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A 63% New York, New York (1977) From a story perspective, nothing happens in the film's 'last act,' but from an emotional perspective, everything happens. Minnelli's performance leaves its peak and soars.‐ DVDLaser
Read More | Posted Jun 10, 2005
A 98% The Wizard of Oz (1939) Warner Home Video's DVD invites you to watch the movie a dozen more times on top of the many dozens of times you've already seen it.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Nov 3, 2005
4/5 91% Raising Arizona (1987) The film is loaded with marvelous slapstick sequences and quirky character humor. While some viewers may find it too eccentric or too ready to make fun of blue collar America, most will find its comic surprises and unpredictable narrative to be most fulfi‐ DVDLaser
Posted Oct 14, 2004
B+ 86% Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid (1973) A richer, more rewarding experience.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Feb 23, 2006
99% All About Eve (1950) Mankiewicz's flair for dialog is so perfected that all three actresses shoot fireworks whenever they open their mouths.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jun 14, 2003
52% I Am Curious (Blue) (Jag är nyfiken - en film i blått) (1968) It is an intellectually stimulating work with a smart, comical atmosphere, and it sustains its appeal through the perky modern attitude exhibited by Nyman, even when she has her clothing on.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jun 14, 2003
90% Eraserhead (1977) It represented a monumental shift in how movies are seen and digested -- one that raised the level of aptitude and film literacy throughout the world.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jun 14, 2003
95% Giant (1956) A real movie is big, grand, magnificent and regales you with all the power that movies can wield upon a viewer's imagination and spirit. George Stevens' 1956 production, Giant, is a real movie.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jun 14, 2003
86% Once Upon a Time in America (1984) As one would expect from Leone, the film is a brilliant stylistic accomplishment.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jul 16, 2003
83% Straw Dogs (1971) Upon first viewing, it seems like a straightforward film, but the more one watches it, the more tension one sees in the relationship between the couple.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Aug 5, 2003
98% Wings of Desire (1987) One of the few truly great movies to come out of the '80s.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Aug 5, 2003
99% Casablanca (1942) Across seven decades, the Humphrey Bogart-Ingrid Bergman starrer has emerged as Americans' default favorite movie.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Aug 13, 2003
100% Knife in the Water (1962) Knife in the Water has one of those simple, clearly expressed narratives that grabs you and holds you even though not much goes on.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Oct 13, 2003
95% Once Upon a Time in the West (1968) One of the greatest face movies ever made.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Dec 10, 2003
97% To Have and Have Not (1944) The scenes between Bogart and Bacall are so dazzlingly about attraction and sex that they encapsulate the whole magic of movies.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jan 10, 2004
92% Superfly (1972) Super Fly, one of the most significant blaxploitation films ever made, is as fascinatingly entertaining as it is ethically wrongheaded.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Feb 5, 2004
98% Lawrence of Arabia (1962) Even the flies in the opening Cairo scene jump out at you.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Mar 4, 2004
52% One From the Heart (1982) [An] often maligned, giddy, superlative romantic musical.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Apr 15, 2004
100% Meet Me In St. Louis (1944) The joys of the film linger with the music and encourage you to savor the true moments of family togetherness.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Apr 16, 2004
94% 3 Women (1977) A spectacular artistic success.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jun 4, 2004
94% Enter the Dragon (1973) The opening drums in Lalo Schifrin's musical score can give you chills.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jun 16, 2004
70% Around the World in 80 Days (1956) The movie has not aged well. To its credit, it is benign and charming, with an intoxicating musical score, compelling cinematography and a continually advancing locale.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jul 3, 2004
98% The Leopard (1963) [The film] was too subtle for mass audiences in the early 1960s and too expensive to earn back its investment from the art house circuit, but over time it has become recognized as a classic and perhaps Visconti's finest film.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jul 29, 2004
91% Gone With the Wind (1939) The film that perhaps defines Hollywood.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Dec 7, 2004
96% La Dolce Vita (1960) Everyone has a favorite scene.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Dec 27, 2004
100% Fanny & Alexander (1982) Utterly enthralling.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jan 15, 2005
90% L'Eclisse (1962) ...sit back, suppress the subtitles so they don't distract you from the images and let the 125-minute movie suspend and substitute your consciousness like the moon passing in front the sun.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Apr 21, 2005
91% Easter Parade (1948) A fantastic movie, featuring two of the finest motion picture performers ever, Astaire and Judy Garland, in their only cinematic pairing. Ann Miller also stars in there, too, to spice things up even more.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Apr 21, 2005
93% Bringing Up Baby (1938) The speedy, 102-minute film is a total delight, and the performances are so invigorating that it can withstand many multiple viewings without losing its sparks.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted May 5, 2005
98% Hoop Dreams (1994) An ironic drama so beautifully sculpted it could be transposed without alteration into a fictional film.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jun 8, 2005
97% Bullitt (1968) Even though the story almost makes no sense and the Oscar-winning editing has several illogical cuts, Bullitt is an exquisitely satisfying motion picture, particularly if there is still an adolescent boy lodged somewhere in your psyche.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jun 21, 2005
100% Top Hat (1935) The plot is involving, especially as it builds to its seemingly impossible-to-solve finale.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Sep 7, 2005
88% The War of the Worlds (1953) A half-century after its creation, the film's best moments are still so enjoyably unnerving that they easily carry a viewer through the necessary but inevitably dated exposition.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Dec 6, 2005
89% Titanic (1997) A grand and classy production.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Dec 6, 2005
88% Oklahoma! (1955) The film is so richly layered that multiple viewings become compulsive -- you think it's all there in front of you, but every time you revisit it, you notice something more, and finish with a desire to go back again.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Dec 13, 2005
92% Lifeboat (1944) The characters are reasonably free of cliched personalities, so what happens between them is rarely predictable, and there are enough crises and tensions within the 96-minute running time to hold a viewer fully attentive.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Dec 13, 2005
69% Lady Sings the Blues (1972) Ross conveys the vulnerability and determination of her character across a very believable arc of maturation.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Jan 24, 2006
47% Ryan's Daughter (1970) Those who were jealous of [Lean's] previous successes decried the film as an utter failure, though of course it is not, it just isn't quite as good as his other movies.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Mar 8, 2006
100% Young Mr. Lincoln (1939) Fonda's physical presence throughout the film is a thing of magic, as he seems to glide from one position to the next, never looking awkward even when he is bent in three places to fit within the frame.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted Mar 8, 2006
97% Stalag 17 (1953) The good greatly outweighs the bad, particularly in the profile of Holden's character, a pragmatic, self-centered cynic whose heroism, when it is finally called upon, appears to come from deep within the barriers he has placed inside of himself.‐ Hollywood Reporter
Posted May 13, 2006
40% Hearts of Fire (1987) Dylan is the key to liking or disliking the film.‐ DVDLaser
Posted Nov 9, 2007
95% The Red Balloon (Le Ballon Rouge) (1956) The results made exciting, memorable cinema, but could just as easily have turned into disaster. There seems to be no escaping the darker side of innocence.‐ DVDLaser
Posted Nov 19, 2007
64% Ciao! Manhattan (1972) Whether [Edie Sedgwick] is acting or stoned-for-real with a model's instincts propping her up, her performance is wonderful, highly amusing at all the right moments, yet melancholy in a way which is free of self-pity.‐ DVDLaser
Posted Nov 27, 2007
67% Another Man, Another Chance (1977) If a viewer accepts Lelouch's approach, the inner strength of the characters is a sufficient replacement for outward heroics, and the period details become intentional artifacts of America's international heritage.‐ DVDLaser
Posted Jan 15, 2008
67% Les uns et les autres (1984) The songs, written by Michel Legrand and Francis Lai, are addictive in the best French pop manner. A few of the dance sequences are spectacular. Only when the scene shifts to a subplot not involving music does the movie get bogged down.‐ DVDLaser
Posted Jan 15, 2008
No Score Yet Incident at Blood Pass (1970) Terrific plotting, marvelous music and Toshiro Mifune.‐ DVDLaser
Posted Jan 22, 2008
85% Brian's Song (1970) The film's emotions are obvious and blunt, but they get the job done.‐ DVDLaser
Posted Jan 25, 2008
85% Gandhi (1982) Ben Kingsley's title performance is amazing, particularly in the way he ages across the five decades which the film depicts.‐ DVDLaser
Posted Jan 29, 2008
89% Midnight Cowboy (1969) The movie is locked into a sixties stylistic approach that can feel dated, but Hoffman's performance can prevent one from ever tiring of the film.‐ DVDLaser
Posted Jan 30, 2008
83% The Long Riders (1980) It is an action film, an engaging one, and covers old ground with a contemporary style which never feels out of place.‐ DVDLaser
Posted Feb 5, 2008