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74/100 85% The Princess and the Frog (2009) The result is a pretty standard old-style Disney story -- of damsel up against exotic challenges -- that's very nicely spiced up by its unique setting.‐ Apollo Guide
Posted Oct 16, 2010
53/100 20% Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel (2009) I never thought the day would come where I'd wish I were watching Scooby-Doo rather than what's actually onscreen.‐ Apollo Guide
Posted Apr 8, 2010
78/100 92% Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009) Funny, eccentric and great-looking, Fantastic Mr. Fox is utterly unique and highly entertaining.‐ Apollo Guide
Posted Apr 6, 2010
73/100 81% Michael Jackson's This Is It (2009) If you've got the slightest interest in Jackson's music, then this is the movie for you. If you want to learn the truth about the icon, then you're looking at the wrong film.‐ Apollo Guide
Posted Jan 29, 2010
63/100 37% Surrogates (2009) Sure, it's made capably, in a technical sense. But it's banal, utterly predictable and often quite stupid.‐ Apollo Guide
Posted Jan 19, 2010
73/100 31% The Lovely Bones (2009) Peter Jackson is anything but a good fit to direct this story, as his well-intentioned efforts at conveying transcendence sometimes look and feel phony.‐ Apollo Guide
Posted Jan 15, 2010
71/100 62% Extract (2009) Mike Judge's nuggets are often enjoyable enough for us to want to ignore the fact that Extract really doesn't work particularly well in its totality.‐ Apollo Guide
Posted Jan 12, 2010
73/100 68% Bruno (2009) You can watch Bruno purely as outrageousness or you can view it while pondering where the line is - or should be - between incisive social commentary and misanthropy.‐ Apollo Guide
Posted Nov 18, 2009
86/100 98% Up (2009) A joyous, wacky, sometimes bittersweet story of love, loss and making your dreams come true, Up does what Pixar movies usually do %u2013 it far exceeds our expectations.‐ Apollo Guide
Posted Nov 13, 2009
68/100 46% Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (Ice Age 3) (2009) I'm mystified by those who find these characters appealing.‐ Apollo Guide
Posted Nov 6, 2009
69/100 44% The Proposal (2009) It's not awful, certainly not memorable and - despite the words of at least one quote whore - it's not "the year's best comedy."‐ Apollo Guide
Posted Nov 2, 2009
66/100 51% Chéri (2009) Scene after scene unfolds, with colourful costumes, attractive sets, knowing glances and innuendo, but also a feeling that this is a pedestrian read-through of a stage play.‐ Apollo Guide
Posted Oct 16, 2009
64/100 38% Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (1994) Clearly, one person's authentic homage is another person's overwrought teeth-gnashing fest, as Branagh's film never hesitates to slop on the melodramatic mustard.‐ Apollo Guide
Posted Oct 14, 2009
70/100 55% The Craft (1996) The 1970s-style special effects do little to distract us from an uneven script, direction and performances. Yet there's enough here for us to hope it'll come together.‐ Apollo Guide
Posted Sep 30, 2009
90/100 98% Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) This is both an entertaining old movie and a significant historical document. If you love film, then you must see Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.‐ Apollo Guide
Posted Sep 29, 2009
71/100 86% Disneynature Earth (2009) Like Arctic Tale, this is a great looking and interesting view of nature. Also like that other 2007 film, Earth falls short of being truly memorable.‐ Apollo Guide
Posted Sep 14, 2009
71/100 100% Inside Planet Earth (2008) Like Arctic Tale, this is a great looking and interesting view of nature. Also like that other 2007 film, Earth falls short of being truly memorable.‐ Apollo Guide
Posted Sep 14, 2009
74/100 100% American Son (2008) The sort of movie that folks who are addicted to a Tom Cruise-style action sequence every three minutes might dismiss as one in which "nothing happens."‐ Apollo Guide
Posted Sep 8, 2009
71/100 88% Adventureland (2009) Clearly, writer/director Greg Mottola has plenty of good ideas and an inclination toward quirky movies just slightly off-centre.‐ Apollo Guide
Posted Sep 1, 2009
71/100 57% The Soloist (2009) While I admire filmmakers who navigate material like this without sentimentality, this film stands back just a bit too much and leaves us feeling like distant observers.‐ Apollo Guide
Posted Aug 13, 2009
60/100 25% Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009) Even without the bad timing %u2013 a paean to debt and excess released a few months after the world's biggest financial meltdown since the 1920s %u2013 it still would not have worked.‐ Apollo Guide
Posted Jul 6, 2009
75/100 92% A Bug's Life (1998) Promotes the classic American ethos of individualism without seeming preachy or narrow-minded, creating characters we enjoy, a story that's fun and visuals that sparkle.‐ Apollo Guide
Posted Jun 17, 2009
81/100 57% Defiance (2009) That Edward Zwick made such an honest film about the Bielski brothers is a wonderful gift, even if it is likely to be underappreciated by audiences.‐ Apollo Guide
Posted Jun 17, 2009
86/100 86% Three Days of the Condor (1975) Makes you wish the makers - and especially the funders - of today's overblown big budget thrillers could be made to learn from some of the finer thrillers of the 1970s.‐ Apollo Guide
Posted Jun 1, 2009
71/100 58% Taken (2009) It's got all the attributes of a guilty pleasure - excitement, some undeniably enjoyable scenes and the absence of what it needs to be more memorable and more substantial.‐ Apollo Guide
Posted Jun 1, 2009
77/100 80% South Pacific (1958) Might not be musical enough for some, and it's certainly not going to be substantial enough for some. But it's entertaining and more emotionally true than you might expect.‐ Apollo Guide
Posted May 13, 2009
64/100 49% The Broken (2008) This film looks good, is capably acted and builds excellent atmosphere. And then it gets lost, and so do we.‐ Apollo Guide
Posted May 13, 2009
84/100 90% Roxanne (1987) It's difficult to call a movie this light and insubstantial a classic, but it's as likeable as ever more than two decades after its initial release.‐ Apollo Guide
Posted May 7, 2009
68/100 33% Paul Blart: Mall Cop (2009) What's most disappointing here is that Kevin James appears capable of far more rich and subtle comedy than he's ever likely to be part of in a Happy Madison production.‐ Apollo Guide
Posted May 7, 2009
82/100 80% Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986) The quintessential teen comedy, this is a movie that could and should serve as a model for movies of this sort in the future.‐ Apollo Guide
Posted May 7, 2009
70/100 84% Enchanted April (1992) Like April weather most places north of the Mediterranean, this one is lukewarm, at best.‐ Apollo Guide
Posted May 6, 2009
87/100 98% The Wrestler (2008) Topping off an outstanding production, director Darren Aronofsky's ending to The Wrestler is sheer perfection.‐ Apollo Guide
Posted May 6, 2009
60/100 19% Passengers (2008) Filmmakers have the power to change reality on us at their whim, but if they do so in ways that make us feel tricked and cheated, then this is an unforgiveable rip-off.‐ Apollo Guide
Posted May 6, 2009
36/100 2% Strange Wilderness (2008) It's just plain lazy (or incompetent or both) filmmaking from start to finish.‐ Apollo Guide
Posted Apr 27, 2009
86/100 95% Being There (1979) If you are going to see only one Peter Sellers movie, see Dr. Strangelove, but if you're going to see two, then Being There also belongs on your must-see list.‐ Apollo Guide
Posted Apr 27, 2009
89/100 96% The Silence of the Lambs (1991) Screenwriters and directors can turn to this classic film for a primer on how to create incredible tension and horror far in excess of what we actually see onscreen.‐ Apollo Guide
Posted Apr 27, 2009
83/100 93% Frost/Nixon (2008) Clearly the work of a mature filmmaker, one with the patience and self confidence to make a smart film whose success is largely in the hands of its talented cast.‐ Apollo Guide
Posted Apr 22, 2009
71/100 21% The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) The sort of movie that will do a perfectly acceptable job of filling an evening that otherwise might be empty (or, God forbid %u2013 one that cries out for reading a good book).‐ Apollo Guide
Posted Apr 22, 2009
73/100 46% The Last Kiss (2006) By risking the alienation of formula fans, screenwriter Paul Haggis and director Tony Goldwyn have taken a chance and given us a small gift.‐ Apollo Guide
Posted Apr 20, 2009
73/100 57% The Tale of Despereaux (2008) It amounts to less than the sum of its artfully conceived parts but remains a nice and visually interesting film.‐ Apollo Guide
Posted Apr 8, 2009
69/100 62% Marley & Me (2008) The conclusion transforms at least this part of the film from sappy romance to beautifully authentic meditation on life, death and a family's love for its long-time loyal dog.‐ Apollo Guide
Posted Apr 8, 2009
64/100 26% Bedtime Stories (2008) Given that Sandler's main appeal has always been to the 12-year-old in all of us, it probably makes sense for him to aim his movies directly at that age group.‐ Apollo Guide
Posted Apr 6, 2009
85/100 80% Doubt (2008) The acting talent in evidence here is astounding and nobody, absolutely nobody puts her or his performance ahead of everyone else.‐ Apollo Guide
Posted Apr 6, 2009
79/100 89% Bolt (2008) So much fun, you might be tempted to conclude that Disney's acquisition of the amazing Pixar team has inspired the already in-house Disney team to new heights.‐ Apollo Guide
Posted Mar 25, 2009
89/100 91% Slumdog Millionaire (2008) I'm all for scepticism over the latest 'hot' movie; the really great ones effortlessly blow such scepticism out of the water. This film most certainly does that.‐ Apollo Guide
Posted Mar 25, 2009
77/100 63% The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas) (2008) When the time comes for resolution, writer/ director Mark Herman suddenly delivers the unexpected; he does not sell out.‐ Apollo Guide
Posted Mar 23, 2009
78/100 92% Happy-Go-Lucky (2008) Few actors could have pulled off this role successfully, as it requires great energy, charisma and depth to make Poppy credible and so much more than first impressions.‐ Apollo Guide
Posted Mar 23, 2009
74/100 55% Australia (2008) Sometimes seems to be overwhelmed by Baz Luhrmann's excess, but the strength of his vision, the appeal of his visuals and the skill of his actors keep the film from capsizing.‐ Apollo Guide
Posted Mar 22, 2009
63/100 26% Seven Pounds (2008) A clumsily melodramatic movie that tells us too much too soon and forces us to sit through endless morose vacuousness.‐ Apollo Guide
Posted Mar 10, 2009
76/100 65% Quantum of Solace (2008) If it wasn't following such an excellent 21st Bond movie, it would be considered a big step forward. Instead, it'll settle for the more modest label of "another good one."‐ Apollo Guide
Posted Mar 4, 2009