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3.5/4 68% Sleepy Hollow (1999) Pickering's wide, tremulous eyes reflect the film's lurid appeal to youthful terrors.‐ Newsday
Read More | Posted Jan 2, 2018
3/4 83% The Personals (2001) Through all, Liu is a commanding and ever-changing mask of reactions as a woman who observes her suitors as if looking out from the protective shield of a dark-tinted window.‐ Newsday
Read More | Posted Jan 2, 2018
96% The Silence of the Lambs (1991) Anthony Hopkins is devastatingly demonic in Jonathan Demme's truly horrifying thriller.‐ Newsday
Read More | Posted Jan 2, 2018
3/4 81% Broken Embraces (2009) Amid all this dazzling artifice, the film's most authentic source of power comes from its star.‐ Washington Post
Posted Dec 17, 2009
90% A Serious Man (2009) A unique alchemy seems to take hold on those sporadic occasions when the Coen brothers decide to get down with their ethnic roots.‐ Screen International
Posted Dec 16, 2009
4/4 93% La Nana (The Maid) (2009) A deserved prizewinner at Sundance, Saavedra seems to age 25 years and then drop 35 in the space of an hour and a half.‐ Washington Post
Read More | Posted Nov 5, 2009
2/4 48% Ong Bak 2 (2009) Taking co-directorial reins with Panna Rittikrai, Jaa has erected a portentous platform for his high-flying athleticism, bearing none of the freewheeling spirit or humor that made his feature debut a guiltless pleasure.‐ Washington Post
Read More | Posted Oct 23, 2009
61% Leaves of Grass (2010) Playing identical twin brothers who have landed on very different ends of the personality spectrum, Norton gives two bravura comic performances, shoulder-to-shoulder...‐ Screen International
Posted Sep 15, 2009
79% Humpday (2009) Humpday radiates with the sheen of a film that has been thought out within an inch of its witty and insightful life.‐ Washington Post
Read More | Posted Jul 23, 2009
92% Pressure Cooker (2009) If the filmmakers do little to expand the vocabulary of the genre, they enhance our appreciation of that most undervalued sector of the American workforce, the city schoolteacher.‐ Washington Post
Read More | Posted Jul 17, 2009
59% The Stoning of Soraya M. (2009) Iranian American director Cyrus Nowrasteh has amplified the basic elements of Suraya's story into the worst kind of exploitive Hollywood melodrama, presented under the virtuous guise of moral outrage.‐ Washington Post
Read More | Posted Jun 26, 2009
9% My Life in Ruins (2009) In fashioning a comeback for Vardalos, writer Mike Reiss has cribbed much from her Greek Wedding playbook.‐ Washington Post
Read More | Posted Jun 5, 2009
67% The Girlfriend Experience (2009) Soderbergh taps into the nervy impulses of his earliest endeavor, sex, lies and videotape as well as Ocean's Eleven. The Girlfriend Experience has something to elevate and exasperate fans of both.‐ Washington Post
Read More | Posted May 22, 2009
78% Un Baiser s'il vous plaît (Shall We Kiss?) (2009) It is as if the director had studied the comedies of Eric Rohmer and Woody Allen from top to bottom and come away with all the wrong lessons.‐ Washington Post
Read More | Posted Apr 9, 2009
36% Alien Trespass (2009) Those who fondly recall The Blob would seem to be the target crowd for a fastidious pastiche that attempts to coax laughs by maintaining a poker face.‐ Washington Post
Read More | Posted Apr 2, 2009
92% Gomorrah (Gomorra) (2008) Gomorrah manages to be artful without being arty.‐ Washington Post
Read More | Posted Mar 13, 2009
42% Race to Witch Mountain (2009) The movie has Johnson, who lifts the script above its conventional cat-and-mouse stratagems with his buoyant wiseacre timing.‐ Washington Post
Read More | Posted Mar 13, 2009
25% Fired Up (2009) An arduous cheerleader comedy geared toward those too green to know that cheerleader comedies went out long before the last pompom shake of Bring It On.‐ Washington Post
Read More | Posted Feb 19, 2009
1.5/5 26% Seven Pounds (2008) When an actor reaches a summit of unparalleled global popularity, it is probably hard to resist the temptation to play God.‐ Los Angeles Times
Read More | Posted Dec 19, 2008
4/5 85% Ghost Town (2008) Gervais is a master of the flustered broken thought, and Koepp takes full advantage in scenes that pit Pincus against a distracted doctor (a droll Kristen Wiig) and an imposingly large dog.‐ Los Angeles Times
Read More | Posted Sep 19, 2008
35% Pride and Glory (2008) A familiar but taut thriller sparked by a quartet of committed lead performances and the visual acrobatics of stealth camera ace Declan Quinn.‐ Screen International
Posted Sep 15, 2008
65% Zack and Miri Make a Porno (2008) It is the cozy marriage of sensibilities between the director of Clerks and the co-writer/star of Superbad that gives this movie its particular go-for-the-groin, land-on-the-heart chemistry.‐ Screen International
Posted Sep 9, 2008
4.5/5 92% Transsiberian (2008) A queasy-making train thriller directed with vibrant visual panache by Brad Anderson.‐ Los Angeles Times
Read More | Posted Aug 8, 2008
1.5/5 31% The X-Files: I Want to Believe (The X Files 2) (2008) By the time Carter and co-writer Frank Spotnitz throw in cartoon Russian villains and a risible plot point involving same-sex marriage, it's hard to figure where they, or their movie, is coming from.‐ Los Angeles Times
Read More | Posted Jul 25, 2008
2.5/5 70% The Wackness (2008) Wackness is ultimately less evocative of pre-Sept. 11 Manhattan than it is of post-Sept. 11 Park City, Utah, where the film had its Sundance debut, and where festival audiences never tire of rebel-male angst and bluesy, guitar-inflected scoring.‐ Los Angeles Times
Read More | Posted Jul 3, 2008
2.5/5 68% Brick Lane (2008) [A] glossy but overly efficient drama that, like Nazneen's husband, is ultimately too ineffectual to make much of a dent.‐ Chicago Tribune
Posted Jun 20, 2008
1.5/5 14% The Love Guru (2008) A comedy of low blows and elephantine misfires.‐ Los Angeles Times
Read More | Posted Jun 20, 2008
2/4 82% Priceless (2006) This broadly amoral take on Breakfast at Tiffany's suffers from a serious case of who-should-we-care-for: He's a sap, she's a soulless vamp, their patrons are either cruel, self-deluding or both.‐ Newsday
Posted Apr 3, 2008
3/4 65% Stop-Loss (2008) Stop-Loss builds a cumulative power and sense of urgency that can't be denied.‐ Newsday
Posted Mar 27, 2008
2/4 36% 21 (2008) Under Luketic's flaccid direction, 21 is another two-faced moralistic entertainment that shows us how much fun it is to live large, then punishes its characters for acting out our fantasies.‐ Newsday
Posted Mar 27, 2008
2/4 33% Meet The Browns (2008) Meet the Browns is saddled with the usual quotient of phony snafus and entanglements that are easily untangled.‐ Newsday
Posted Mar 24, 2008
3/4 80% Question humaine, La, (Heartbeat Detector) (2007) Heartbeat Detector earns its points, arriving at a potent conclusion with a stealth and meticulousness that knocks the wind out of you.‐ Newsday
Posted Mar 21, 2008
2.5/4 40% The Grand (2008) The Grand lacks any sort of urgency or inner propulsiveness; the actors do their little goofs, then hand them off to the next, lending the jest the frolicking but ultimately monotonous quality of a game of tag.‐ Newsday
Posted Mar 20, 2008
2.5/4 32% Boarding Gate (2008) The picture grows on you, as does its laconic leading lady, whose slurry delivery conceals an ever-alert mouse handily equipped to beat the cat at his own game.‐ Newsday
Posted Mar 20, 2008
2/4 61% Love Songs (2008) For a film roiling with so much turmoil of the heart, Love Songs generates dismayingly little emotional frisson.‐ Newsday
Posted Mar 20, 2008
3/4 73% Under the Same Moon (2008) A drama of mother-son love that lunges for the heart from its pulsating curtain raiser to its leap-for-joy fade out.‐ Newsday
Posted Mar 20, 2008
1.5/4 51% Doomsday (2008) Much as one might admire the British health care system as presented in the documentary Sicko, even Michael Moore would have to admit they have a hard time over there coping with apocalyptic viruses.‐ Newsday
Posted Mar 17, 2008
1.5/4 23% Never Back Down (2008) Never see movies that give stupid macho advice in their titles.‐ Newsday
Posted Mar 13, 2008
2.5/4 52% Funny Games (2008) Funny Games is about as hostile a jest as has ever been aimed at American audiences by a foreign director. The joke wouldn't be half as galling were it not so expertly written and executed.‐ Newsday
Posted Mar 13, 2008
1/4 8% 10,000 B.C. (2008) An epic adventure of such towering testosterone counts and ceaseless tedium, you can almost feel the hair growing on your chest as the bags collect beneath your eyes.‐ Newsday
Posted Mar 6, 2008
3/4 68% Snow Angels (2007) Writer-director David Gordon Green's brave and magnificently performed period piece (mid-'70s) witnesses an adolescent's first romance as it blossoms amid a dissonant backdrop of disintegrating marriages.‐ Newsday
Posted Mar 6, 2008
87% Blind Mountain (2007) The heat of empathetic outrage that Li generates from the audience is enough to make the theater combust.‐ Newsday
Posted Mar 6, 2008
3.5/4 49% CJ7 (2008) It is safe to say that no one makes movies quite like Hong Kong's clown impresario Stephen Chow.‐ Newsday
Posted Mar 6, 2008
1.5/4 78% Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (2008) Director Bharat Nalluri compounds the chintziness with a full-throttle approach that blows away any lingering nuance from the source material.‐ Newsday
Posted Mar 6, 2008
2/4 40% Bonneville (2006) The kind of comfy, reassuring take on human relations that makes cynics want to growl at the stranger sitting next to them.‐ Newsday
Posted Feb 28, 2008
2.5/4 43% The Other Boleyn Girl (2008) Beneath the thundering horse hoofs and happy wedding fiddles is a viper's nest of sexual intrigue that would be at home on Desperate Housewives.‐ Newsday
Posted Feb 28, 2008
3/4 96% Chop Shop (2008) It's already been compared to Brazilian classics City of God and Pixote. But Chop Shop is both more hopeful and less punishing than those films, in no small measure owing to the synergy between first-time actors Polanco and Gonzales.‐ Newsday
Posted Feb 28, 2008
2.5/4 70% The Duchess of Langeais (Ne Touchez Pas La Hache)(Don't Touch the Axe) (2007) The Duchess of Languor might be more evocative. Faithfully lifted from the pages of Honore de Balzac, Jacques Rivette's overlong, resplendently decorative drama takes on the phlegmatic air of its character.‐ Newsday
Posted Feb 21, 2008
2.5/4 59% The Signal (2008) The Signal is a well-oiled example of that oxymoronic Tarantino phenomenon: the arty grindhouse picture.‐ Newsday
Posted Feb 21, 2008
2.5/4 57% Charlie Bartlett (2007) This high school dramedy feels strangely earthbound, despite an articulate script and an engaging cast.‐ Newsday
Posted Feb 21, 2008