (2011) If the hoodied Cruise evokes a touch of Eminem-level moodiness in the posters, it's with good reason: Stopping a maniacal supervillain may be on the docket yet again, but this time around Ethan Hunt has gone emo.‐ Movieline
Posted Dec 15, 2011
3.5/5 32% How Do You Know (2010) Kudos to Brooks for crafting Lisa as the kind of smart, level-headed, capable, red-blooded, confident female protagonist we almost never get to see in the movies.‐
Read More | Posted Dec 23, 2010
3.5/5 29% The Virginity Hit (2010) It feels real, even if in the back of your brain you know it's about as authentic as the girl who quit her job via dry-erase board.‐
Read More | Posted Sep 10, 2010
6/10 25% El Cantante (2007) El Cantante is driven by the rhythmic, pulsating sounds of Lavoe's music, without which the film would be nothing.‐ Rotten Tomatoes
Posted Sep 19, 2006
6/10 34% Breaking and Entering (2007) Despite some admirably committed performances, the film is marred by a few plot contrivances that cast unbelievability into a story that strives to be about real relationships, real politics, and real economics.‐ Rotten Tomatoes
Posted Sep 25, 2006
3/5 47% Step Up 3 (2010) Two words: LASER FINGERS!‐
Read More | Posted Aug 4, 2010
3/5 73% Iron Man 2 (2010) If you're just going to see men in robot suits blow each other up while classic rock blares on the soundtrack, Iron Man 2 will do just fine...‐
Read More | Posted May 7, 2010
3/5 42% The Expendables (2010) When it gets around to the righteous fightin' and killin' bits, The Expendables more than delivers on its promise to be the manliest movie ever made.‐
Read More | Posted Aug 11, 2010
3/5 65% Jackass 3 (2010) The only truly new element here is the use of 3-D, which occasionally brings various stunts leaping off the screen and into your lap, whether you like it or not.‐
Read More | Posted Oct 14, 2010
3/5 81% Despicable Me (2010) The film, mirroring its anti-hero, settles on not being despicable by being just good enough.‐
Read More | Posted Jul 9, 2010
3/5 71% The Crazies (2010) If the subtext's too heavy for you, you can choose to ignore it and instead read The Crazies as a survival guide to what to do when the zombie outbreak hits.‐
Read More | Posted Feb 26, 2010
3/5 18% Cop Out (2010) If you don't normally find Tracy Morgan hilarious, you may not experience the same level of blissful enjoyment from the jokes about his poop as I did.‐
Read More | Posted Feb 26, 2010
3/5 48% The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010) The new, more assertive Bella Swan is the most welcome addition to the Twilight Saga -- that, and the sly humor Rosenberg's snuck into Eclipse.‐
Read More | Posted Jun 29, 2010