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Bonnie Hunt

Highest Rated:   98% Zootopia (2016)
Birthplace:   Chicago, Illinois, USA
Blonde, vivacious actress Bonnie Hunt made a memorable film debut as the waitress who drops toothpicks after she is inadvertently intimidated by autistic savant Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man (1989). The sixth of seven children, Hunt was born in Chicago, on September 22, 1964. Her love of acting began in high school and, though she wanted to become a professional actor, her father pushed her toward nursing, the profession she pursued after graduation. Even after her father passed away while she was in nursing school, Hunt continued with the program and upon graduation worked in the oncology ward of Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Working with so many terminally ill cancer patients had a profound effect on her, inspiring her not to wait to pursue her original dream. While still working as a nurse, she landed roles in small plays and began studying at the Second City Improvisational Theater. She worked for a time with a different improv troupe before being invited to join Second City's touring company in 1986. Within a few weeks, she had proven to be such a gifted comedienne that she was promoted to the troupe's first string of performers. Shortly after debuting in Rain Man, Hunt accepted an offer to work with Second City's Los Angeles-based troupe; two months later, she left the troupe and within a few days of her initial unemployment was offered the chance to star in a sitcom on NBC. However, the show, entitled Grand, lasted less than a season. She made a second attempt at television, playing Jonathan Winters' daughter on Davis Rules, but she again found herself unemployed when it was cancelled. In 1992, Hunt made her first appearance on Late Night With David Letterman. The appearance proved to be an important juncture for Hunt as she not only charmed the irascible Letterman, but wowed the audience with her witty stories. Hunt became a personal friend of the talk show host and made frequent return visits. Around 1993, Letterman produced the short-lived CBS sitcom The Building, which Hunt had created and for which she penned 20 episodes. Hunt herself starred along with cronies from her Second City days; with the show's first airing, she became the first woman to write and star in her own series.In film, Hunt had her first starring role in Beethoven (1992), followed by a cameo role as a White House tour guide in the romantic comedy Dave (1993). She has subsequently alternated between supporting and leading roles. One of her best-known parts was the sharp-tongued Laurel in Cameron Crowe's Jerry Maguire (1996). She also appeared in Frank Darabont's The Green Mile (1999) as the wife of a prison security guard (Tom Hanks). In 2000, Hunt added feature film directing and screenwriting to her resume with Return to Me, a romantic comedy starring David Duchovny and Minnie Driver. Hunt also took on a supporting role in the film which went on to become a modest sleeper hit. After trying her hand behind the camera, in 2002 Hunt decided to take her fourth shot at the small screen (1995's The Bonnie Hunt Show was a flop too), producing and starring in ABC's Life With Bonnie. A mix of traditional sitcom and improv, the show proved to be a hit and netted the actress consecutive Best Actress Golden Globe nominations.In the wake of the show's success, Hunt returned to film, starring alongside Steve Martin in 2003's Cheaper by the Dozen. The film saw Hunt play the mother of twelve children and proved to by quite a success, raking in well over $100 million at the box-office. A featured role in Tim Kirkman's episodic indie-drama Loggerheads preceded a trip back into the realm of Pixar magic when Hunt provided the voice of sexy Porche Sally in 2006's computer animation hit Cars. Hunt rejoined Pixar in 2010 to voice Dolly the doll in Toy Story 3, and reprised her role as Sally for Cars 2.


Highest Rated Movies



97% Toy Story 4
  • Dolly
70% Cars 3
  • Sally Carrera
$152.7M 2017
98% Zootopia
  • Bonnie Hopps
$341.3M 2016
80% Monsters University
  • Mrs. Graves
$260.4M 2013
No Score Yet Call Me Crazy: A Five Film
  • Director
No Score Yet Hawaiian Vacation
  • Dolly
39% Cars 2
  • Sally
$191.5M 2011
No Score Yet Chicago Cubs: The Heart and Soul of Chicago
  • Actor
No Score Yet Hurricane Season
  • Actor
98% Toy Story 3
  • Dolly
$415M 2010
No Score Yet Mater and the Ghostlight
  • Sally Carrera
75% Cars
  • Sally Carrera
$244.1M 2006
73% I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With
  • Stella Lewis
6% Cheaper by the Dozen 2
  • Kate Baker
$82.5M 2005
73% Loggerheads
  • Grace Bellamy
No Score Yet Goodnight, We Love You: The Life and Legend of Phyllis Diller
  • Actor
24% Cheaper by the Dozen
  • Kate Baker
$138.6M 2003
36% Stolen Summer
  • Margaret O'Malley
$0.2M 2002
96% Monsters, Inc.
  • Flint
$34.1M 2001
62% Return to Me
  • Megan Dayton
  • Screenwriter
  • Director
78% The Green Mile
  • Jan
15% Random Hearts
  • Wendy Judd
92% A Bug's Life
  • Rosie
No Score Yet Subway Stories
  • Fern McDermott
29% Kissing a Fool
  • Linda
83% Jerry Maguire
  • Laurel Boyd
0% Getting Away with Murder
  • Dr. Gail Holland
54% Jumanji
  • Sarah Whittle
32% Now and Then
  • Mrs. Dewitt
52% Only You
  • Kate
23% Beethoven's 2nd
  • Alice Newton
95% Dave
  • White House Tour Guide
30% Beethoven
  • Alice Newton
89% Rain Man
  • Sally Dibbs


83% Forky Asks a Question
  • Dolly
  • 2019
No Score Yet The Talk
  • Performer
  • Guest
  • Host
  • 2019
  • 2018
No Score Yet Sofia the First
  • Voice
  • 2015
  • 2014
  • 2013
No Score Yet The Bonnie Hunt Show
  • Host
  • 2010
  • 2009
  • 2008
No Score Yet The Ellen DeGeneres Show
  • Guest
  • 2010
  • 2008
  • 2006
  • 2005
No Score Yet The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
  • Guest
  • 2006
75% Life with Bonnie
  • Executive Producer
  • Screenwriter
  • Director
  • Bonnie Molloy Bonnie Molloy/Marge Travisi
  • 2004
  • 2003
  • 2002
100% Bonnie
  • Executive Producer
  • Bonnie Kelly
  • 1996
  • 1995
No Score Yet The Building
  • Bonnie Kennedy
  • 1993
57% Davis Rules
  • Gwen
  • 1992
  • 1991
80% Grand
  • Carol Anne Smithson
  • 1990
90% Escape at Dannemora
  • Catherine Leahy Scott

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